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05.04.11 -

How can the Microsoft Kinect aid the medical field? reports

With eight million units sold in its first 60 days on the market, the Microsoft Kinect’s impact on the gaming industry is phenomenal. But developers are just beginning to realize the potential of Ki... mehr

23.03.11 -

Why do multilingual children do better in school? investigates

Leading online provider of children’s health information in Canada,, investigates the way in which children are able to learn languages so easily, and why this makes them perform ... mehr

16.03.11 -

How can parents help children with chronic conditions as they enter their teens? finds out, leading online Canadian source for children’s health information, looks into what steps parents of children with chronic conditions can take to help them transition into adulthoo... mehr

08.03.11 -

Are social networks essential to improving the quality of life of teenage patients? investigates

Leading online Canadian source for children’s health,, investigates how social networks are becoming invaluable for the wellbeing of teenagers who are hospitalized for extended pe... mehr

01.03.11 -

More children turning to acupuncture to ease chronic pain, claims, the leading Canadian source for children’s health, says that more and more children are experiencing success when treating chronic pain with acupuncture. When teenager Andrew Pe... mehr

03.02.11 -

Child health information in English, French, and Chinese now provided through a national partnership with continues to advance health education, with their content available in English, French and Chinese so that trust health information will be accessible in both official languages and... mehr

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