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18.07.18 - TechSci Research

United States Lead Acid Battery Market to Cross $ 20 Billion by 2023: TechSci Research

Increasing automobile sales, development of solar energy projects, technological developments, and expanding telecommunication network to drive United States lead acid battery market through 2023 A... mehr

17.07.18 - TechSci Research

Government & Transportation Sector to Generate High Demand for Facial Recognition Through 2023: TechSci Research

Growing need for real time monitoring and surveillance coupled with rising demand for facial recognition from commercial sector to drive global facial recognition market through 2023 According to Tec... mehr

13.07.18 - TechSci Research

US Virtual Reality Headset Sales would Continue to be Driven by Gaming and Entertainment Sectors: TechSci Research

Rising popularity of virtual reality (VR) gaming, increasing investments into VR research & development and introduction of standalone VR headsets to fuel the United States virtual reality headset mar... mehr

11.07.18 - TechSci Research

V-Guard Industries to Dominate India Solar Water Heater Market through 2023: TechSci Research Report

Subsidies provided by various state governments for installing solar water heaters coupled with rising consumer awareness to fuel India solar water heater market through 2023 According to a recently ... mehr

04.07.18 - TechSci Research

Smart Band Sales in India to Grow at 41% CAGR until 2023: TechSci Research

Increasing consumer awareness about health and fitness, rising tech-savvy population, technological advancements and growing e-commerce industry to drive India smart band market through 2023 Accordin... mehr

02.07.18 - TechSci Research

Increasing Demand For Ferries And Tug Boats To Drive Demand For Marine Engine Market Beyond $ 15 billion By 2023: TechSci Research

Rising demand for ships for seaborne trade, growth in global energy demand and development of coastal industries to fuel global marine engines market through 2023 According to TechSci Research report... mehr

29.06.18 - TechSci Research

Schlumberger to Continue Dominating Oil & Gas Coring System Market until 2023: TechSci Research Report

Rising number of exploration & production (E&P) activities coupled with increasing investments in offshore E&P to fuel global oil & gas coring system market through 2023 According to a recently publi... mehr

28.06.18 - TechSci Research

India Electric Motors Market to Cross $ 2.25 Billion by 2023: TechSci Research

Growth in industrial and residential sectors, increasing focus on energy efficient motors and implementation of government sponsored housing projects to fuel India electric motors market through 2023 ... mehr

12.06.18 - TechSci Research

Singapore Next Generation Networking Market to Witness 40% CAGR until 2023: TechSci Research Report

Rising demand for cloud services, increasing network complexities coupled with growing need for enterprise mobility to drive Singapore next generation network market through 2023 According to TechSci... mehr

28.05.18 - TechSci Research

Luminous Power Technologies to Continue its Dominance in India Inverter Market through 2023: TechSci Research Report

Expanding residential housing sector, Make in India initiative and increasing demand from tier 2 and tier 3 cities to fuel India inverter market during the forecast period According to TechSci Resear... mehr

22.05.18 - TechSci Research

Increasing Investment in Electrification to Drive India Insulated Wire and Cable Market at 10% CAGR until 2023: TechSci Research

Rising public spending on transportation sector, growing manufacturing sector under Make in India initiative, and increasing demand for power from rural and Tier-II & Tier-III cities to uplift India i... mehr

11.05.18 - TechSci Research

India Diesel Gensets Market to Surpass $ 1.5 Billion by 2024- Techsci Research

Rising demand for power backup and increasing investments in infrastructure and construction projects to boost India diesel gensets market through 2024 According to TechSci Research report “India ... mehr

07.05.18 - TechSci Research

Stretchable Electronics Market to Witness 87% CAGR until 2023: TechSci Research

Increasing number of stretchable electronics spin-offs, growing focus on R&D activities and expanding consumer electronics and smart clothing markets to drive global stretchable electronics market thr... mehr

18.04.18 - TechSci Research

Retail Analytics Market to Grow at 20% CAGR through 2023: TechSci Research Study

Growing smartphone and internet penetration coupled with increasing adoption of SMACT technologies and rising competition in the retail sector, to drive global retail analytics market through 2023 ... mehr

16.04.18 - TechSci Research

Global Payment Security Market to Grow at 14% CAGR during 2017-2022

Increasing number of fraudulent payments and cyber attacks coupled with government initiatives, expanding smartphone market and growing number of payment modes to drive the global payment security mar... mehr

13.04.18 - TechSci Research

Pentair & AVK Continues to Lead Australia Industrial Valves Market Forecast to Grow at CAGR 14.5% till 2023: TechSci Research Report

