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Safe Automated Weighing of Potent Compounds in the Pharmaceutical Industry

METTLER TOLEDO today announced an upcoming webinar entitled “Safe Automated Weighing of Potent Compounds in the Pharmaceutical Industry" with special guest presenter Dr. Roy Helmy, Director of GlobalAnalytical Chemistry at Merck Research Laboratories in Rahway, NJ. In this free educational webinar, laboratory managers andprofessionalswho are concerned with safety or responsible for safety measures will be introduced to an efficient and effective solution for weighing small quantities of potent compounds. Dr.Helmy will

White Paper Discusses Maintaining Sustainable Quality with Weighing

In food production, accurate weighing can greatly impact the overall quality and integrity of the product, as well as enhancing a business's productivity and competitiveness. When a food manufacturer's weighing equipment is not verified, it risks inaccurate weighing and inadequate process quality, safety and compliance. In a new white paper, "GWP - The Global Weighing Standard for the Food Industry," the experts at METTLER TOLEDO have outlined how the global

New Digital Conductivity Sensors Monitor a Wide Range of Chemical Concentrations

METTLER TOLEDO Thornton, a leading provider of pure water analytical measurement solutions, announces the expansion of its conductivity sensor portfolio with the UniCond 4-Edigital sensors.The new four-electrode sensors have been designed to provide highly accurate measurement across a very wide range: a single UniCond 4-E measures from pure potable water to acid or base concentrations. Applications for the UniCond 4-E series include Clean-in-Place and desalination processes, deionization regeneration, industrial processing,

Short Video about Fast and Safe Installation of Tank Scales

A short video explains how the SafeLock features of the Pinmount Weigh Modules from METTLER TOLEDO help to do the installation right the first time. Each Weigh Module is delivered pre adjusted and ready to install. The SafeLock protects the Weigh Module against accidental overload and ensures safety during installation. There is no need for auxiliary devices such as dead stands or dummy load cells. Pinmount Weigh Modules are delivered as

New Guide on Acidity and Acid Content Determination in Food

Acidity of food items is an important topic within the food industry. There are personal and cultural differences in taste and considerations about storability that make a close monitoring of acidity in food products necessary. With regards to filling temperature and the risk of infestations with Clostridium botulinum, acidity also becomes an economic factor. To assist those working with food, METTLER TOLEDO has recently created an extensive guide for acid content

Webinar Enabling Safe Scale up with Reaction Calorimetry

METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to present a new installment in its thought leading webinar series. Entitled "Safety by Design: Calorimetry in Chemical Development," the new on-demand presentation explores how identifying non-scalable conditions at lab scale not only helps engineers and scientists scale process reactions safely; it can also help them select robust, scalable processes earlier in the development process, reducing development costs. In modern pharmaceutical and chemical development, time-to-market is paramount.

Webinar Enabling Safe Scale up with Reaction Calorimetry

METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to present a new installment in its thought leading webinar series. Entitled "Safety by Design: Calorimetry in Chemical Development," the new on-demand presentation explores how identifying non-scalable conditions at lab scale not only helps engineers and scientists scale process reactions safely; it can also help them select robust, scalable processes earlier in the development process, reducing development costs. In modern pharmaceutical and chemical development, time-to-market is paramount.

Mettler Toledos New Titration Applications Brochures Assist Laboratory Personnel

METTLER TOLEDO has releasedtwo new titration brochures to assist laboratory personnel in method development and implementation. The "Selected Titration Methods for the Food and Beverages Industry”, and the thoroughly revised Karl Fischer Applications Brochure “Methods for Water Content Determination” further expand an extensive titration brochure portfolio. They explain the chemistry behind common Karl Fischer, food and beverage titrations, and give practical advice for sample and reagent handling. The Food and Beverage

