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Gnap! Theater Projects presents “Steam, Rose Colored Goggles, and the Flight o …

Improvised Steampunk Miniseries Austin, Texas – December 21, 2012 Gnap Theater Projects is proud to present “Steam, Rose Colored Goggles, and the Flight of The Victoriana”, an improvised steampunk miniseries. Join the crew of The Victoriana on their highflying adventures as they engage the most revelatory and exquisite of 19th century alternative universe technology. Delight in their use of the refined art of improvisational acting and mummery as they explore those portions

False Matters – Stories improvised in the style of Philip K. Dick

Austin, TX What if everything you knew was wrong? Hot on the heels of their hit show Showdown, Gnap! Theater Projects launches into their most ‘mind-blowing’ project yet. False Matters, an improvised take on the speculative and often visionary science fiction worlds of acclaimed author Philip K. Dick. Each show will present a unique take on the psychedelic brew of Dick’s themes, including the mutability of time, reality, and identity as well

Showdown – a Gritty Improvised Western Serial - Premiers in March 2011

Austin, TX - In a world between savagery and civilization, no one knows what's going to happen next. Showdown is an improvised ensemble production depicting life and death in the fictitious town of Showdown set in the Republic of Texas. The cast will explore the conflict of justice and lawlessness, desire and duty and the corruption that comes with power. As annexation to the United States looms, this six-part serialized improv

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