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Winter ladder safety tips for homeowners

It is dangerous to perform outdoor tasks in winter – especially when working at height. If you must clear snow or ice, and ensure you follow these ladder safety rules. When venturing outside to clear snow or ice from your roof, remove broken tree branches or take down your Christmas lights, be careful when using your ladder. There is a much higher risk of falling in harsh weather conditions. Ladder falls can

Working at heights training for ladder and platform safety

As a responsible employer, it is important to ensure you are following all the safety regulations. This is not just for moral reasons, but will help you to avoid potential lawsuits. If you are working at height with ladders, there is a special training programme. It is essential for companies that use ladders, or working platforms, on a day-to-day basis, that the staff members are properly trained. This is not just a

Journalist wins ladder injury claim

A sports journalist has received a large amount of compensation following a ladder accident at a well-known football club. His fall caused shoulder and neck injuries and gave him concussion. The money he received as ladder accident compensation was decided in an out-of-court settlement. The journalist's ladder accident claim solicitor said that his client had previously complained about the 'Dickensian' state of facilities for radio and TV reporters at the ground. He said: "In my view this was

Building inspection accident highlights the importance of ladder safety

A 55-year-old health and safety inspector fell off a ladder onto a flat roof while he was checking office buildings. The company who were employing the inspector to investigate their buildings in Exeter said the injured man was part of their maintenance team who was carrying out safety checks on the building when he fell. A spokesman for the company said: "He suffered cuts and bruises but otherwise was unharmed and we

Browns Ladders launches unique range of window cleaning products

Lancashire-based ladders company, Browns Ladders, has released a range of window cleaning products to go alongside its ladders for window cleaning. The new equipment includes including innovative tool belt systems for the professional cleaner to help carry tools and make the task safer. The selection ranges from squeegees and T-Bars to buckets and scrapers. With innovations such as microscopic fibres, the equipment is designed to make window cleaning more efficient. Ladders for window

Browns Ladders publishes health and safety advice on using step ladders

Lancashire ladders company, Browns Ladders, has published important health and safety advice for step ladders users. The company warns that, although step ladders are incredibly easy to use, many accidents occur because of carelessness. The online warning highlights that an obvious way to avoid accidents is to choose the type step ladder best suited to the task at hand. Interior painting jobs, for example, require step ladders with a good spreader brace. Be

Health and Safety Executive and Browns Ladders warns workmen to use safe ladders

Ladder related injuries are not often mentioned in DIY programmes. However, in reality ladders are known to cause over a thousand major injuries every year in Britain. This is usually blamed on human mistakes - but badly designed ladders and inadequate safety rules might also be a problem. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), which is running a campaign on ladder safety, says ladders and step ladders should not be bent under

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