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Sony And Geohot Settle PS3 Hacking Case

Sony Corp. has finally decided to drop its legal suit against the infamous PlayStation3 hacker George Hotz also popularly known as “Geohot”. The 21 years old hacker who is a resident of New Jersey had posted files and documentation for the PS3 jailbreak. Hotz, besides hacking PS3 gained more attention for posting a rap song on Youtube about Sony during the legal proceedings. Hotz was earlier in limelight when he

Nintendo 3DS Sales Weaker Than Expected

Nintendo on April 26, 2011 stated that its latest 3DS sales were disappointing in countries like Japan, US and Europe. In the U.S. and Europe, only 3.61 million units were sold whereas it had expected to sell at least 4 million by April 2011, the end of its fiscal year. Nintendo 3DS is considered as a revolution in the gaming arena as this handheld gaming console enables users to play

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