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How can the Microsoft Kinect aid the medical field? reports

With eight million units sold in its first 60 days on the market, the Microsoft Kinect’s impact on the gaming industry is phenomenal. But developers are just beginning to realize the potential of Kinect for use in medicine, reports, leading online Canadian source for children’s health information. Kinect is a type of technology that allows the user to play video games on Xbox 360 without the need for a controller.

Why do multilingual children do better in school? investigate …

Leading online provider of children’s health information in Canada,, investigates the way in which children are able to learn languages so easily, and why this makes them perform more highly in school. Canadian-born, Christopher Woon was just a baby when he was first exposed to the mother tongue from his parents. While growing up in the English-speaking community of Port Hope, Ontario, he spoke exclusively in Korean in the house.

How can parents help children with chronic conditions as they enter their teens? …, leading online Canadian source for children’s health information, looks into what steps parents of children with chronic conditions can take to help them transition into adulthood taking charge of their own health. Not long ago, it used to be that most children born with spina bifida would not survive to age 20. The condition, in which the spinal column does not close properly before birth, has several types and

Are social networks essential to improving the quality of life of teenage patien …

Leading online Canadian source for children’s health,, investigates how social networks are becoming invaluable for the wellbeing of teenagers who are hospitalized for extended periods of time. Since its inception more than two decades ago, the Internet continues to influence the way people work, play, and access information. What started out as a medium for academics and military personnel to share research and classified information, the Internet has become an

More children turning to acupuncture to ease chronic pain, claims AboutKidsHealt …, the leading Canadian source for children’s health, says that more and more children are experiencing success when treating chronic pain with acupuncture. When teenager Andrew Pearce was first diagnosed with the immune system disorder Guillaim-Barre syndrome, he could barely walk. His muscles were weak and he was in deep, aching pain. At one point, he could not move anything in his body from his shoulders down. He went through a

Child health information in English, French, and Chinese now provided through a … continues to advance health education, with their content available in English, French and Chinese so that trust health information will be accessible in both official languages and the third most used language in Canada. In partnership with BC Children’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital of London Health Sciences Centre, and IWK Health Centre in Halifax, The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, is building a coast-to-coast collaboration in children’s health information through

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