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10-23-2012 | Sports
Team Werbelabel

A Year Full of Success: Jan Simon Hamann Runs to Triumph

Just two years of intensive training resulted in several appearances on the winner’s rostrum already this year. It is pretty clear that Jan Simon Hamann has exceptional talent for running. After the titles of German University Champion on 10km and 5,000m in spring, the 26-year-old student of philosophy reached the biggest success of his young career in Munich on October 14th: winning the German Marathon Championships 2012. A new name in
10-13-2011 | Sports
Team Werbelabel

My JogStyle gives tips for running in autumn

It is getting dark earlier and bright later, the wind is whistling around the ears, the ground is wet, the air is cold: In the worst case that looks like an autumn day in Germany. Runners must be prepared for the autumnal weather conditions, because the risk of injuries is much higher in the fall and winter months. My JogStyle offers some advices about what to take care of while
10-07-2011 | Sports
Team Werbelabel

Work on the ideal tempo with the JogStyle

Whether beginner or professional competitor: Many runners fail at their own speed. Who starts the training to quickly, often overwhelms the own body unintentionally. The condition isn’t up to the selected speed and the result might be a rapid loss of strength and for this reason a decreasing motivation. Even marathon runners often commit the mistake of starting too fast in the race and thus consume their energy too soon.
09-29-2011 | Sports
Team Werbelabel

Tips for athletes with circulatory problems while running

Jogging is a popular sport for everybody. Whether as a hobby runner or as a professional marathon runner – running activates spirit and body and keeps fit and healthy. Nevertheless, it can lead to sports injuries or joint pain. The correct running technique, the right running shoes and an intentional warm-up and cool-down program are important. Some runners even complain about circulatory problems during or after the running. The causes
09-21-2011 | Sports
Team Werbelabel

From aqua jogging to cycling: alternative training methods to running

Ambitious runners should integrate alternative sports into their training program. Cycling, swimming, walking, weight training or in-line skating are perfect to attend the training in another endurance sport. While walking the same body parts and muscles are used frequently, which can also lead to overuse and injury. In order to maintain power, one can resort to alternative training methods. Other sport activities should prevent muscular imbalances and provide plenty of

The JogStyle by Omron motivates to move more in everyday life

"Just walk a few steps by foot" or "Take the stairs instead of the elevator." Everyone knows the little man in the ear, the repeated calls to do more exercise in everyday life. An ordinary office worker sits an average of eight hours per day at the desk and goes only around 3.000 steps. For many people it is hard to overcome their inner temptation to exercise regularly and prefer
09-09-2011 | Sports
Team Werbelabel

Yoga Running as a sportive and relaxing run trend for body and mind

Barely another running style relaxes body and spirit during a sportive activity as Yoga Running. The new running trend promises a varied mix of running and yoga exercises. Not only everyday problems fall into oblivion, but feelings of happiness are boosted and inner perfection is eradiate. Whether in the woods in the harmonic nature or in the city at beautiful locations - the scenery is not important. Also at Yoga
01-20-2011 | Sports
Team Werbelabel

Go in and win - combat annoying winter fat pads with the Omron JogStyle!

Cookies, gingerbread, roast duck and grandma’s delicious stollen – during Christmas time we sin to a fare-thee-well! And now that this festive season is over again we stand in front of the mirror and have to face the dilemma. The good intention for 2011: Shed those surplus pounds – quickly! But watch out! For a healthy weight reduction you should not rely on fast diets. The goal is to slim
01-20-2011 | Sports
Team Werbelabel

Limassol Marathon on Cyprus – “JogStyle keeps you running”

As part of the introduction of the JogStyle medical technology specialist Omron Healthcare initiated a lottery last year and raffled a four-day hotel accommodation as well as one of the highly coveted starting places for the Cyprus marathon. Now the lucky winner has been identified: On the 20th of February Maggie Arendt will fly to Cyprus to participate in the 5th LimassolMarathon. With her – the innovative JogStyle from Omron

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