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Penny Stock Detectives Special Report Reveals a Country Actually Considering Rai …

In a recent Penny Stock Detectives article, editor Danny Esposito argues that as global economic growth around the world continues to contract, an investor would be hard-pressed to find a central bank that was actually contemplating raising interest rates. However, the editor’s recent article reveals one country’s central bank that is actually doing so, due to its economic strength that can be seen in its job numbers, real estate market,

How to Own McDonald’s at a Discounted Price, According to Leading Financial Ne …

According to George Leong, contributor to Profit Confidential, at the current level for the stock in McDonald’s Corporation, the top growth has been discounted into the price of the shares. But Leong believes you can still play the growth of McDonald’s through Arcos Dorados Holdings Inc. “Arcos Dorados Holdings Inc. is the largest McDonald’s franchisee in the world based on system-wide sales and number of restaurants,” says Leong. In the article

Investors Ignore Powerful Investor Tools; Special Report by Leading Financial We …

In a recent Penny Stock Detectives article, editor Danny Esposito points out that two widely used measures in technical analysis have uncovered new ways that can help investors maximize their returns and/or reduce their losses. Esposito believes the “golden cross” and the “death cross” are critical crossover technical indicators that investors ignore at their own peril. “The simple moving average in technical analysis measures the average price of a particular stock

Best Buy Faces Questionable Future, Reports Leading Financial Newsletter Profit …

According to Sasha Cekerevac, contributor to Profit Confidential, the future is looking increasingly bleak for one of the largest electronic retailers in the world: Best Buy Co., Inc. Online retailers already pose a hurdle for stores. However, this hurdle is growing, as consumers prefer to touch the product in the store but purchase the goods at home. In the article “What’s the Future for Best Buy?,” Cekerevac notes that a great

Housing Crisis Getting Worse, According to Leading Financial Newsletter Profit C …

According to Michael Lombardi, lead contributor to Profit Confidential, the major issue concerning the housing market index is a recent mortgage settlement that will alter the U.S. housing market in the coming years. Now that the lawsuit is settled, Lombardi believes foreclosures will keep prices down. In the article, "U.S. Housing Crisis Getting Worse, Not Better," Lombardi comments that the $25.0-billion settlement with the banks that took place in April allowed

Gold to Trend Higher, Reports Leading Financial Newsletter Profit Confidential

Mitchell Clark, contributor to Profit Confidential, believes that the spot price of gold is coming to a turning point and is ready to take on a major new trend. “Gold has been consolidating quite naturally after it hit $1,900 an ounce and its correction, in my view, was quite modest,” says Clark. “Now there’s renewed momentum, with the spot price turning up and gold stocks are moving again.” In the article “Spot

The China Surprise: Continued Growth

Many thought China was set to stall in 2011, but so far this has not been the case. The country’s gross domestic product (GDP) growth continues to be impressive coming in at 9.7% in the first quarter, above the estimate of 9.55%, according to the National Bureau of Statistics. The results also show the significant growth difference between China and the U.S. and Europe. China is continuing to roll along

Why the Biggest Profits in the Gold Bull Market Are Still Ahead

“It’s too late, the easy money has been made,” is the most common response I get from investors when I ask them why they do not have exposure to the gold bull market. Nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, gold’s had a phenomenal run-up in price, rising from under $300.00 an ounce in 2002 to $1,480 today—a gain of 393%. I wrote these now famous words in PROFIT CONFIDENTIAL

Job Growth to Help Drive Economic Renewal

Jobs are picking up steam and this will help add some drive to the economic recovery. In February, the key non-farm payrolls generated 192,000 new jobs, above the consensus estimate of 185,000 and the upward revised 63,000 in January. Better yet, the unemployment rate fell to 8.9%, below the estimate of 9.1% and 9.0% in January. I feel that the break below 9.0% is a key milestone and perhaps a

Best Trades in this Market Based on Corporate Events—the Rest’s Just Noise

I want to keep focusing on what companies are saying. This is the single most important news going forward this year. Economic data are important, especially as they affect sentiment in the broader market, but the key factor for investors this year should be what corporations say about their businesses. After all, they know their operations better than anyone. Right now, the stock market has momentum and, while I always advocate

Stock Market Down Yesterday? Here’s How I Made Money in It

There’s an air of nervousness in the stock market today after the market’s triple-digit dive Tuesday. I want to give my readers a good feeling of where we are with stocks. The yield on the U.S. 10-year Treasury has been rising, but it is still below the four-percent level needed before we see money leaving the stock market for the bond market. I’m watching this risk closely, but this is more

Gold Remains an Excellent Safe Haven Pick

The potential of a civil war in Libya has given gold bugs another reason to buy. After declining to just above $1,300 an ounce, gold has been hot, recently breaking back above $1,400. Investing in gold continues to be a safe haven play when risk rises. Gold has rallied in each of the last 10 years, and it shows a beautiful bullish price chart. My gold advice would be to

