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Blueside Releases Latest KUF2 Trailer With In-Game Footage

BLUESIDE™ has released brand new footage of their MMO Action RTS “Kingdom Under Fire™ II(KUFII)”, which is being developed for multiple platforms. KUFII, which will be the fifth installment in the acclaimed Kingdom Under Fire franchise, whose legacy has spanned more than a decade, is a AAA title that is currently being developed by BLUESIDE. The game will put the player right in the middle of a battlefield with a massive

Arts & Crafts In Mythos Online

One of the features central to the forthcoming Hack-and-Slash MMO Mythos is the comprehensive crafting system. Gamers can break down items looted from one of the dangerous dungeons or stolen from a nasty monster to create more powerful items from the individual pieces. Players have their choice of three specialities in the skill tree: “Terran”, “Sylvan” and “Etheral”. Utilising enhancement bonuses and by collecting skill points, players are able

New Runes of Magic Update Unlocks the Mighty Guardians of Kawak's Tomb

New dungeon to open in Limo Desert Frogster today announced that a new region, the Limo Desert, will be accessible to players with the release of Patch 3.0.6 of the online role-playing game, Runes of Magic. Brave adventurers will be able to test their resolve against five powerful guardians in ‘Kawak’s Tomb’– the fiercely guarded resting place of the celebrated hero, Kawak Grollfang. An ancient legend tells of Kawak Grollfang, former leader

Genesis A.D Fires into Open Beta

Prepare to get nailed. Genesis A.D, the long awaited sci-fi multiplayer online first person shooter (MOFPS) is now in open beta, is putting an arsenal of futuristic weapons and abilities at gamers' fingertips. Players can enlist in the intense, twitch-action free-to-play (F2P) shooter by visiting Genesis A.D places players in the role of a futuristic, next-generation soldier with a dynamic arsenal of advanced weaponry, including a vicious nail gun that

Dovogame Introduced Mansion System in Business Tycoon Online (BTO)

Dovogame has recently launched a new mansion system for Business Tycoon Online (BTO), the most popular online business simulation game worldwide. The new features will allow tycoons to construct buildings like garage, private airport and medal exhibition to showcase their hard-earned in-game items. Along with recreational like beach and swimming pool, these mansion buildings will ensure a sense of achievement by magnificent game graphics. All the mansion buildings tycoons own add

Tales of Fantasy: Lucky Shoehorses

In Tales of Fantasy, where an added edge in battle can ascertain to be the difference between life and death, it's essential to make sure your horse is equipped with a set of good horseshoes to further augment and improve their abilities! It's not as universally known nowadays, but hundreds of years ago it was common knowledge that a good horse wasn't worth much without a good set of horseshoes. Ever

COD Black Ops stolen from Gamestop

A Gamestop in Maryland was robbed this weekend. Besides grabbing a few consoles and all the cash, the felons grabbed four cases ofCall of Duty: Black Ops that were set to go on sale this Tuesday. At retail, those four cases (100 games) are worth $6,000. Folks might be willing to pay more for early copies, though, so the street value prior to Tuesday could be higher. Police are canvassing the

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