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CandyDate Jobs stalls job portal launch

CandyDate Jobs, India’s largest human resource consultants has stalled the launch of its job portal, the company informed Exhilway Private Capital Market a secondary market for private companies where its membership units are traded. The company has postponed the job portal launch to September end. The company admitted in its statement that it was not able to innovate the best plans to monetize its free services and it will require

Nothing Is Free, CandyDate Jobs To Promote Paid Job Search

It was a rainy day on 10th April, 2012 in New Delhi when Rahul Malhotra, CEO of CandyDate Jobs India announced INR 1.4 crore loss from its Gurgaon based office for the year 2010-2011. It was raining outside but no monetary benefit was raining on the emerging human resource consultancy providing free job search services to its over 2 million registered users since its founding in 2009. The company which got

CandyDate Jobs Gains 8.5% Within Two Days Of Listing

CandyDate Jobs, the innovative and the most successful human resource consultant has marked a entry into the pre-IPO markets with a bang. CandyDate Jobs has listed its membership units on the Exhilway Pre-IPO exchange which gained 8.5% within two days of listing, primarily due to high investor interest and low selling pressure. The 0.01 membership unit was trading at US $8,800 on April 11, 2012. According to people familiar with the

CandyDate Jobs to list on secondary markets in April

CandyDate Jobs India, the leading human resource consultancy with a user base of nine million will list on secondary markets this April to provide exit to the early investors. CandyDate Jobs which announced entry into online job portal services via its website has valued its per registered user at INR 382 or US $7.60 commanding a valuation of little over INR 356 crore or US $70.76 million. The partners

CandyDate Jobs India to launch job portal

CandyDate Jobs India (CJI), one of the leading human resource consultancy will launch a job portal “” to tap the Indian youth who are regularly using Internet based services to find and register for the job opportunities. CandyDate Jobs India have outsourced the project to its subsidiary company CandyDate Jobs Online Services (CJOS) which will develop, invest and share the profit and loss of the proposed project. CJI will provide

CandyDate Jobs to hire 5,000 for Exhilway

CandyDate Jobs (CJ), India’s leading human resource consultancy will hire over 5,000 people for Exhilway, a Canada based wealth manager for its India based operations. The new hiring contract will bring in a net revenue of US $1.92 million or INR 10 crore to the company. CJ will hire people for various business verticals of Exhilway like sales, information technology, back end, human resources and administration. Over 80% of the

CandyDate Jobs India goes BSE SME route, listing in August next year

CandyDate Jobs India (CJI), a New Delhi based Human Resource recruitment firm, will be soon listed on Bombay Stock Exchange’s Small & Medium sized enterprise stock exchange. CJI will raise over $12.98 million or INR 71 crore via IPO and will dilute nearly 26% of its stake. CJI will appoint and sign the mandate with merchant banker in January next year and will approach BSE SME somewhere in April. CJI

Deberry Ventures invests in CandyDate Jobs India

Deberry Ventures, a Denmark based US $20 million or INR 105 crore private equity fund has invested US $1,65,000 or INR 88 lacs in CandyDate Jobs, a New Delhi, India based diversified human resource consultancy company. Deberry Ventures will also invest an additional US $1 million or approximately INR 5 crore if the company grows the way it has planned. Deberry Ventures has picked up 32,000 shares or 0.32% stake

CandyDate Jobs India to list on Exhilway’s private capital market website

CandyDate Jobs India (CJI), the leading human resource consultancy will list on Exhilway’s upcoming Private Capital Market Solution website (PCMS) and will become the second company from India to opt for pre-IPO listing after, India’s largest upcoming online shopping mall. In January next year, Exhilway the Canada’s 6th largest wealth management company will launch a platform similar to where privately owned companies will offer their shares to general

CandyDate Jobs India to list on Indian bourses soon

CandyDate Jobs India (CJI), the exclusive franchisee of Palo Alto, United States based largest human resource consultancy firm will list on Indian bourses soon. CJI is facing the heat of slowdown in India and is planning to expand into various new businesses like education and online retailing. CJI have over 2.3 million registered users and hires for IBM, Microsoft, Dell and many other top brands. “We have some huge expansion plans;

CandyDate Jobs awards employees US $2 million shared bonus

CandyDate Jobs, India’s largest human resource consultancy awarded its 1020 India based employees a shared bonus of US $2 million or Rs 9.5 crore. The move came after 125 of CandyDate Jobs employees resigned in a month to join competitors for higher salaries and better future prospectus. “We want our Q2 to be better this time; we cannot afford to lose employees at this stage.” said Rahul Malhotra, CXO of the

CandyDate Jobs forays into steel plant labour supply

CandyDate Jobs, India’s largest human resource consultancy by revenue, has forayed into steel plant labour supply business by acquiring 100 per cent stake in Lucknow, India based UK steels for an undisclosed amount. “Steel, being a core industry, has a positive correlation with the economic growth of the country. Being an essential commodity, its demand will never go down, factories will run forever and labour will always be required.” said Rahul

Olson PE fund picks up 5% stake in CandyDate Jobs

Singapore based Olson PE fund has picked-up a 5% stake in California based CandyDate Jobs for US $52 million or Rs 236 crore, thereby valuing the company at US $1.04 billion or Rs 4,620 crore. CandyDate Jobs operates in over 30 countries worldwide and is the largest human resource consultancy of India. CandyDate Jobs currently provide placement and internship services to the job seekers worldwide. CandyDate Jobs is a privately