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01.08.18 - African Utility Week

Will the African utility of the future be a lion, hyena, a white elephant or a herd of elephants? – GIBS study

A brand new study into the future of African power utilities and the challenges they face has highlighted four possible scenarios of what the continent’s energy sector will look like by the year 203... mehr

11.05.18 - African Utility Week

Indian energy companies ready to do business at African Utility Week

“Indian utility vendors and services will find a huge market and scope in Africa, especially in South Africa’s energy sector, says Dr. Rajeev Singh, the Director General and CEO of the Indian Cham... mehr

08.05.18 - African Utility Week

Finalists announced for African Utility Week Industry Awards show continent-wide success and buy-in

The fifth annual African Utility Week Industry Awards received nominations from far and wide for the 12 different categories celebrating excellence in the energy and water industries. The finalists ha... mehr

02.05.18 - African Utility Week

African Utility Week announces diamond sponsorship by longstanding partner Lucy Electric

African Utility Week has announced that Lucy Electric, a longstanding partner of the event, will be the exclusive diamond sponsor at this year’s exhibition and conference in Cape Town from 15-17 May... mehr

16.04.18 - African Utility Week

DRC Mining Week announces official support for non-profit BUMI

DRC Mining Week press releases“We hear a lot about child labour in the mining industry, and although we see mining companies strengthening their procedures to prevent illegal (and underage) miners, ... mehr

12.04.18 - African Utility Week

What every prepaid electricity user and provider should know

Approximately seven million prepaid electricity meters in South Africa need to be reset before November 2024 as the system that runs the credit tokens will run out of numbers at this time and all exis... mehr

29.03.18 - African Utility Week

Energy and water sectors excited by solar PV, technology innovation and distributed generation but view corruption as biggest challenge

Solar PV is overwhelmingly seen as the most promising generation source for Africa while corruption, skills gaps and access to finance are some of the biggest challenges that power and water professio... mehr

13.03.18 - African Utility Week

World Water Day: looking to nature for the answers

"Nature or Water, exploring how we can use nature to overcome the water challenges of the 21st century is the theme of this year‘s World Water Day which is on 22 March. The scientific discipline of ... mehr

08.03.18 - African Utility Week

Nuclear expert says nuclear build’s contribution to South Africa’s GDP will be 'staggering'

“Nuclear energy is certainly not any more expensive than any other energy source, says nuclear expert Dr Anthonie Cilliers, explaining that “the large 9600MW nuclear programme has created an impre... mehr

07.02.18 - African Utility Week

African Utility Week to focus strongly on meeting the continent’s water demand in Cape Town in May

Investment in water solutions is needed by the public and private sector to enable universal access, water security and resilient societies. African Utility Week will have a strong focus on water agai... mehr

26.01.18 - African Utility Week

African Utility Week Industry Awards looking for the continent’s top energy or water journalist

The fifth annual African Utility Week Industry Awards has added two new categories to honour excellence in energy or water journalism as well as digitally advanced utilities. The awards gala dinner fo... mehr

12.01.18 - African Utility Week

Energy expert Ted Blom: “Distributed generation will slice electricity costs by up to 90%”

Energy expert Ted Blom believes distributed generation will slice electricity costs by up to 90% for the average household. Blom is a speaker and advisory board member of the 18th African Utility We... mehr

22.05.17 - African Utility Week

Women dominate the African Utility Week Industry Awards in Cape Town this year

Women are making an invaluable contribution to the power and water industries as reflected by the many ladies amongst the winners of the 2017 African Utility Week Industry Awards that were announced a... mehr

11.05.17 - African Utility Week

Investing in energy projects in Africa: the deal makers are gathering at African Utility Week

Six months of Trump, de-risking renewable energy investments and country project pipelines are just some of the key sessions during the upcoming African Power Finance & Investment Forum that is part o... mehr

09.05.17 - African Utility Week

SAP joins African Utility Week with focus on “the relevant digital utility of the future”

“I believe the energy sector will go through a big transformation that is going to surprise all of us and the energy sector will finally become ‘cool’!,” says Brian G. Williams, Industry Advis... mehr

17.02.17 - African Utility Week

African Utility Week Industry Awards include new gas, small scale and ICT categories to reflect evolution of energy and water sectors

“I know the energy revolution is powering up and ready to take off. We should embrace energy trade with each other”. With these words Mr Kandeh Yumkella, UN Under-Secretary-General and Former Spe... mehr

07.02.17 - African Utility Week

Cape Town’s water restrictions – restricting or a necessary, new way of life?

“The drought that has impacted many regions within South Africa for a considerable length of time now has exposed the poor, or lack of, water management (monitoring and control) ability of many wate... mehr

24.01.17 - African Utility Week

African Utility Week to host launch of YEPP for young power pros and graduates wishing to solve Africa’s energy challenges

“Youth unemployment on the continent is a major epidemic and internship opportunities are an amazing solution to help maximize human capital development on the continent” says Daniel Antwi, co-fou... mehr

09.12.16 - African Utility Week

African Utility Week returns to Cape Town in May and showcases how community scale projects are the continent’s energy future

“The power and energy landscape in Africa is undergoing significant change” says Evan Schiff, African Utility Week event director, adding that current trends include “the availability of private... mehr

21.03.14 - African Utility Week

The World Bank’s Thirsty Energy initiative explained at African Utility Week in May

