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PC Optimization Expert TuneUp Debuts Free Windows® 8 Styling App

TuneUp IncrediLock Equips Consumers with 400+ Wallpapers and Widgets to Turn Their Lock Screens into Personalized Dashboards MIAMI, Florida, December 10, 2012 What: TuneUp Corporation, the developer of award-winning PC optimization software suite TuneUp Utilities 2013, has created a new, free Windows 8 styling app to help consumers bring their operating systems’ lock screens to life. With TuneUp IncrediLock, PC users can transform their lock screens into personalized dashboards. The app puts widgets,

TuneUp Takes PC Users Behind The Scenes of Its Power-Saving Economy Mode

MIAMI, Florida, February 13, 2012 What:Even more important than raw processing power, for many PC and especially laptop users, is battery life and energy efficiency. Unfortunately, both the operating system and installed third-party software are often negatively affecting power consumption. In short, laptops don’t last as long as they could and desktop PCs consume more power than necessary. The TuneUp Economy Mode, which promises up to 30 percent more battery life,

TuneUp Offers Tips to Tackle One of the Top PC Performance Killers – Low Disk …

MIAMI, Florida, July 21, 2011 What: No matter how fast a user’s PC is, low disk space can slow any computer down, especially newer ones with fast, solid-state drives (SSDs). In fact, low disk space is typically the #1 reason for a sluggish machine, and one that is even overlooked by IT pros. Windows and most third-party programs need disk space to breathe—for example, Windows needs space for its paging file, which extends

TuneUp Offers Troubleshooting Tips to Help PC Users Get Rid of the Windows Updat …

MIAMI, Florida, May 23, 2011 What: Windows Update helps keep Windows fast, reliable and secure; however, update issues are among the most common problems plaguing PC users today. To avoid frustration, some users will ignore Windows Update, but this can be very dangerous—without these updates, they may be open to security vulnerabilities. Issues with Windows Update occur because updating a PC involves replacing hundreds of files, and the process depends on dozens

TuneUp Releases Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Compatibility Update

TuneUp Utilities Update Ensures Top-notch Operating System Performance and Supports Internet Explorer 9 MIAMI, Florida—March 22, 2011—Certified Windows partner TuneUp Corporation today released a new software update for users of its award-winning PC optimization suite, TuneUp Utilities 2011. This automatic software update ensures PC users will stay up-to-speed with the new Windows 7 Service Pack 1. Regular software updates are important for proper PC maintenance as well as improved performance for

TuneUp Explores How Security Solutions Impact PCs’ Performance

MEDIA ALERT MIAMI, Florida, February 23, 2011 What: PC users need an antivirus solution in order to secure their computers; however, these programs have been known to slow down Windows PCs—leaving users to struggle with noticeably longer boot-up processes, less responsive workflows, slower gameplay and even stuttering media playback performance, among other things. Since PC users want their computers to be secure without being slowed down, antivirus companies have recently made an effort

TuneUp Program Deactivator Enables PC Users to Enhance System Performance Withou …

MEDIA ALERT MIAMI, Florida, January 17, 2010 What: Many PC users understand that the more software installed on their computers, the slower the systems will get; however, they are often hesitant about uninstalling programs that might be needed at a later time. PC optimization specialist TuneUp figured out a way to solve this issue with TuneUp Program Deactivator, which allows PC users to completely turn off unused programs and drastically reduce the

TuneUp Provides PC Users with Options for Recovering Lost Data

MIAMI, Florida, December 15, 2010 What: Many PC users delete important files, such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets or photos, from their computers by mistake and do not realize that there are options for recovering these files. PC optimization specialist TuneUp provides three easy ways for users to restore lost data and explains how to repair damaged files and folders. TuneUp outlines how to rescue files from a hard disk, USB

TuneUp Answers the Question: Does Disabling Windows Search Index Increase PC Per …

MIAMI, Florida, September 29, 2010 What: PC users are often told that disabling the Windows Search index will significantly increase performance and reduce hard disk activity. PC optiminization specialist TuneUp investigates whether this tip if fact or fiction at The feature in question, Windows Search, creates an index of specific files, folders and other items, such as Outlook emails or Start Menu entries, that are stored on a user’s hard

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