High-Throughput Pipette Eliminates Complex Programming Time

Current modern biotechnology applications are making use of molecular biology methods and exponentially increasing the number of high-throughput experiments being conducted in labs worldwide. METTLER TOLEDO subsidiary Rainin Instrument has addressed the needs of operators runningthese high-volume experiments with Liquidator 96. This bench-scale, 96-channel manual pipetting solution provides accuracy without forcing operators to contend with electronic systems or complex computer programming. The result is pipetting ease along with significant efficiency

Improved safety in non-combustion processes using laser based carbon monoxide an …

The measurement of carbon monoxide (CO) is an important safety requirement in many non-combustion processes. Extractive technologies for measuring CO are being replaced by tunable diode laser (TDL) analyzers due to the latter's rapid, reliable, and low maintenance analysis. In a new white paper, METTLER TOLEDO outlines the advantages of employing TDL CO analyzers in two, non-combustion safety processes. Over the past 10 years, one of the most significant developments in

Newly published Information Collection for Liquid Handling in Testing Labs

In many testing labs, pipetting is an important first step in many analyses, and accuracy is a topic that makes or breaks the quality of the final results. The challenge with pipetting is that the accuracy of the work is greatly influenced by how well trained the pipette user is. Not fully understanding the techniques often is the source of errors that lead to faulty results, at times leading to

A Better Truck Scale Cuts Downtime and Service Costs

To reduce excessive downtime and service costs, a Wisconsin foundry needed a truck scale that would stand up to harsh winters and heavy use. It needed a durable weighbridge and advanced load cell technology. By solving some of the common problems found in conventional truck scales, the new scale saves the site more than $10,000 annually. ThyssenKrupp Waupaca (TKW) is the largest non-captive iron foundry in the world. A global producer

New ParticleTrackTM E25 provides accessible inline characterization

A new inline characterization tool from METTLER TOLEDO provides a simple, effective method for robust in situ aqueous chemistry particle system tracking, helping to enhance optimization and reduce quality control costs in labs and production environments across a wide range of industries. METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to announce the launch of its new inline particle system characterization tool ParticleTrackTM E25. Modifying focused beam reflectance technology (FBRM®) for use in settings where

Graincorp gain the accuracy they've been waiting for with METTLER TOLEDO's POWER …

Graincorp's Geelong Material Handling Facility is now operating at maximum efficiency due to a complete weighing solution designed and installed by Australia's leading weighbridge supplier METTLER TOLEDO. The unique solution incorporated a five-deck weighbridge enabling Graincorp to comply with Change of Responsibility regulations, and the use POWERCELL PDX load cells, guaranteeing them accuracy and reliability in any environment. As the leaders of Australian bulk handling exports, Graincorp required a solution that

New Moisture Analyzers Save Time for Food Manufacturers

For food manufacturers, loss-on-drying provides key quality control information—but obtaining it can eat valuable lab time and slow production. METTER TOLEDO's next-generation moisture analyzers are cutting drying time with robust, rapid-dry halogen technology, allowing food manufacturers to produce more in less time for enhanced profitability. METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to announce the launch of its new high-speed Excellence HS153 Moisture Analyzer. These next-generation halogen dryers are helping food manufacturers achieve highly

METTLER TOLEDO releases white paper on how hydrogen affects oxygen analyzers

In safety critical applications where oxygen is being measured, oxygen analyzer reliability is vital. The advantages of tunable diode laser (TDL) analyzers are leading to their increased use in the chemical industry; however, the accuracy of some TDL systems is influenced by hydrogen in the gas, while others are not affected. In a new white paper, METTLER TOLEDO explains which is which. Tunable diode laser (TDL) oxygen gas analyzers are growing

Virtual Conference Offers Expert Advice for Improving Food Industry Margins

The food industry is under greater pressure now than ever to maintain quality while cutting costs. METTLER TOLEDO is sponsoring an online conference, "Operational Efficiency 2012: Improving Industrial Margins" on Nov. 29, 2012. The conference is free for participants, who will learn about how to face the ultimate challenge for food and drink manufacturers increasing profitability with operational efficiency. The conference brings together experts working in and alongside the trade to


