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30.05.11 - Informed Horizons, LLC

Scientists Move Towards A HIV Cure

Dr. Alain Lafeuillade and Dr. Mario Stevenson, are pleased to announce the 5th International Workshop on HIV Persistence During Therapy, to be held December 6-9, 2011 in St Maarten, West Indies. The W... mehr

30.05.11 - Informed Horizons, LLC

Hope for a Cure Against HIV

Alain Lafeuillade (France) and Mario Stevenson (USA) co-authored a paper on HIV reservoirs that claims these reservoirs are the main hurdle to achieving HIV eradication. This paper provides informatio... mehr

22.04.11 - Informed Horizons, LLC

New Discoveries Expected at the Scientific Workshop on HIV Reservoirs

Tucker, GA - April 21, 2011 -- Controlling HIV replication without the need of life-long antiretroviral therapy (ART) is the next frontier scientists are addressing. Researchers involved in the fields... mehr

15.04.11 - Informed Horizons, LLC

Researchers United to Find a HIV cure

HIV persistence is an area of importance to many scientists working on a possible cure for HIV, and every two years a reference workshop is held to bring the world's top scientists together for a meet... mehr

13.04.11 - Informed Horizons, LLC

Scientists Work for a HIV Functional Cure

Tucker, GA - April 12, 2011 -- Researchers have just unveiled the advanced program of the reference workshop on ‘HIV Persistence, Reservoirs & Eradication Strategies’ to be held later this year in... mehr

08.04.11 - Informed Horizons, LLC

Strategies Towards HIV Cure Announced

The Steering and Scientific Committees of the forthcoming ‘International HIV Persistence Workshop’ have just recently announced the preliminary program of this meeting which is dedicated towards f... mehr

18.02.11 - Informed Horizons, LLC

HIV Reservoirs Cure Workshop: Straight Line from CROI to Saint Martin

The ‘International Workshop on HIV Persistence’ has been a major source for those seeking information and guidance in a global effort to understand and eradicate HIV from its reservoirs. Toulon, ... mehr

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