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Pecém, Caucaia to Experience Population Boom

In Brazil's northeastern state of Ceará, the municipalities of Pecém, Sao Gonçalo and Caucaia are due to see a large-scale population increase due to ongoing development of the port and industrial zone. In Pecém and Sao Gonçalo alone, the current population of 15,000 is expected to grow to 140,000 within ten years with the surge in Brazil investment into infrastructure and energy. One major contributor to growth is the steel

Foreign Investment Still Flowing to Brazil

According to Brazil's Central Bank, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) during the first nine months of 2011 stood at $50.5 billlion, with over $60 billion projected for the entire year. This represents the highest ever recorded volume of FDI for Brazil. Experts point to a number of factors drawing FDI, including the upcoming 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics. The discovery of massive offshore oil reserves has also prompted large-scale foreign and

Brazil Sees 18.8% Year-on-Year Growth in Tourism

According to the World Tourism Organization, Brazil has seen 18.8% increase in tourism during the past year, the largest increase in South America. With the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics on the way, Brazil is urgently working to develop tourism infrastructure, including access, capacity, and quality of tourism centers. Brazil needs to build stadiums, improve transportation, and increase hotel capacity in and around major cities as well. With many projects

Brazil Real Estate Fundamentals Remain Strong

At National Real Estate Investor, David Lynn reports on the fundamentals underlying the Brazilian real estate market. While overall economic growth is moderating, Lynn says, "Brazil exhibits positive fundamentals for short- and long-term real estate performance." While some are voicing concerns about inflation and the potential for an overheated economy, projected GDP for the next year remains between 3.5-4 percent, exhibiting healthy, not overheated, growth. Moreover, inflation has been moderating month-to-month

The Brazilian Mortgage Market: Room to Grow

For international investors considering Brazilian property, an evaluation of the mortgage lending environment can provide clues as to the health and direction of the Brazil real estate market. Currently, foreigners are unable to receive mortgage loans in Brazil. At the same time, the mortgage market in Brazil is very young, with considerable room for future growth. Currently, mortgage lending represents just over 4% of GDP in Brazil. As a comparison, mortgage

Caucaia Economy Benefitting from Pecém Development

The prefeitura of Caucaia in Ceará is already seeing significant benefits from the port expansion at Pecém. Since the start of operations of the Port of Pecém in Sao Goncalo do Amarante, adjacent cities are experiencing a development cycle. As collateral, in the last three years, trade is one of the sectors benefitting most from this period of economic expansion. About 180 new stores moved into the center seat of Caucaia.

Strong Rental Market for Beachfront Developments Near Fortaleza

A strong economy and thriving tourism sector are creating ideal conditions for rental properties along the Ceará coast in northeast Brazil, particularly in and around Fortaleza and the expanding port development in Pecém. International real estate expert Ronan McMahon says, "Fortaleza is the best beachfront buy on the planet right now." With one of the best-performing economies in Brazil, and some of best valued Brazil real estate, Ceará is benefitting

Brazil Improving Educational Opportunities in Northeast Near Industrial Developm …

In Brazil, the state of Ceará is developing new educational opportunities for local youth. In Caucaia, the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Ceará (IFCE) was established this year to provide training in areas related to the electronics, metallurgy and petrochemical industries. The school is recruiting from local secondary schools, and preparing students for technical jobs at the Pecém port development. Special focus will be placed on skills required

International Investing: Look for Infrastructure Developments

The recent and potentially ongoing drop in global stock markets has reminded international investors that the global economy is still on shaky footing. The nature of the decline, fast and with heavy trading volume, is reminiscent of the crisis period in 2008, leading many investors to consider alternatives to equities. Following years of continued appreciation, emerging market currencies remained strong during the recent equity selloff. The Brazilian Real is still up

Investment Accelerates at Pecém Port Expansion

PFE Steel, the world's fifth biggest steel producer, is considering making a sizable investment in the steel slab plant being constructed by Brazil's Vale and two Korean companies, Dongkuk and POSCO. JFE said the plant, to be built in the Pecém district in the state of Ceara, would have an annual steel slab output capacity of 5 million to 6 million metric tons. The multibillion reais investment in Pecém continues to

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