The World Bank’s global Thirsty Energy initiative aims to make more governments in Africa and elsewhere aware of the interdependencies and foreseeable pressure on water as a resource for energy gene... mehr

10.12.13 - African Utility Week

How poor maintenance and renewal threatens municipal service delivery

It is essential that both public and private sectors get a strong understanding of their asset management maturity and develop a robust maintenance road map, says Anton Booyzen, chairman of the Southe... mehr

11.09.13 - African Utility Week

Tariff hike of only 1% increases mining costs to R100 million per year, says industry expert

An electricity tariff rise of only 1% has a devastating impact on the mining industry as it amounts to an increased expenditure of R100 million per year according to the South African Chamber of Mines... mehr

01.03.13 - African Utility Week

African Utility Week looks at cost of utilities' non-technical losses

On the last day of January this year, two trains collided outside of Pretoria, the administrative heart of South Africa. Two people were fatally injured, 19 critically and about 300 – many of whom... mehr

27.02.13 - African Utility Week

Continent’s eyes on African Utility Week as Eskom’s Brian Dames confirms welcome address

Eskom Chief Executive Brian Dames will once again deliver the keynote address during this year’s opening session of African Utility Week in Cape Town on 14 May. Some 5000 power professionals from a... mehr

26.02.13 - African Utility Week

African Utility Week to focus on getting investors excited about power projects on the continent

The new GET FiT investment mechanism which brings private and public investors together, the proposed BRICS Bank and China’s funding relationship with Africa are some of the updates featured during ... mehr

05.02.13 - African Utility Week

Ghana’s electrification success explained at African Utility Week in May

Ghana had the political will to envision electrification as a national priority and catalyst for economic development says Engineer Andrew T. Barfour, Project Coordinator at the Ghana Energy Developme... mehr

17.12.12 - African Utility Week

Save electricity with greener Christmas decorations and gifts this holiday season

Christmas is a great time to introduce energy saving habits into a household as many easy and simple changes in the way we live can end up putting extra money into your pocket. Higher electricity pri... mehr

11.09.12 - African Utility Week

Spintelligent appoints new event director for African Utility Week

Leading Cape Town-based confex organiser Spintelligent has announced the appointment of Russell Hughes as Event Director for its leading event, African Utility Week. Russell joins the company from th... mehr

11.09.12 - African Utility Week

African Utility Week: a truly world class showcase of power and water solutions

The annual African Utility Week conference and exhibition has solidified its reputation as the continent’s largest exhibition for utilities and large industrial end users with record visitor and exh... mehr

21.05.12 - African Utility Week

Johannesburg shows its green credentials as it hosts African Utility Week

The City of Johannesburg will welcome some 5000 power professionals from more than 60 countries for the annual African Utility Week, the continent’s largest utility services conference and exhibitio... mehr

30.04.12 - African Utility Week

African Utility Week to focus on great potential for renewable energy on the continent

Governments and business across the globe are scrambling to find ways of making renewable energy (RE) – such as solar, geothermal or wind power – a viable form of energy generation. By investing i... mehr

23.04.12 - African Utility Week

Nuclear power inevitable part of South Africa’s energy future?

When the South African government approved the hotly debated Integrated Resource Plan (IRP 2010) in 2011, it was clear that a substantial part of future power generation will come from nuclear power. ... mehr

13.04.12 - African Utility Week

African Development Bank to show “enormous investment opportunities” on continent at African Utility Week

South Africa has been a model for good investment environment in the region, says the African Development Bank’s Neside Tas Anvaripour, Head of Infrastructure Finance in the Private Sector Departmen... mehr

30.03.12 - African Utility Week

African Utility Week: Incomprehensible utility bills – could be empowerment tools

With rising utility tariffs, the South African consumer is under mounting pressure. Add to this the fact that utility bills are for all practical purposes unintelligible, with consumers being confron... mehr

21.03.12 - African Utility Week

Bin operators work with rubbish but “we are not rubbish”

“I am proud of my work,” says Hassien Satarien, a 40-year old father of five who has been a bin operator for nine years. “Knowing that I am delivering an important service makes me feel great. I... mehr

27.02.12 - African Utility Week

South African industry stumbles under rising energy tariffs and international demands for ‘green’ products

Rising energy prices and an ever-increasing pressure to conform to international environmental and climate change demands. These are some of the main challenges facing big industry in South Africa, ac... mehr

16.02.12 - African Utility Week

Eskom’s Brian Dames to deliver opening address at African Utility Week in May

Eskom has confirmed that its CEO Brian Dames will deliver the opening address at the annual African Utility Week conference and exhibition on 22 May in Johannesburg. The event, which runs from 21-24 ... mehr

02.02.12 - African Utility Week

Focus on e-waste in Africa as computers and cell phones pose contamination risk

The technological explosion of the past three decades has brought about many advantages. Some of these include an increased ease in the way people are doing business both in the developed and developi... mehr

22.01.12 - African Utility Week

The company that monitored energy consumption at COP17

The South African company that monitored the energy consumption at the recent COP17 Climate Change Response Expo in Durban, Util Labs from Midrand, has developed unique technology which will enable So... mehr

14.12.11 - African Utility Week

Eskom joins African Utility Week as COP17 agreement is set to impact generation sector

African Utility Week director Claire Volkwyn says the recent launch of the Green Climate Fund at COP17 in Durban will impact quite significantly on the generation sector in particular. “The South A... mehr

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