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AllSee Technologies upgrade their Cloud Based Network solution with some great n …

Birmingham, UK - 03/01/14 - Since launching their new Cloud Based Network solution in August AllSee Technologies have added some brand new features to the Content Management Software as well as making some improvements. As well as retaining all of its current features, the unbranded CMS has had a number of improvements made to it, such as browser compatibility. The Cloud Based Software is now supported on every major web

Touch Screens – when does a digital signage project call for interactivity?

With the digital signage revolution well underway and the price of touch screens falling year on year, important questions for marketers have emerged; when does a digital signage project need to be interactive and in which scenarios are touch screens most effective? Digital signage is widely recognized as being the most effective and noticeable means of delivering a message to consumers and its advantages over the more traditional printed alternatives

Selfridges showcase Aldo Rise collection using temporary digital signage install …

This month Aldo launched their Rise collection at Selfridges’ flagship Oxford Street store in London. Kathy Acimovic, Senior PR Manager for Aldo Group said that Selfridges was the “perfect home to launch this exclusive program and collaborations and when it comes to shoes… this is really where a fashion girl comes, it’s heaven!” To effectively raise brand awareness and get the most out of the launch they chose to utilise the

‘Digital Signs and Displays For Dummies’ – is it really a “Reference for …

Last month publishing giant Wiley released a new ‘For Dummies’ guide book – ‘Digital Signs and Displays For Dummies’. For the most part a ‘For Dummies’ book is the first port of call for industry newcomers, so does ‘Digital Signs and Displays For Dummies’ really give the novice reader a full and comprehensive picture of the industry? Unfortunately the simple answer is ‘no’. It is imperative to point out that the

Touch Screen Digital Signage: uses, applications and advantages.

You would be seriously mistaken to think that touch screen digital signage is just another marketing novelty. Touch screen displays provide the opportunity for something that will become increasingly important to digital signage in the coming years; interactivity. The average consumer’s life is shaped by screens and interactivity, from using the office computer and watching TV at home to using your mobile phone and tablet for online shopping and entertainment.

Achieve effective internal communication with Digital Signage Solutions.

Digital signage solutions take many different forms, helping advertisers and businesses captivate their target audience in fresh and enticing ways. One location that digital signage solutions are being effectively utilised is the corporate environment for internal communications. For this application digital signage can be incredibly successful in getting employees to take note of company information. There are many arguments which suggest that inward facing digital signage solutions are a

AllSee Technologies begins to launch its new generation of HD Wall Mounted LCD D …

Birmingham, UK - 15/07/11 - AllSee Technologies is upgrading their core Digital Advertising Display range of 19”-40”; giving them enhanced features for the same price. The new generation of LCD Digital Advertising Displays will now have specifications to bring them in line with our new HD Freestanding Digital Posters and will include the following improved features: • A range of inputs to connect external devices including VGA, HDMI, AV, YPbPr and Video In. • More

Digital signage screens – the eco friendly option.

Becoming more environmentally aware is essential for any modern business that is why it benefits everyone to consider digital signage screens. Using digital signage screens can offer many advantages over conventional static printed signage. Exceptional design, marketing skills and resources associated with large corporate budgets are required to captivate potential customers with traditional static signage. Conversely with digital signage screens, arguably better results can be achieved by using simple

Non-advertising applications for digital signage displays.

Digital signage displays are most commonly used for advertisement based applications; however they can be utilised in many other ways. This article considers the alternative uses of digital signage displays and their usefulness. While digital signage displays are largely used for advertising, the possible applications and options for digital signage do not end there. The use of digital signage displays for internal communication, public messaging, wayfinding and information display

Digital Signage - not just for direct advertising.

The digital signage sector is generally considered an advertisement driven industry; however as a display medium it is equally suited to information dissemination. This article considers these alternative uses of digital signage and its usefulness. Although Digital Advertising Displays by their very name are predominately used in advertising, the possible applications and options for digital signage are limitless. The use of digital signage for internal communication, public messaging, wayfinding

BP use digital signage to optimise the relevance of their internal communication …

Picture the staff notice board, full of old literature, scruffy notes and generally overcrowded and overlooked. Now imagine a network of digital displays, transmitting relevant company information in a way that gets noticed. AllSee Technologies worked along side a major digital content management company to provide an internal communication network for Air BP, the specialised aviation division of BP. The popular 19” Digital Advertising Displays were used to narrowcast

Digital Signage – “Can’t I just use a TV?”

When introducing new people to the world of digital signage I often get asked the question, “Can’t I just use a TV?”, and the simple answer is always, “Not if you want to gain the maximum benefit from your investment”. So just what are the differences and what benefits do commercial displays give and how can they be justified? To begin to find answers we should start at the rational behind

AllSee Technologies help NEC adopt digital displays for a multitude of applicati …

AllSee Technologies recently provided digital signage to the largest exhibition centre in the UK – The National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham. Visitor communication is crucial to the successful operation of the NEC. Traditionally the use of wall mounted static signage is employed; however digital advertising displays offer advantages that cannot be matched. Static signage can be limited in terms of stimulation and is so commonplace it can go unnoticed by

AllSee Technologies provides digital signage for the Hospitality Show 2011.

This years Hospitality Show was visually and practically enhanced by the presence of two freestanding digital posters, supplied by AllSee Technologies. Fresh RM, the exhibition organisers, obtained the freestanding digital posters from the digital signage supplier to provide visitors with information such as: • a schedule of events, • corporate branded messages, and • navigational information. They also used the advertising screens to display sponsored adverts. One of the screens, a 40” Freestanding

AllSee Technologies launches its new 21” LCD Digital Poster.

Birmingham, UK - 31/01/11 - AllSee Technologies is upgrading their current 20” LCD Digital Poster with a new 21” LCD Digital Poster, available for the same price. The new 21” LCD Digital Poster also includes the following improvements: • An extra 1.6 inches (40.64mm) of diagonal size, • A more compatible 16:9 display ratio, • At 30.7mm it has a thinner profile, • Faster data transfer rate for USB updates. As well as retaining key features

Digital signage menu boards give an edge to food outlets.

In an overcrowded fast food industry, outlets are looking for new, exciting and cost effective ways to market their products and digital signage displays are the answer. Backlit menu boards traditionally used by most independent takeaway and fast food chains are being overshadowed by a new alluring means of displaying menus. Digital signage is now acknowledged as one of the most cost effective and stylish methods of displaying menus in

Why use a digital signage original equipment manufacturer.

OEMs exist in most industries and digital signage is no exception. The versatility of the products and the size of the markets make this an attractive industry for manufactures. AllSee Technologies is an original equipment manufacturer for LCD displays directed at the digital signage market. These products have a number of uses from displaying images as a digital poster to digital marketing and advertising applications. AllSee Technologies’ manufacturing technique is

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