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Valoriani's Ovens take part to Taipei Show 2012

From the 27th to the 30th of June 2012 Refrattari Valoriani will take part, together with its distributor in Taiwan Dragon Catering Manufacturing LTD, to the international show Taiwan Horeca 2012. The catering sector in Taiwan is prosperous and rapidly growing (in 2011 it recorded a +76% compared to the previous year). The statistics show that a Taiwanese dines out for more than the 50% of the times and that, to

Vesuvio Wood Fired Ovens brought Forni Valoriani to the Astralian Pizza Forum 20 …

Pizza and Valoriani Ovens a winning couple all over the world. Vesuvio Wood Fired Ovens, distributor of Valoriani ovens for pizza, taught about food and pizza in Australia during the Forum Pizza 2012, obviously from a Made in Italy point of view. There's pizza and pizza, as well as the different kind of pizzerias in the five continents, able to meet the wide range of needs. The competition is keen, but,

Success of public for the Valoriani Wood Fired ovens, a Made in Italy production

The Valoriani ovens are worldwide renowned for their indisputable features.It is enough to visit their page on Facebook to see dozens and dozens of Pizzeria, located all around the world, showing off many different photos of the beautiful wood-fired ovens produced by the Tuscan company: symbol of Italian style and Made in Italy and obviously of quality. To the simple question "Why is your wood fired oven so special?" The people

Pizza simplicity and perfection: the wood fired oven is the real star

The entire world seems to be engaged in a virtual competition to win the title of “the best pizza in the world”: the choice of the most efficient wood fired oven is really important, an investment that may decide the success of a restaurant. Pizza sector is still affected, although less remarkably than others, by the general economic crisis; the only way to face up the difficult situation is to

“Valoriani Verace” a Green solution with the recycling Heating System

Valoriani Verace is a wood fired oven technologically advanced. It keeps unchanged the coking qualitiesof a wood fired ovens even if it is used only with gas. The distinctive feature is the usage of a patented system, the Recycling Heating System, that contributes to increase its eco-sustainability. Refrattari Valoriani hits again the bull’s-eye: Valoriani Verace will not betray the expectations of the public towards a company that has been always measuring

Grand Design Live London 2011: another time Valoriani Wood fired ovens

Grand Design Live London took place from the 30th of April to the 8th of May 2011. Valoriani Wood fired ovens were, once again, the leading actors of an important International event, this time in the UK. Grand Design Live London 2011 just ended, reminding the appointment of next year: the main purpose of this exhibition is to show the innovations and the ideas for homes and gardens. This is the

Cooking in a wood fired ovens preserves the nutritional powers of the Italian pi …

Pizza is undoubtedly one of the most popular food, spread throughout the world, it is the Queen of Italian cuisine and the heart of the business of Refrattari Valoriani, who, with its wood-fired ovens, promotes its consumption because it is considered a healthy meal, in full accordance with the parameters, appreciated and recognized, of the Mediterranean diet. The versatility of the Pizza is one of its points of strengths, in fact

Valoriani wood fired ovens: professional instruments to support Pizza Industry

It is necessary that the modern companies invest money and energy in supporting the development of the growing industry. Refrattari Valoriani with its production of wood fired ovens and gas ovens (the most recent one is Valoriani Verace, that can be used only for gas), fully meets the above specifications. Recent researches, conducted by the European Institute of Italian pizza, shows that an Italian eats about 7.6 kg of pizza per

Valoriani Vesuvio the professional ovens for chef of success

Valoriani Vesuvio is one of the most widely imitated wood fired oven in the world. Too many people present these imitations as novelties in the market, yet the company designed it in the 70's and today, thanks to its objective quality, it is still the undisputed leader amongst the professional ovens. Designing and implementing a successful product is already a great business achievement, preserving and continuing this success for nearly forty

The World Premiere of “Valoriani Verace” at Pizza Expò in Las Vegas

The curiosity of the American public, connected with the launch of Valoriani Verace a new professional wood fired ovens that can be used only for gas, is to be satisfied at Pizza Expò Show. It will take place in Las Vegas from the 1st to the 3rd of March 2011. There are only 15 days before the opening of the 27th edition of Pizza Expò in Las Vegas. An enormous

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