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03.02.12 - AblePlay

Importance of Positive Self-Talk For Children with Disabilities

Self-talk is the endless stream of thoughts that take place inside of our heads. The fact is we talk to ourselves all the time. According to Jurgen Ruesch and Gregory Bateson authors of, “Communic... mehr

19.01.12 - AblePlay

Physical Activity-Based Play at Risk Particularly for Children with Special Needs

According to researchers like Dr. Joe L. Frost, traditional children’s play is seriously at risk. Schools have abandoned recess and replaced it with programs that are suppose to help children do we... mehr

03.01.12 - AblePlay

Obesity an Important Issue For Children with Disabilities

Childhood obesity is a growing problem. That’s why it’s so important for children to get proper exercise and make time to play, especially special needs children. Below are ideas to keep childre... mehr

26.11.11 - AblePlay

Discovering your Child’s Interests through the Art of Attentive Listening

Have you ever witnessed a person being asked what they are interested in and watched them struggle for an answer? Some people have never really asked themselves what captures and holds their interest... mehr

10.11.11 - AblePlay

Play is Food for the Brain and Helps Children with Cognitive Delays

The brain is an organ and a pretty hard working one at that. It is often referred to as a muscle because it needs to be exercised, stretched and developed to reach its full potential. For children ... mehr

28.10.11 - AblePlay

Self-esteem through Toys For Children with Special Needs

Kids love toys. They are fun, they are entertaining and they open and fuel creativity and imagination. These are just a few of the reasons children love to play. What children do not know is that w... mehr

19.10.11 - AblePlay

Not for Profit, AblePlay, Helps Parents Find Special Needs Bikes

Learning to ride a bike is a memorable part of childhood, but according to a new study it’s an experience that most children with special needs don’t get to take part in. According to a study a... mehr

07.10.11 - AblePlay

Having a ‘Ball’ Leads to Fun for Children with Special Needs

The Lekotek Ambassadors, a group of young professionals in Chicago who fundraise for the National Lekotek Center are hosting a Ball at the Metropolitan Club. The event, entitled Soaring Above the Sky... mehr

22.09.11 - AblePlay

Children's Health Study Proves The True Value of Play

It may surprise parents to learn that the benefits of play could extend beyond fun and games. According to Pediatrics in Review, the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, play “off... mehr

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