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Press Releases from Advance Security Destruction (3 total)

Social Security Information Sold with Computers at Auction

It was revealed this month that an open auction last year where computers containing confidential information were being auctioned off to the public was halted by New Jersey Comptroller Mathew A. Boxer. Although the auction was managed to be halted by the state it is unclear how many of the computers, 79% of which had hard drives holding drivers’ license numbers, social security numbers and other social service information were

Identity Theft from Company Waste on the Rise

Police reports accumulated over 2010 have shown that identity thieves are becoming more and more determined and ruthless in the way they obtain personal information from documentation found in company waste. Australian businesses are being urged to be aware and use accredited document destruction services as a measure against identity theft. Identity thieves operating in organised gangs have been known to rummage through the same company’s waste consistently until personal

Sydney Information-Security Provider Launches Campaign for Identity Theft Awaren …

Sydney information-security providers, Advance Security Destruction, have launched their new site with two major goals. As well as promoting their already successful secure waste disposal services and their identity safe bags which can purchased from the new site, it is also part of a new campaign to make Australian’s more aware of the risk of identity theft. “Security destruction services such as ours are an overlooked method