Mettler-Toledo Garvens has launched a Checkweigher Software Compendium, a guide to enable food, beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical manufacturers to choose the correct software options and features for the needs of their production lines. Utilising information in the Checkweigher Software Compendium, manufacturers can reduce changeover time, minimise product giveaway and enhance security, boosting production line efficiency. The Checkweigher Software Compendium is applicable for all X Series checkweighers from Mettler-Toledo Garvens, including

METTLER TOLEDO Webinar Helps Retailers Combat Food Waste and Shrink

One of the biggest challenges in the Fresh Department is controlling and managing food waste and shrink. METTLER TOLEDO's latest On-Demand Webinar discusses key points centered around reducing waste, tracking/identification, and how fresh department employees can help prevent loss. Learn about packaging innovations for fresh foods, how packaging effects perception of freshness, shrink factors across the supply chain, and opportunities to reduce shrink. The webinar's moderator, Bruce Axtman, is president of

Europe Leads the Way in Customised Solutions

Mettler-Toledo Sees Growth in Demand for Tailored Product Inspection Solutions in Europe Mettler-Toledo's Product Inspection division has revealed considerable growth in tailored product inspection solutions for food manufacturers, with a growing number of European customers now requesting bespoke x-ray solutions. There are a growing number of packaging formats that present challenges for contaminant detection. This, coupled with the need to maximise resources and production efficiency have led more and more brand

Webinar Real Time Monitoring Drives Polymerization Success

Real-time, in situ monitoring provides invaluable data that can be used to control polymerization, leading to higher-weight, performance-optimized polymers. A new, free, on-demand webinar from METTLER TOLEDO offers an expert review of real-world experiments in which in situ monitoring helped lay the groundwork for exciting innovations in this rapidly-evolving synthesis arena. METTLER TOLEDO has launched a new on-demand webinar entitled "Improving the Understanding and Control of Polymer Synthesis." This free

Reliable conveying of abrasive granulates with Mettler-Toledo Garvens

Solution for conveying fine crystals without damaging machinery Manufacturers of fine granulates, crystals and powders no longer have to be plagued by the ingress of particles into production line machinery with the launch of Mettler-Toledo Garvens Granulate Conveyor for checkweighers. Developed to reduce downtime and maintenance costs inherent with cleaning particle contamination, the new Granulate Conveyor features a unique covered design to protect moving parts. The conveyor is ideal for checkweighers

No More Giveaway at High Speeds with the new improved XS1

Checkweigher for Small Products Boosts Weighing Accuracy, Saves Costs Mettler-Toledo Garvens has advanced its most precise checkweighing system to date, the XS1, now able to weigh small and lightweight products at high throughput speeds with unprecedented accuracy. Ideal for small-size packs as well as expensive products such as cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, the XS1's high accuracy allows manufacturers to set tighter tolerances for their products than ever before. With heightened weighing accuracy,

New FlowIR High Pressure Sensors Expand Flow Chemistry Use

Chemists working in high pressure applications can now gain the benefits of real-time, in situ analysis-such as reduced costs and faster time-to-market-thanks to the new FlowIR High Pressure Sensors from METTLER TOLEDO. METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to announce the launch of its new FlowIR High Pressure (HP) Sensors for use with FlowIR. FlowIR is a small, dedicated Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) instrument that offers real-time flow chemistry monitoring nearly anywhere

Mettler-Toledo Safeline X-ray (SL-XR) is proud to be championing British manufac …

The Make it in Great Britain exhibition, which was officially opened by Business Secretary, Vince Cable and Business Minister, Mark Prisk, on Tuesday 24th July, coincides with this summer's Olympic and Paralympic Games. A culmination of the Make it in Great Britain campaign - an initiative launched by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, the exhibition aims to dispel the myth that Britain 'doesn't make anything anymore'. Having endorsed the campaign

METTLER TOLDEO to Present Recent USP Changes Regulatory and Quality Aspects of S …

METTLER TOLEDO today announced an upcoming webinar with special guest presenter Gregory P. Martin, President of Complectors Consulting and industry expert in pharmaceutical analytical chemistry. This free educational webinar entitled “Recent USP Changes: Regulatory and Quality Aspects of Sample Preparation” will explain the United States Pharmacopeia’s (USP’s) recent changes to General Chapter (Specific Gravity) and proposed changes to Chapter (Weighing on an Analytical Balance), in more detail.

