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Swallowing Problems and Parkinson's Disease Closely Linked

April 11, 2011. Natick, Massachusetts, USA. Today is World Parkinson’s Day, dedicated to spreading awareness about this disorder that affects millions worldwide. It affects quality of life for the patient, for the family, and for the communities within which they live. Parkinson’s disease can also end lives. The most common way is does this is by causing pneumonia that the person is ill-equipped to handle. It is becoming increasingly recognized that

'Tis the Season To Be....Careful

“We’re talking about eating – specifically swallowing,” said Dr. Joel Herskowitz. “Choking is a hazard at any age – not just for young children,” said Dr. Herskowitz, a pediatric neurologist on the Boston University Medical School faculty. “Choking on food accounts for three to four thousand deaths every year in the United States,” he said. “Most of those are adults.” The elderly, age 65 and older, appear to be particularly vulnerable.

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