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Protect Drying Concrete with Landscape Fabric, says DIY Matters

Landscape fabric is ideal for protecting drying concrete or hard surfaces. DIY Matters explains why it works. Damp Proof Membrane is a polythene sheeting which acts as a waterproof garden membrane. It is used mainly in the construction industry and has high tear resistance and is extremely strong. This landscape fabric is made from recycled plastic materials, is extremely eco-friendly. The landscape fabric can also be used as a gravel underlay, a heavy duty

Hints and Tips for Winter Gardeners

As we enter the festive months of December and January, DIY Matters offers some advice for Winter gardeners. With seeds lying dormant awaiting Spring there is certainly less to do - but there is plenty of work for those who want the perfect garden. Planning your garden is one of the greatest pleasures of winter gardening. It is the ideal time for rethinking the design because looks bear without the foliage of

Potted Plants Can Last Throughout Winter, Says DIY Matters

For those who don’t know which potted plants will endure the cold winter months, DIY Matters offers some helpful advice to see you through to spring. Potted plants can bring colour to a yard or interior that looks bare. Porches, patios and empty spaces in the garden, could benefit from container gardening. But pot plants require special care to make it through the winter months - particularly if there is a harsh winter. Protect

Prevent furniture getting ruined when decorating - says DIY Matters

Autumn, with its crisp, cool weather and brilliant foliage, provides endless inspiration for decorating. Anyone thinking about decorating their home needs to protect their favourite furniture and ornaments from paint and falling debris. Besides not wanting to live among such detritus, many people are allergic to the dust which decorating can produce. You can't avoid having to clean up - but you can reduce the amount you have to do. There are a number

Autumn Hints and Tips for Gardeners from DIY Matters

With the new season underway experts at DIY Matters have some helpful advice for those who want to get the best from their gardens in Autumn. Autumn is a mellow time for gardeners. Seed-heads and berries may look their best but the changing colour of leaves signals the beginning of the end of the growing season. Your garden is about ready to settle down for it’s long winters sleep. So autumn can be

Landscaping specialist, DIY Matters, pledges to help save the environment with a …

Manchester-based gardening company, DIY Matters, has launched a new product designed to lower Britain’s carbon footprint. The newly developed garden membrane, Biodegradable Frost Protection Fleece, can be disposed of in a household green garden waste bin. It will then be sent to a “municipal composting facility” where it can decompose - which it cannot do in a regular compost heap. Gardeners who use DIY Matters’ Frost Protection Fleece can be assured their plants will

With temperatures dropping every day it’s essential to protect gardens from co …

For avid gardeners, the looming cold weather can mean tough times ahead. So, as the new season approaches, experts at DIY Matters are here to help - with some helpful advice for those worried about the harsh conditions wrecking their favourite plants. Some people might think that slow decaying of their plants symbolically represents the inevitability of death. That’s heavy - and an unhealthy way to look at the effects of the cold. Instead,

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