Why Retail Stocks Continue to Be Risky

The majority of investment newsletters do not like retail stocks. I’m not totally in agreement with that view, but I would be more selective with stock picking in the retail sector. Retail sales in the U.S. are estimated to surge to $389.65 billion in March from $344.24 billion in January, according to the Financial Forecast Center. Yet, if you go forward a few months, retail sales are predicted to fall

Why Chinese Inflation Must Be Reined in

It’s now official. According to Japan, China’s nominal gross domestic product (GDP) of $5.87 trillion in 2010 has surpassed Japan’s nominal GDP of $5.47 trillion. But China continues to face surging inflationary pressures. China’s Consumer Price Inflation (CPI), excluding food, came in at a lower than expected 4.9% versus the estimate of 5.3%. Yet the problem is the country’s surging food inflation, especially in the rural areas. China’s Producer Price

Stock Market Update: Stocks Look to Higher Ground

by George Leong, B. Comm Stocks continue to edge higher following the recent breakouts by the DOW and S&P 500, which are at their highest levels since June 2008. The bias continues to be bullish. There is some hesitancy on the charts, but stocks are powering higher. The DOW, NASDAQ, and S&P 500 are all up over five percent this year, with blue-chip stocks leading the pack. It’s clear that the

Telecom Equipment & Solar Energy: Two Sectors Experiencing Renewed Upward Moment …

by Mitchell Clark, B. Com Fourth-quarter earnings are about over for most large corporations. Now we’re getting into the heart of earnings reports from smaller companies that don’t have large accounting departments to get the numbers out quickly. I’m noticing quite a solid trend in small technology companies—business is getting better and it’s doing so across a range of specific sectors. One sector that really seems to be taking off is that

Stock Market at a Crossroad: It’s Shake or Bake Time

Okay, so we’ve had the grandest of grandest rallies. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is up a whopping 89% since its March 9, 2009 low. The majority of investors missed this great opportunity to make money in the stock market, because they were selling on fear instead of buying into it. (Hopefully the majority of our readers heeded our suggestion to jump into stocks with both feet in March of

Why China’s Travel Market Is Attractive

China has rapidly become one of the top travel markets in the world for both domestic and international travelers. To deal with the increased travel, China has been steadily building its road, rail and air infrastructure to make travelling in this country much easier. “China is the most attractive place in the world right now for hotels. That’s why investment capital is racing there and why the major international brands

Stock Market Trend Intact—But Correction Risk Rising

It’s always wonderful when the stock market is going up. The vast majority of equity investors are making money. But I always look at the stock market in terms of risk, not potential return. When you have a market that’s been going virtually straight up for the last six months, I view investment risk for new positions as very high. Investment returns on new positions only happen if the momentum

Five Market & Economic Calls That Have Made a Difference

We never started out with the goal of becoming an Internet company like Amazon or Google. We’re just a group of stock market analysts and economists that like writing and sharing our ideas about the markets and the economy. Writing a financial daily e-letter is not easy. I wake at 4:30 AM EST each day we have an editorial issue. George and Mitchell work late into the night getting their morning

Flooded with Cash: Where the Upside of Mining Stocks Is

There isn’t a conspiracy to have strong precious metal prices; it’s just that a lot of factors have come together to support these commodities around the same time. The mining sector is awash in cash and it’s a key area for equity speculators who want to make money from fast-growing junior producers and from the consolidation that’s now taking place. With all the money floating around the mining sector, companies are

Hot China Stocks: The Mobile Sector’s on Fire

China is growing exponentially in many areas. An area that is growing at an incredible rate is the mobile phone sector, where growth is enormous and there are currently more than 842 million users. Think about it. There are more mobile users in China than the population of the United States, the European Union, and Canada combined! These are exciting times for China’s mobile market, as the regulators, in an effort

Oil Stocks: Why They Say $100.00-a-Barrel Oil Is a Reality

By Mitchell Clark, B.Comm. The stock market is worth the level of the major indices. It’s not overvalued and it’s not undervalued either. It’s just about right as far as I’m concerned. The economic data are supportive and so are corporate earnings. What’s impressive is the breadth of the recovery. Manufacturing is improving and so is retail. Technology is showing major sales growth and industrial companies are ramping up on earnings.

Oil Stocks: Why They Say $100.00-a-Barrel Oil Is a Reality

Long-time subscribers know my fondness for stock price charts in determining future trends. I believe, most of the time, that the price of stocks are a leading indicator of what lies ahead, especially for individual stock sectors. Months before the turmoil in Egypt erupted, the price of oil started to rise. After crashing to a low of about $30.00 a barrel in the depth of the 2008 financial crisis, oil came

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