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Spectra-Physics® Launches High Energy, One-Box Ultrafast Amplifiers

Spectra-Physics®, a Newport company, introduces a line of high energy, one-box, ultrafast amplifier products with the industry’s highest performance. The new Solstice® Ace™ features high energy of > 6 mJ and high power of > 7 W with < 35 and < 120 fs pulse width configurations and 1 to10 kHz capability. The Solstice Ace is built for stable, long-term operation and is tested to rigorous quality standards

Spectra-Physics® Unveils Enhanced Widely-Tunable Ultrafast Laser for Multiphoto …

Spectra-Physics®, a Newport company, introduces InSight® DS+™, a widely-tunable ultrafast laser system with enhanced power levels over its industry-leading predecessor, the InSight DeepSee™. This extraordinary, new laser system features ultrashort pulses over a very broad tuning range of 680 to 1300 nm for deepest imaging, delivering continuous, fully-automated tuning from a single beam. A second beam provides simultaneous dual-wavelength output at 1041 nm for multimodal imaging.

Spectra-Physics® Launches 15 W UV Laser at Laser World of Photonics China

• New Talon™ 355-15 delivers >300 µJ, 15 W UV power with unparalleled reliability and cost Spectra-Physics®, a Newport company, introduces Talon 355-15, a new addition to its Talon family of disruptive cost-performance Q-switched diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) lasers. The new laser delivers >15 W UV power, >300 µJ pulse energy, wide-repetition-rate range of 0 to 500 kHz, and excellent beam profile and stability. With high reliability, lowest cost-of-ownership and

Spectra-Physics® Launches Breakthrough >60 W Ultraviolet (UV) Laser

• Quasar® 355-60 also boosts maximum repetition rate by 3.5x, shrinks minimum pulse width by 2.5x Spectra-Physics®, a Newport company, introduces Quasar 355-60, an extraordinary UV laser that offers a groundbreaking > 60 W with high > 300 µJ pulse energies. Featuring TimeShift™ technology for programmable pulse parameters, the laser delivers dramatic advances of 33 percent in power and pulse energies, 3.5x in maximum repetition rate (0 to 3.5 MHz),

Spectra-Physics® Unveils Ultra-Compact Femtosecond Laser

Spectra-Physics®, a Newport company, introduces HighQ-2™, a new ultra-compact, air-cooled, fixed wavelength industrial femtosecond (fs) laser. The ultrafast laser delivers short pulses, high peak power (>190 kW) and a highly focusable beam profile, making it perfect for fixed wavelength multiphoton imaging, micro- and nano-structuring, micro- and nano-surgery, and micro-dissection applications. “HighQ-2 is a new class of industrial femtosecond lasers with exceptionally precise performance in a tiny, air-cooled package,” says Klaus

Femtosecond Laser Micromachining of Next-Generation Implantable Medical Devices …

• Palmaz Scientific fabricates intricate implantable stents with Spectra-Physics’ femtosecond laser and ILT system Palmaz Scientific, Spectra-Physics® and Innovative Laser Technologies (ILT) announce the demonstration of femtosecond laser micromachining of next-generation implantable medical devices. With Spectra-Physics’ femtosecond lasers and ILT’s precision machining systems, Palmaz Scientific has demonstrated the fabrication of leading-edge implantable stents with extremely fine and advanced surface nanotechnologies for exceptional biocompatibility. Palmaz worked closely with ILT and Spectra-Physics

Spectra-Physics® Expands Portfolio with Two Advanced Scientific Lasers

New highest power single-frequency tunable and short-pulse ultrafast lasers extend Spectra-Physics’ scientific lasers portfolio. Spectra-Physics®, a Newport Corporation brand, introduces two industry-leading scientific lasers at SPIE Photonics West 2013. The new high power Matisse® is the industry’s highest power tunable, single-frequency laser with over 6.5 W of output and narrowest 60 kHz external linewidth. The new Solstice® is a one-box ultrafast amplifier that produces 70 GW. These new products

Spectra-Physics® Unveils New High Power Femtosecond Laser

• New industrial ultrafast laser ideal for femtosecond micromachining applications Spectra-Physics®, a Newport Corporation brand, introduces Spirit™ 8 W, an industrial-grade high power femtosecond (fs) laser for micromachining applications. The new laser delivers high average power with short 400 fs pulses for fast and flexible femtosecond micromachining, without unwanted heat damage to the processed material. These features make the laser ideal for manufacturing medical devices, flat panel displays, and semiconductors. “The new

Spectra-Physics® Debuts Breakthrough High Power UV Hybrid Fiber Laser

• Quasar® laser sets new industry standard for highest-throughput, precision micromachining Spectra-Physics®, a Newport Corporation brand, introduces the new Quasar, a breakthrough hybrid fiber laser that delivers high UV power at high repetition rates with TimeShift™ technology for highest-throughput, precise micromachining. Combining advanced fiber laser, power amplifier and patented harmonics technologies, the new Quasar laser produces an industry-leading >40 W UV power at high repetition rates. The novel TimeShift technology provides

