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MESYS published a new version of its shaft and bearing calculation software

The MESYS Rolling bearing calculation allows the calculation of bearing load distribution and bearing life according ISO/TS 16281. It is available as standalone application or integrated in a shaft system calculation with additional possibilities like modal analysis, shaft strength calculation according DIN 743 or coupling to gear calculation programs. New features have been added for the release 08/2014. Spanish language is now selectable for both software and report. Furthermore, an editable

Version 12/2013 of MESYS Shaft and Rolling Bearing calculation is available

MESYS Rolling Bearing Calculation is used to calculate load distribution and life according ISO/TS 16281 for rolling bearings. The new version adds the following features: - Cross roller bearings as new bearing type - Custom extensions for database tables for bearing clearance and tolerance - A modified logarithmic profile can be used for roller bearings - A load rating diagram shows permissible moment load over axial load for different criteria - A diagram for ball

New version of MESYS Shaft and Rolling Bearing Calculation is available

A new version of MESYS Shaft and Rolling Bearing Calculation is available now. The bearing calculation now supports an extended method for pressure distribution for all types of roller bearings. This allows the evaluation of different profiles for rollers and races. Serveral possibilities are added to support material influence on load capacities. Permissible stresses for calculation of static capacity or fatigue limit can now be specified for material selections. The shaft calculation

Free online calculation for fits according ISO 286

The free online calculation for fits according ISO 286 (2010) on the website of MESYS AG was updated. Now the clearance or interference resulting from a fit like H7/n6 is not only shown in numbers but also graphically. So you will realize the position of tolerances at a glance without interpreting numbers. The maximum and minimum clearance or interference are also shown in the graphics. Clerance is shown in green, interference

Rolling bearing analysis for track rollers

The rolling bearing analysis according ISO/TS 16281 is assuming rigid races. This is an appropriate approximation if the bearings is mounted on a shaft and surrounded by a stiff housing. In case of a track roller the external load is acting directly on the outer ring which is therefore deformed. The elastic deformation affects the load distribution in the rolling bearing, which leads to a different hertzian stress and life. In

MESYS AG releases new version of its rolling bearing calculation according ISO/T …

A new version of the MESYS rolling bearing analysis software according ISO/TS 16281 is available. The main changes are the analysis of tolerances and the possibility for calculation of groups of bearings. The bearing clearance can be defined according ISO 5753 C2-C5 in addition to a manual definition. Using the bearing tolerances PN to P2 according ISO 492, the tolerances of shaft and housing according ISO 286 and the temperatures the

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