Expanding renewable energy sector, robust mining industry and booming LNG gas production to drive Australia industrial valves market through 2023 According to TechSci Research report, “Australia In... mehr

12.04.18 - TechSci Research

Wi-Fi Analytics Market to Witness 28% CAGR until 2023: TechSci Research

Increasing penetration of internet as well as smart devices along with rise in demand for capturing real-time data of the consumers across various industries to drive global wi-fi analytics market thr... mehr

06.04.18 - TechSci Research

UAE Mobile Wallet Market to Grow at CAGR 24% until 2022, Says TechSci Research

Favorable government initiatives, increasing number of smartphone users, growing mobile internet penetration and rising acceptance of mobile payments to drive UAE mobile wallet market through 2022 ... mehr

04.04.18 - TechSci Research

Video Streaming Software Market to Cross $10 Bn by 2023: TechSci Research Study

Increasing deployment of smart devices such as smart phones, tablets, etc., for video streaming, along with high demand for establishing live interactions with viewers across various sectors to drivin... mehr

03.04.18 - TechSci Research

Saudi Managed Security Services Market to Cross $317 Million by 2023: TechSci Research Study

Ongoing Industrial IoT revolution, digital manufacturing momentum, increasing adoption of SMACT technologies, emerging operational efficiency enhancement needs, and burgeoning security engineering and... mehr

03.04.18 - TechSci Research

BYOD and Enterprise Mobility Market to Grow at CAGR 18% by 2023: TechSci Research

Increasing smartphone penetration, emerging data telecommuting and evolving enterprise mobility to drive the global BYOD & Enterprise Mobility Market through 2023 According to TechSci Research report... mehr

27.03.18 - TechSci Research

Critical Infrastructure Protection Market to Cross $159 Billion by 2022: TechSci Research Report

Rising deployment of automated solutions across various sectors coupled with increasing government investments for development of smart grid technologies to drive global critical infrastructure protec... mehr

23.03.18 - TechSci Research

Rising Data Theft and Cyber Attacks to Aid the Growth of Quantum Cryptography: TechSci Research

Need to safeguard the crucial data due to rising number of data theft and cyber attacks coupled with increasing implementation of cloud storage and IoT solutions to drive quantum cryptography market t... mehr

19.03.18 - TechSci Research

On-premise to Witness Highest Demand in Global Edge Computing Market Growing at CAGR 46%through 2022: TechSci Research Survey

Growing IoT (Internet of Things) market coupled with the increasing demand for lower latency and higher bandwidth is expected to drive global edge computing market through 2022 According to a recentl... mehr

15.03.18 - TechSci Research

Canada Furnace Filters Market to Surpass $ 237 Million By 2023: TechSci Research

Rising air pollution levels and growing incidences of airborne diseases coupled with extremely cold temperatures to drive Canada furnace filters market through 2023 According to TechSci Research rep... mehr

12.03.18 - TechSci Research

India Roads & Highways Market on a Long-term Growth Trend: TechSci Research

According to TechSci Research report “India Roads & Highways Market By Type, Competition Forecast & Opportunities, 2013 – 2027”, the roads & highways market in India is forecast to reach $ 24 bi... mehr

09.03.18 - TechSci Research

Sterlite Technologies Leads Optical Fiber Cables Market in India : TechSci Research

Government initiatives, including Digital India, Smart Cities Vision and National Optical Fiber Network, coupled with growing investments in data centers and increasing popularity of FTTH (Fiber to th... mehr

06.03.18 - TechSci Research

Contactless Payment Market to Grow at 24% CAGR until 2022: Tech Sci Research

Lower transaction time, higher operational efficiency and growing government initiatives for digital payments to increase deployment of contactless payment solutions across the globe through 2022 Acc... mehr

01.03.18 - TechSci Research

Digital Twin Market to Grow at Staggering 36% CAGR through 2022: TechSci Research

Rising adoption of Industry 4.0 standards, increasing penetration of SMACT technologies and burgeoning digitalization to fuel the global digital twin market through 2022 According to TechSci Research... mehr

27.02.18 - TechSci Research

Philips Lighting to Continue its Dominance in Global Smart Lighting Market: TechSci Research Report

Increasing demand for energy efficient lighting solutions, rising technological advancements across various lighting control systems to drive global smart lighting market through 2022 According to Te... mehr

20.02.18 - TechSci Research

Brazil Retreaded Tire Market to Cross Billion Dollar Mark by 2022: TechSci Research

Rising popularity of retreaded tires due to their cost-effectiveness and long lifecycle coupled with introduction of better technologies to propel Brazil retreading tire market through 2022 According... mehr