Spectra-Physics® Introduces World’s Smallest UV 1 W Q-switched Laser

• New compact, low cost Explorer® XP 355-1 ideal for UV micromachining applications Spectra-Physics®, a Newport Corporation brand, announces Explorer® XP 355-1, the world’s smallest 1 W ultraviolet (UV) Q-switched diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) laser, at least seven times smaller than the nearest competitive laser. With Spectra-Physics’ unique “It’s in the Box™” design that combines electronics and laser head into a single, compact, lightweight package, the new laser is rugged and

Spectra-Physics® Launches Compact Integrated Lasers for Bioinstrumentation

• Excelsior® One™ features 11 wavelengths in a single package Spectra-Physics®, a Newport Corporation brand, introduces the Excelsior One continuous-wave (CW) lasers series. The new line of ultraviolet (UV), visible, and near-infrared (NIR) CW lasers integrate laser head and controller into a single, compact package. Available as free-space and fiber-coupled laser configurations, the plug-and-play Excelsior One series includes eleven different wavelengths and delivers up to 500 mW of

Spectra-Physics® Unveils New Ultrafast Lasers at CLEO 2012

• New high power ultrafast amplifier and automated infrared OPO expand market-leading portfolio Spectra-Physics®, a Newport Corporation brand, introduces two ultrafast laser products at the CLEO 2012 conference, San Jose, CA, May 8-10, 2012. The new Spitfire® Ace™ Power Amplifier is a high power, ultrafast amplifier with advanced performance and guaranteed stability, and the Inspire IR OPO is an infrared ultrafast optical parametric oscillator (OPO). These new products further

Spectra-Physics® Launches Highest Power Green CW DPSS Laser

• Millennia® Core™ laser delivers 25W CW 532nm power from integrated industrial package Spectra-Physics®, a Newport Corporation brand, introduces Millennia Core, a new line of high power, continuous-wave (CW) green diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) lasers. Millennia Core delivers 25W of CW DPSS green power, the highest in the industry, along with superior beam quality and extremely low noise. Featuring a single, industrial-grade package that integrates the power supply, laser

Spectra-Physics® Unveils Spirit™ High-Repetition-Rate Ultrafast Amplifier

• Rugged, flexible laser ideal for femtosecond (fs) micromachining Spectra-Physics®, a Newport Corporation brand, introduces Spirit™, a compact industrial-grade ultrafast amplifier with software-adjustable repetition rates up to 1MHz. Developed at High Q Laser (recently acquired by Newport), the Spirit laser extends Spectra-Physics’ ultrafast amplifier portfolio to high-repetition rates needed for micromachining of medical devices and other materials, nanostructuring, pump-probe experiments, and selected time-resolved science applications. “The adjustable high-repetition-rate operation

Spectra-Physics® Introduces Millennia Edge Single-Frequency Green Laser

• Lowest noise and most compact single-frequency, continuous-wave green laser in the industry Spectra-Physics®, a Newport Corporation brand, launches the Millennia® Edge™ single-frequency, continuous-wave (CW) green laser. The 532nm laser features the lowest optical noise, with exceptional beam quality and pointing stability, in the most compact package available on the market. Millennia Edge is ideal for pumping Ti:Sapphire and other lasers, including carrier-envelope-phase

Spectra-Physics® New Industrial DPSS Lasers Span UV to IR, High Power to Compac …

• New high speed Pulseo 355-Turbo UV and compact infrared Explorer 1064-3 Q-switched lasers expand portfolio Spectra-Physics®, a Newport Corporation brand, introduces two new industrial Q-switched lasers for 24/7 microelectronics manufacturing applications. The Pulseo® 355-Turbo™ features advanced ultraviolet (UV) performance at very high repetition rates (up to 500 kHz), making it ideal for high-speed processing of semiconductors, touch screens, high density interconnects, and other microelectronics. The Explorer® 1064-3 delivers

Newport Spectra-Physics® Granted Key Patent for Multiphoton Imaging

Patent for DeepSee™ technology enables automated deep tissue imaging Spectra-Physics®, a division of Newport Corporation, announces the issuance of U.S. patent 7,962,046 for its DeepSee technology for multiphoton imaging. Used in both the industry-leading Mai Tai® DeepSee and the recently announced InSight™ DeepSee products, the pioneering technology enables automated, deep 3-D imaging of live tissue in neuroscience, cell biology, and other advanced biological applications. The new patent expands the

Spectra-Physics® Introduces Reliable Low Cost 532 nm Industrial Laser

New all-in-one Q-switched DPSS laser outputs >11W at 532 nm Spectra-Physics®, a Newport Corporation Brand, introduces the Mosaic™ 532-11, a new product platform in the Q-switched diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) industrial laser family. The new, all-in-one laser combines head and power supply into a single package, making it easy to integrate into machine tools and onto gantry systems. The Mosaic 532-11 laser has short pulse widths ( Newport Corporation is a leading global

Spectra-Physics® Pioneers New Ultrafast Laser for Deep Tissue Imaging

InSight™ DeepSee™ delivers revolutionary performance in a turn-key system Spectra-Physics®, a Newport Corporation brand, introduces InSight DeepSee, an extraordinary new ultrafast laser system that takes multiphoton imaging to new depths. Based on a novel proprietary technology, the new InSight DeepSee delivers nearly double the tuning range of existing ultrafast lasers and provides seamless access to long infrared wavelengths for deepest in vivo imaging. Robust and fully automated, InSight DeepSee

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