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Woman Diagnosed Bipolar Found A Way to Fight Insomnia

Quebec, Quebec – December 15, 2010 – Like other sleepless women who are looking for ways to fight insomnia, a typical homemaker who was diagnosed as being Bipolar has found new hope with the latest audio sessions in the Sleep Tracks Sleep Optimization Program. “I was diagnosed Bipolar and given Lunesta”, explained Kirsten Geans. But the pills that helped her for a year stopped working, and Geans eventually started experimenting with

Sleepless Woman Uses Newly Released SleepTracks to Fight Insomnia and Fragmented …

Quebec, Quebec - December 9 2010 - Housewives too desperately need sleep. Newly enhanced audio sessions, part of the SleepTracks Sleep Optimization Program, can help women get their sleep and their life back. This online program, whose audio recordings are available in mp3 and CD format, recently upgraded its brainwave entrainment sessions with a unique blend of hypnosis-type voice-over and background sounds. A powerful mix, as Denise Rieb, stay-at-home mom

Housewives Too Desperately Need Sleep

Quebec, Quebec - December 8 2010 - Overstressed workers of today's information age are not the only ones to suffer from a lack of sleep. While an IT manager may use "sleep tracks" to combat insomnia and anxiety that result from workplace stress, stay-at-home moms use them to regain their sanity at home. "I never had any trouble falling asleep", recalls Susan Langford from her home in Surrey, England. "Staying asleep

IT Manager Uses "Sleep Tracks" to Combat Insomnia and Anxiety

SAN FRANCISCO, California (December 7, 2010) As a new research indicates that software engineeers are working too hard and suffer from job-related stress, insomnia and anxiety, Karl Ramm says he found a viable solution. The California-based technology manager reports listening to specialized audio sessions to alleviate his work-induced stress and anxiety -- and get the sleep he desperately needs. "I was having a lot of anxiety before sleeping and could not

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