Better Beer, More Beer Improved Productivity at Tsingtao Brewery

For China's largest brewer, controlling dissolved oxygen levels in beer is vital for ensuring product quality and production volume. Optical measurement technology has not only delivered excellent results, it has also reduced maintenance. China's largest brewer Founded in 1903 by German settlers, the Tsingtao Brewery is the largest and most prestigious of the approximately 600 breweries currently operating in China. One of Tsingtao's key production units out of its 48 facilities is

Online Resource for Accurate Melting Point Determination in Chemical Laboratorie …

METTLER TOLEDO has launched a new online resource for chemical industry laboratories that focuses on features and benefits of the company's technology solutions which includes a free downloadable tips and tricks booklet at at Melting Point Determination is a common task in chemical laboratories to test the purity and characteristics of substancesThe melting point is defined as the temperature at which a solid becomes a liquid at standard atmospheric pressure.

Mettler-Toledo Thornton Publishes White Paper: "Improving Water System Performan …

Mettler-Toledo Process Analytics Division announced the publication of a white paper entitled "Improving Water System Performance - Continuous Real-Time TOC Measurements." This paper discusses the importance of rapid, continuous and reliable TOC (total organic carbon) measurement and control for critical water release in pharmaceutical manufacturing. In pharmaceutical production, the accurate measurement of water quality is critical to the water purification process. In fact, the FDA's Process Analytical Technology (PAT) initiative promotes

Increased Heavy Oil Extraction Due to Steam-injection Boiler Control

Higher crude prices are leading producers to reevaluate costs of extraction from heavy oil fields. In steamflooding, control of saturated steam is vital for maximizing yield. A Chinese manufacturer of steam-injection boiler automation equipment, Xinjiang Shuangcheng Electrical Automation Engineering Co., Ltd., has found inductive conductivity sensors combine resilience and accuracy, helping their customers to extract greater quantities of crude. It is not surprising that the demand for oil in China has

METTLER TOLEDO introduces the Rainin AutoRep S Manual Adjustable Repeater Pipett …

The new Rainin AutoRep S provides a simple, flexible and ergonomic solution for any application requiring repeated liquid dispensing steps over a wide range of volumes. METTLER TOLEDO, a global manufacturer and distributor of premium pipetting instruments and consumables, has announced the release of its new Rainin AutoRep™ S manual repeater pipette. This new lightweight, positive displacement repeater pipette gives laboratory researchers and technicians a simple, robust solution for applications that

Improving Profitability through Reliable Vehicle Weighing

New White Paper Highlights Technological Advances As moving bulk goods or raw materials into or out of a processing facility is critical to productivity, manufacturers are increasingly looking to protect their gains and profits by investing in reliable weighing technology. To provide guidance on this topic, METTLER TOLEDO has published on its website “Reliable Vehicle Weighing Helps Protect Profits,” a white paper exploring vehicle weighing and the ways that new

Iron Ore and Ice Weighing in Extreme Conditions

The Arctic can be brutal on weighing equipment. When a Swedish mining company needed vehicle scales that would stand up to this far northern climate, it turned to METTLER TOLEDO. The solution was POWERCELL technology with its proven ability to weigh accurately and reliably in extreme environments. Founded in 1890, the Swedish mining company Luossavaara-Kiirunavaara Aktiebolag (LKAB) mines iron ore in Kiruna, 145 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle. Throughout the

Mettler Toledo equips CK checkweighers with new software and HMI capability for …

