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09.08.11 - InfraAmericas

InfraAmericas Case Study: How Canada’s Jumbo CAD1.37bn CHUM PPP Bond Put Investors to the Test

By Vince Calio In the past 12 months, Canada has once again reaffirmed its status as the market leader in North American PPPs by closing deals including the CAD1bn (USD1.05bn) Ottawa Communications S... mehr

27.07.11 - InfraAmericas

As Interest Grows, Uncertainty Hangs Over Brazil’s Airport Concessions

By Mick Bowen A sense of uncertainty lingers over the coming concessions in Brazil's airport sector as operators, contractors and infrastructure investors attempt to figure out exactly what the Brazi... mehr

20.07.11 - InfraAmericas

Is Private Investment in US Ports About to Make a Comeback?

By Michael Dunning US ports are an attractive asset for infrastructure investors particularly because they are linked to GDP growth. It’s therefore not surprising that during the height of the rush... mehr

11.07.11 - InfraAmericas

Future of Texas Highway P3s Hinges on Next Two Deals

By Mick Bowen The future of P3s to develop highway projects in Texas depends on the shape the next two deals will take, namely the SH 99 Grand Parkway in Houston and IH-35E Managed Lanes project in D... mehr

04.07.11 - InfraAmericas

US P3 Forum 2011: What Happened in New York? InfraAmericas’ Ten Key Takeouts

By Peter Allison The overwhelming message from this year’s event – held Jun. 14 & 15 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in midtown Manhattan – was that P3s breed P3s. In short, more P3 deals will jump-st... mehr

27.06.11 - InfraAmericas

US P3 Forum 2011: Politicians Pitch NIB, but P3 Industry is Still Skeptical

By Vince Calio The US P3 industry liked the idea of a National Infrastructure Bank (NIB), but expressed doubts as it heard pitches from Obama Administration officials and Congressional representative... mehr

27.05.11 - InfraAmericas

New Georgia Water Law Could Lead to Flood of P3 Activity

By Vince Calio Almost a decade after Shirley Franklin, the 58th Mayor of Atlanta, helped put the brakes on water privatization in the US, the state of Georgia is at the forefront of a new effort to i... mehr

13.05.11 - InfraAmericas

An Open Road: Institutional Fund Managers Set Sights on Chile

By Mick Bowen International institutional fund managers are likely to continue buying stakes in Chilean infrastructure assets, including toll roads, as long as investing in the country combines stead... mehr

07.05.11 - InfraAmericas

Virginia’s Revised P3 Process Aims to Expedite Projects

By Libby Bruch The Commonwealth of Virginia is on the move, with population, commercial, and military growth, and the state has overhauled its P3 program to meet the infrastructure challenges of thos... mehr

21.04.11 - InfraAmericas

Optimism High For P3s, Despite Worsening Municipal Finances

By Vince Calio US P3 transactions generally are not threatened by Chapter 9 municipal bankruptcies, and could actually help those municipalities that are facing bankruptcy due, in part, to large pens... mehr

15.04.11 - InfraAmericas

The Infrastructure Debt Conundrum – Is There a Role for Debt Funds?

By Jorge Rodriguez Financing for all types of infrastructure projects, from construction of new facilities through brownfield acquisitions has been severely affected due to the financial crisis. Trad... mehr

08.04.11 - InfraAmericas

Australia’s Future Fund Prefers Multiple Routes to Access the Infrastructure Opportunity

By Peter Allison The choices available to institutional investors with an infrastructure allocation are mind boggling. They can make investments with listed or unlisted infrastructure fund managers. ... mehr

01.04.11 - InfraAmericas

Brazil’s Project Bonds – The First of Many More

Brazil’s current economic environment is impressive with GDP growing, a strengthening real, increased investment and a relatively low debt to GDP ratio. The country’s combination of left of centre... mehr

25.03.11 - InfraAmericas

The Growing Complexity of the GP/LP Relationship

By Peter Allison One of the more intriguing points to emerge from the InfraAmericas and InfraNews organized Infrastructure Investors Forums (IIFs) in New York and London last month was that GP manage... mehr

18.03.11 - InfraAmericas

After Chicago: Can New Jersey Breathe Life Back into the US P3 Parking Market?

By Peter Allison Morgan Stanley’s Chicago Parking Meter (CPM) deal looks even more of an achievement now than it did in 2008 when the deal closed in the aftermath of Lehman Brothers’ failure and ... mehr

18.03.11 - InfraAmericas

As Municipal Parking P3s Stutter, NJ Has a Chance to Buck that Trend

By Vince Calio As infrastructure investors and parking operators cast their gaze across the Hudson, they’ll see that the New Jersey Transit (NJT) Corporation’s plans to privatize its commuter par... mehr

08.03.11 - InfraAmericas

Across the Americas 2011 – What Successful Infrastructure Investors Need to Know for the Year Ahead

By Peter Allison Infrastructure investors looking to put capital to work across the Americas are becoming a more sophisticated bunch. That was the message last week in New York at InfraAmericas’ an... mehr

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