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09-09-2011 | Health & Medicine

New Trends Towards HIV Cure Research

Fifteen years after the advent of combined antiretroviral therapy (ART) life expectancy of HIV-infected patients, as well as their quality of life, have considerably improved. However, ART remains a life long battle as these therapies are unable to eradicate the virus. Although we can still improve tolerance and acceptability of ART, the next decisive step would be to find a cure. Specific budget lines have been created in 2010 and

Approaches to HIV Eradication

The various approaches to HIV eradication all address a problem, and that problem is the HIV reservoir. HIV reservoirs have been called the last hiding place for HIV within the body. The final step toward finding a cure against HIV lies in dealing with HIV reservoirs. Toulon, France, August 30, 2011 - What can be done about HIV eradication? The advancements in scientific technology and medical treatments have made significant progress

Clues to HIV Persistence on ART

Recent research has found that while antiretroviral therapy (ART) is effective at significantly reducing the number of plasma-to-T-cell transmissions of HIV, it's not as effective against T-cell-to-T-cell. The remaining virus hides in infected T-cells, which allows it to easily be passed on to non-infected ones; this, in fact, is one of the reasons why HIV persists through ART. Toulon, France, August 23, 2011 - HIV has a built-in backup plan when
01-14-2011 | Health & Medicine

HIV Reservoirs Cure Research – More Investments Are Needed

Toulon, France, January 12, 2010 -- With great effort and research into how to fight the HIV virus, important advancements in treatment have been made. What used to be a near-automatic death sentence is no longer the case. With the right mixture of medicines, an HIV-positive person can now live much longer than before. The HIV asymptomatic periods are now much longer than before as well, thanks to HIV research.

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