Mettler Toledo Garvens has equipped its CK checkweighers with new software and a new Human Machine Interface (HMI) to simplify operator use and provide greater flexibility for food and beverage manufacturing lines in Asia. The automated checkweighing technology improves line efficiency and compliance for Asian manufacturers. Production line operators can easily navigate through the HMI, which facilitates product changeovers for enhanced efficiency. The automated check weighers are ideal for weighing heavy

Packaging Coatings Dry Matter Matters

Packaging coatings provide color and protection. Whether solvent or water based, an important criteria for constant product quality is the dry matter content. The coating experts from Schekolin in Lichtenstein have used the Halogen Moisture Analyzer from METTLER TOLEDO for many years to achieve the fast and efficient determination of dry matter in lacquers and paints. Fast and efficient Schekolin provides coating solutions for cans, tubes and lids produced from metal

METTLER TOLEDO launches intelligent dissolved CO2 sensor for brewery and carbona …

With the InPro 5500i, intelligent dissolved carbon dioxide (CO2 ) measurement is now available for brewery and carbonated soft drinks applications. METTLER TOLEDO Process Analytics has enhanced the well-established thermal conductivity CO2 measurement principle to be more durable by adding Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) functionality. ISM simplifies sensor handling and increases reliability, leading to increased operational uptime. In addition, a package for combined O2 and CO2 measurements with a multi-channel

ReactIR 45P HL ATEX Approved for Global Hazardous Use

To best serve customers operating in general purpose (GP) hazardous environments worldwide, METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to announce that ReactIR 45P HL (Hazardous Location) is now approved for use in both C1D1 and ATEX locations. Compliant with worldwide safety standards, ReactIR 45P provides compliance-enhancing abilities in sensitive chemical process scale-up. METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to announce the availability of the HL version of its popular reaction analysis instrument ReactIRTM 45P, allowing

Online Risk Check Analyzes Weighing Risk in Minutes

Mettler Toledo, the leading manufacturer of precision instruments, developed the Risk Check: An online tool to analyze the weighing risk of balances from all kinds of manufacturers. The Risk Check defines the weighing risk to optimize the performance and quality of a balance. It is based on the international weighing guideline Good Weighing Practice (GWP), which is appropriate for persons in charge of quality management in the pharmaceutical, chemical and

Partnership Program between METTLER TOLDEO and Konica Minolta

Two world-wide renowned specialists in their field join forces: METTLER TOLEDO and Konica Minolta Sensing announce a strategic partnership in the field of Multi-parameter Analysis for the Flavours & Fragrances industry. The partnership will bundle the CM-5 or CR-5 Spectrophotometer from Konica Minolta with the Density, Refractive index and pH instruments from METTLER TOLEDO to provide a complete system for automatic quality monitoring of raw materials and finished goods. Trend towards

How to Select Critical Control Points for X-ray Systems

METTLER TOLEDO Safeline X-ray has developed a webinar which looks at the best locations on a production line for x-ray inspection. The free webinar 'How to Select Critical Control Points for X-ray Systems' is available on-demand and helps food and pharmaceutical manufacturers improve product safety by choosing the most effective location for inspection equipment. By identifying physical contaminants, x-ray systems ensure product safety. They also help manufacturers to comply with standards

Obtain Guidance on Food Safety and Certification with New White Paper

Food safety is increasingly top-of-mind for consumers, retailers and food manufacturers alike, with pressure mounting on suppliers to demonstrate the quality of their operations through certification. However, navigating and understanding the numerous global certification standards can be difficult. To provide guidance on relevant guidelines and which are ideal for a given business, Mettler-Toledo has published a new white paper, entitled "Food Safety & Quality and the Trend Towards

METTLER TOLEDO Posts New Optimizing API Production Processes Webinar

Mettler-Toledo has announced its latest on-demand webinar for the pharmaceutical industry. Optimizing API Production Processes explains the value of implementing in-line process analytical systems for API production. During the three major steps of API production -- chemical reaction, crystallization, and drying -- process control is central to maximizing yield and efficiency. Although lab analysis of samples provides accurate measurements, it is frequently too slow to allow timely actions and often means

