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I Can't Sleep

Los Angeles, CA December 2010. I can't sleep - those three words began a nightmare that lasted a decade. I had many reasons for my insomnia - nearly three-dozen surgeries on my legs and spine, seizures, and extreme life stressors. It was after popping my first sleeping pill that my world imploded. Klonopin was prescribed early on, then Restoril was added as my sleep declined. Both medications are benzodiazepines (benzos for

All the Pretty Pills - Prescription Drug Withdrawal Help

Los Angeles, CA Nov-Dec 2010 It's impossible to watch a television show or open a magazine without seeing a drug ad. The images of perfect families, happy, successful men and women in romantic relationships are strong lures. The ability to soften stressful times is enticing and the idea of sleeping soundly is appealing. And although the side effects and some of the hazards are provided, Americans continue to reach for

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