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11.02.11 - IMC Projects

IMC Project’s appoint Group Director and Group CFO for tantalum mining project.

23rd June 2010 - IMC Projects, further to the published strategic plan, have appointed two key members of senior management to oversee the final stages of the tantalum mining operation as part of the ... mehr

10.02.11 - IMC Projects

IMC Projects; ~ “Prime Tantalum Ore Deposits For Mining Coltan”.

26th January 2010 - IMC Projects, a mining corporation privately run and based in Malaysia, announces it’s ‘Coltan Strategic Plan’. Columbite-Tantalite ore, in significant quantities, was disco... mehr

09.02.11 - IMC Projects

IMC Projects Discover Premium Grade Tantalum During Tin Mining Operation.

18th September 2009 - IMC Projects, a mining company based in Malaysia, announced on Friday that they had made a recent discovery of premium grade Tantalum deposits in an area of land currently under ... mehr

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