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Boiler Feed Water Chemicals

The main types of industries that use boilers include the pharmaceutical, textile, steel, and chemical industries. The performance of any boiler system depends on the efficiency of heat transfer, from the fireside to the waterside. In the continuous operation, scales or deposits develop on the boiler tubes which affect the heat transfer taking place in the boiler. Chemical treatment of boiler feed water for treatment and conditioning of feed water

Use of speciality chemicals used in oil & gas industry, their economy & sustaina …

Evolving innovations in speciality chemicals for oil & gas industries is one of the key reasons for an exponential growth of the sector. Projected to hit 35-billion-dollar market size by 2030 at a compound annual growth rate of 3.2%, the demand of speciality chemicals will be on surge in coming times, with rise in demand for oil & gas feedstock. The progress in field exploration and deep-water drilling advancements will

Speciality Chemicals Manufacturer in India - Chemtex Speciality Limited

June 13, 2022: Registered under the Company's Acts 1956, Chemtex Speciality Limited made a strong start in the year 1970 with primary focus on speciality chemicals. Since then, more than five decades later, Chemtex has built a strong market presence with over six hundred speciality chemicals and more than 3000 SKU variants, and holding a significant market share in the speciality chemicals industry. The early 1970s saw the foundation of Chemtex

Choose Professional AC Cleaning Chemicals from Chemtex Speciality Limited

Kolkata, India: With summers knocking at the doors, AC units start playing a big role in making enclosed spaces a go-to-place for that little rush, rest and relaxation. With the winters gone, dirty AC coils need to be cleaned at earliest to maintain the operational framework better for longer; In other words, less expensive repairs and lower electricity bills. Overtime, dirt, dust, cottonwood, contaminants such as oil, grease, bird droppings get

Pfizer Indian Offices in a BioBubble

Kolkata, December 2021 - “Our science holds the cure”, Pfizer believes. One of the leading World’s Premier Pharmaceutical and Biotech Corporation Company Pfizer delivers wellness, prevention, treatment, and cure to combat the most feared diseases. Pfizer appreciated and implemented this revolutionary idea of disinfection by Chemtex, going by the name of BioBubble. Pfizer, a research-based global biopharmaceutical company has taken steps to protect their high foot traffic points and potential hotspots

How PHPA Drilling Polymer proves to be a better alternative to Bentonite Clay?

Bentonite in the drilling world needs no big introduction. Making an important component of the drilling process, bentonite forms the “mud” used by drillers to lubricate the bit, remove cuttings from the borehole, and keep the sides of the borehole from caving in. Proper mixing of bentonite gives the resulting slurry the properties needed to drill a successful borehole well using a mud rotary drill rig. Drilling fluid made to

What makes Chemtex Alstasan Hand Rub one of the top hand sanitizer brands

Substantial use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer on hands in recent months has become more counterproductive with manufacturers adding just about anything to make it to the top shelves. Little do we know the harmful additions to alcohol which reach our hands over and over. WHO recommends the use of hand sanitizers with at least 60% Ethanol or Isopropanol for an effective germ kill. But is the one on your hands having

An Ideal Gift This New Year - Chemtex BioBubble Home Kit

While the choices revolve around a selected few box of sweets and dry fruits, let us gift safety for the lifestyle changes we have made this year. With this adaptation to new normal, disinfection and sanitization are two key things here to stay, and frequent cleaning of hands, and disinfection of surroundings surfaces have become a task. With Chemtex, let us flare up this humdrum process. Chemtex BioBubble Home Kit - The perfect

“Yeh Diwali Chemtex BioBubble Wali”

Gift “Safety” to Your Near & Dear Ones Auspiciousness, assurance, happiness and prosperity, Diwali brings all! This festival of lights is celebrated in a hope to awaken that inner light to outshine the darkness. With people adapting to the new normal, one must take good care of themselves and their near ones without taking “safety” for granted. Wearing of masks, maintaining social distance and personal sanitation has become a regular norm and

It's unfortunate to see what is happening in the name of DISINFECTION, says Mr. …

The present situation has become a hunting ground for various mushroom companies that emerged out of nowhere and started selling products or concepts with minimal or no scientific background. It seems like people today would buy anything in the name of fear without applying a basic sense to know whether it is really going to be beneficial or not. Disinfectants are extremely scientific products just like any drug or medicine. Would

Speciality Chemicals Manufacturer & Solutions Provider

From the Chairman’s Desk The name Chemtex depicts Chemical Technology Experts. The early 1970s saw the foundation of Chemtex. And in the following decades, it expanded with its variety of indigenous chemicals and industries catered. Chemtex today remains a family owned company with Shri Ram Gopal Karnani as its Chairman and his sons serving as the board of directors. Over the past 47 years, Chemtex has come a long way in contributing to

Propylene Glycol By Chemtex

Chemtex Speciality Limited is an internationally renowned company for its continuous involvement in the innovation of various types of Uninhibited Glycol, Inhibited Glycol and Colored Glycols. Throughout the year it serves its global clientele with quality rich product for various industries. It is an ISO 9001: 2008 company which is a well known name in the market of Inhibited Mono Ethylene Glycol and Inhibited Propylene Glycol for more than 40

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