Better Characterization of Diesel Exhaust Particulates

The increasing number of environmental zones in large towns with stricter motor vehicle entry allowances, in combination with discussions concerning particulate emissions, is drawing increasing attention to pollutants released from diesel exhaust particulates. Particle filters in diesel vehicles have to be pyrolytically purged of the soot particles that have accumulated. This purge process can be optimized using the results of TGA/FTIR analyses. TGA/FTIR hyphenation for combustion analysis In order to determine both

New White Paper Sheds Light on Flow Chemistry's Strengths

A drive to improve quality, yield, and cycle time coupled with desire for high personal performance has led to novel chemistry methodologies enabling a wide range of reactions in product development. A METTLER TOLEDO white paper explores the interrelationship of two of these critical methodologies, flow chemistry and mid-infrared spectroscopy, in today's highly competitive R&D environment. METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to announce that a new white paper entitled "Enhanced Development and

More Oil, Less Chemicals. pH Control in Crude Desalting

Desalting is a key process step in the refining of crude oil. But if not conducted properly, undesired components in the crude cause fouling and corrosion in downstream process operations and reduce the efficiency of heat transfer in furnaces and heat exchangers. Further, the presence of oil in desalter wastewater leads to the need for additional treatment. Changes in crude quality and that of the wash water means process conditions constantly

METTLER TOLEDO Thornton Introduces Total Organic Carbon Sensor with ISM

METTLER TOLEDO Process Analytics Division announces the introduction of its 5000TOCi sensor with Intelligent Sensor Management(ISM). The new sensor is ideal for continuous, fast, and reliable monitoring of total organic carbon (TOC) levels in applications such as Water for Injection, reverse osmosis membranes, effectiveness of TOC destruct UV lamps, resin bed performance, organics shedding, and quality of final rinse water. With fast response and continuous on-line measurements, the 5000TOCi sensor ensures

METTLER TOLEDO launches the SmartCal reference substance

METTLER TOLEDO, a leading global supplier of precision instruments and services,has launchedthe innovative SmartCalreference substance,designed to verify and document moisture analyzer performance with a simple 10-minute test. SmartCal is a new quality control checkbased on a certified and traceable reference substance,whichverifies instrument performancewith a simple 10-minute moisture measurement.SmartCal fulfills the quality management system requirements of the food sector (BRC, IFS), the pharmaceutical industry (GMP, USP ) and also meetsISO9001. A User-friendly, 10-minute

METTLER TOLEDO's 2nd Annual Customer Council

METTLER TOLEDO's 2012 Customer Council is a two-day event featuring speakers, roundtable discussions, panels and activities for grocery retailers, industry experts and solution providers. This collaborative occasion offers opportunity to share challenges and best practices, and discover new ways to strengthen business. Introduced in January 2011, the Customer Council was created to provide a common forum to share ideas and learn from the best and brightest in the grocery industry, in

Mettler-Toledo Thornton Releases Video to Assist Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in …

Mettler-Toledo's Process Analytics Division announces the release of "TOC and Conductivity Measurement in Water for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing,"a five-minute video describingthe continuous on-line measurement solutions which enable pharmaceutical manufacturers to continuously monitor and control water used in the manufacturing process. In pharmaceutical manufacturing, continuous real-time testing for total organic carbon and conductivity is critical to meet Pharmacopeia requirements for Purified Water and Water for Injection.The new video highlights how Mettler-Toledo Thornton can

ReactIR 45PEnables Precision Process Transfer at Any Scale

Eliminating many inherent process-transfer difficulties, the new ReactIRTM 45P from METTLER TOLEDO not only lets engineersmake faster decisions with real-time in situ analysis; specialized sensors and smart software enable easy transfer of process knowledge from lab to plant for time and money savingsat virtually any reaction scale. METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to announce the availability of its new ReactIRTM 45P. Next-generation ReactIR 45P technology allows reaction scale-up to be studied under

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