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12.10.11 - Nationwide Mobility Ltd

Nationwide Mobility introduces new Range of Bath Aids

Farnborough, Hampshire, UK, Oct 4: Nationwide Mobility, a premium company which has been providing unique bathing solutions such as the disabled bath, and the mobility bath, for over fifteen years, ha... mehr

21.09.11 - Nationwide Mobility Ltd

Nationwide Mobility’s New Products: Disabled Bath, Walk in Bathtub, Bath Cushion and Other Bathing Aids

Farnborough, Hampshire United Kingdom Sep 20, 2011- Nationwide Mobility, a leading company providing unique bathing solutions launched a wide variety of new products such as the Disabled Bath, Walk in... mehr

03.08.11 - Nationwide Mobility Ltd

Nationwide-Mobility introduces new range of Disabled bath

Farnborough, Hampshire United Kingdom, August 02, 2011 -- Nationwide Mobility, known for coming up with safety bath products, has introduced new products related to disabled bath and showers. These pr... mehr

06.07.11 - Nationwide Mobility Ltd

Nationwide introduces inflatable bath seats

Farnborough, Hampshire United Kingdom, July 05, 2011 -- Nationwide Mobility, which is known for coming up with innovative bathing solutions, has introduced inflatable bath seats. It is ideal for peopl... mehr

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