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Dredge Yard builds ECO200 dredger in stock

This dredger is built under the Dredge Yard program of building medium size and small size dredgers in stock. The dredger is of a multi-use concept that can be equipped with cutter head, plain suction dredge or an auger head. The dredging depth can be extended due to the use of underwater heavy duty dredge pump that is driven and controlled by hydraulic drive. Easily transportable The entire dredger can be fitted

Dredge Yard launched its new website

Dredge Yard, dedicated to the market of dredging and mining components, equipment and technology, launched its new website last week. With the new website the focus products will be the ECO200 dredger, ECO350 dredger, cutter suction dredger 450 and cutter suction dredger 550. It gives the visitor the easiest experience to find more information about dredging equipment and technology. Web design The modern but simple web design, readable images and meaningful content

Dredge Yard establish new production facilities in Turkey

Dredge Yard, dedicated to the engineering, consulting and the production of dredging equipment and dredging technology, today has announced the opening of its new production line facility in The Republic of Turkey. This is part of the Dredge Yard’s expansion plan for the production and assembly of several dredging components like ball joints, pumps, valves, turning glands, bow couplings and a lot of other dredging equipment needed for the dredgers and

Dredge Yard Launches Dredge Valves

Recently Dredge Yard has released a new dredge valve, a product designed and produced as all other Dredge Yard products using the latest 3D CAD technologies, latest production methods and testing facilities used worldwide. Dredge valve is used to control the flow of water and sand in the suction and discharge pipes of either cutter suction dredgers or trailing suction hopper dredgers. The dredge valve is designed in such a way that

Wide range of dredge ball joints introduced by Dredge Yard

Dredge Yard, the provider and manufacturer of dredging equipment, has now introduced a very wide range of dredge ball joints for its customers. In order to provide customer with the best suitable solution and lowest cost, Dredge Yard specialists designed the dredge ball joints in 6 different types, giving variations of tilting angle from 15 to 18 degrees and duties for operating from 10 bar to 30 bar. All the details

DREDGE YARD - Extending life time of dredge components using FEA

DREDGE YARD’s components and equipment are designed using FEA in order to optimize the design and ensure low stress forces in the material. In this way the life time of the equipment is increased and the cost price is reduced. By the late 70’s, FEA – Finite Element Analysis was limited owned by the aeronautics, defence, nuclear and automotive industries. Later, due to a impressive increase in computing power and

Dredge Yard - focus on quality control of the dredging equipment

Dredge Yard, a specialized company in dredging technology and dredging equipment needed for the dredgers and dredge pipe lines, earns the reputation of providing high- performing products by controlling all phases of the development process like design, manufacturing and testing. All the dredge components are designed by Dredge Yard’s team of engineers using the latest CAD technologies. They are produced in co-operation with partners at high quality manufacturing facilities and tested

Dredge Yard launched its new website

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 27/07/2011 – Dredge Yard recently announced the launch of its official website with the URL Dredge Yard’s website offers easiest experience to its visitors who wish to find more information on dredging equipment and technology. Dredge Yard is the provider of latest dredging components for the dredgers and dredge pipe lines. These dredging components are designed and produced with high quality manufacturing facilities provided by its

Internship opportunities launched by Dredge Yard

Dredge Yard, a company based in the Netherlands, is the provider of latest dredging technology and equipment, has now launched its branch in the United Arab Emirates to support its customers and increase the companies adding value to its delivery program. Dredge Yard has grabbed the attention of many dredging companies from Middle East not only because of its wide range of dredging technology and equipment produced and tested under strict

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