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30.12.10 - Charm N Jewelry, Inc

Snowflake Charms Are Falling This Winter at Charms Store

San Antonio, TX. Jan 2011. Snowflakes are falling this winter in 14K, 10K Gold, and Sterling Silver. Snowflakes are the most popular winter charm at Charms for Bracelets. There are ov... mehr

14.12.10 - Charm N Jewelry, Inc

Gift Box Charm Really Opens Up in 14K, 10K Gold, Or Sterling Silver

San Antonio, TX. December 2010. As you gift wrap all of your gifts this holiday season, you can add a gift box charm to your charm bracelet. The unique thing about this gift box is that it really o... mehr

10.12.10 - Charm N Jewelry, Inc

Decorate Your Charm Bracelet with a Christmas Tree From

San Antonio, TX. December 2010. As you get ready to decorate your tree this year, you can decorate your charm bracelet and add a Christmas Tree charm to your charm bracelet. There are many to choos... mehr

28.10.10 - Charm N Jewelry, Inc

Discover Beauty And Charm With Sterling Silver And 10K, 14K Gold Charms

San Antonio, TX. October, 2010. People continue to tell their life's story with 10K, 14K Gold, and Sterling Silver charm jewelry. Charms can be worn on a necklace, or on a fashionable charm bracele... mehr

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