12.02.18 - TechSci Research

3DR Ranked Highest in Customer Satisfaction for Flying Time in 2017: TechSci Research Survey

Increasing use of drones in commercial as well as military applications coupled with amendments in the policy & regulatory framework regarding the use of drones to boost the global drone market throug... mehr

07.02.18 - TechSci Research

Archer Daniels Leading $3.2 Billion Global Dietary Fibers Market in 2016: TechSci Research Report

Increasing awareness about the benefits of dietary fibers coupled with the changing lifestyle, rising geriatric population along with new product developments by food and pharma companies are expected... mehr

05.02.18 - TechSci Research

SKF Forecast to Lead $14.5 Billion Automotive Rubber Seal Market in 2022: TechSci Research Report

Increasing vehicle sales across all vehicle categories coupled with constantly expanding automotive fleet to boost the global automotive rubber seal market through 2022 According to TechSci Research ... mehr

31.01.18 - TechSci Research

Flour Market to Surpass $ 270 Billion by 2022, says TechSci Research

Extensive use of flour in processed food products, availability of a wide variety of flours offering different health benefits coupled with rising awareness about organic flour are expected to augment... mehr

29.01.18 - TechSci Research

HVAC Market Valued at $ 138 Billion in 2016: TechSci Research

Rising construction activities in both commercial and residential sectors, shift towards green technology, and increasing awareness about the benefits of HVAC are expected to drive the global HVAC mar... mehr

23.01.18 - TechSci Research

Air Conditioner Market in Saudi Arabia to Cross $ 3.4 Billion by 2022, concludes TechSci Research Report

Extreme temperatures in the region, rising focus on the developing construction sector and the service sector combined with the fast-growing hospitality sector of the country is expected to drive the ... mehr

15.01.18 - TechSci Research

VMware India Continues to Lead India Enterprise Mobility Market : TechSci Research

Growing mobile phone subscription base, emerging BYOD & CYOD mobility trends, coupled with evolving telecommunication sector to drive India enterprise mobility market through 2022 According to a rece... mehr

12.01.18 - TechSci Research

Organic Soap Market to Surpass $ 206 Million by 2022, Says TechSci Research

Rise in cases of skin diseases and allergies coupled with increasing health concerns and awareness among people about the benefits of organic soaps over conventional chemical soaps is expected to driv... mehr

08.01.18 - TechSci Research

Europe Packaged Food Market to Reach $ 892 Billion by 2022, Says TechSci Research

Increasing household disposable income, improving standard of living and growing acceptance among consumers to drive Europe packaged food market through 2022 According to a TechSci Research report, ... mehr

04.01.18 - TechSci Research

India Virtual Desktop Market to Exhibit 54% CAGR until 2022: TechSci Research

Growing consumerization of IT coupled with rising demand for cloud workspace solution are expected to drive India virtual desktop market through 2022 According to a recently released TechSci Researc... mehr

02.01.18 - TechSci Research

North America to Dominate Global Hair Fixative Polymers Market until 2022, Finds TechSci Research

Increasing purchasing power, rising focus towards self-grooming among females as well as males, coupled with new product developments by hair fixative polymer manufacturers to fuel global hair fixativ... mehr

29.12.17 - TechSci Research

Corn Oil Market to Surpass $ 7 Billion by 2022, Says TechSci Research

Growing awareness regarding health benefits of corn oil and rising health consciousness among consumers coupled with shifting preference towards corn oil as biodiesel feedstock to drive global corn oi... mehr

27.12.17 - TechSci Research

Micro Displays Market to Witness 21% CAGR until 2022: TechSci Research

Increasing use of micro displays in various portable devices coupled with growing consumer electronics market and technological advancements to drive global micro displays market through 2022 Accordi... mehr

13.12.17 - TechSci Research

Demand for IT Consulting Services in Iran Growing at 10% CAGR: TechSci Research Report

Removal of trade restrictions and rising popularity of cloud computing in Iran, coupled with favorable government initiatives and increasing number of incubators and IT parks to drive Iran IT services... mehr

07.12.17 - TechSci Research

Biometrics Market in India to Witness 26% CAGR until 2022: TechSci Research Study

Rising number of digitalization initiatives by the government coupled with growing demand for enhanced security, access control, prevention of data loss & identity theft to drive India biometrics mark... mehr

05.12.17 - TechSci Research

Industrial Valves Market to Surpass $ 77 Billion by 2022: TechSci Research

Growing energy demand, increasing number of power plants and government initiatives towards water & wastewater infrastructure to drive global industrial valves market through 2022 According to TechSc... mehr

22.11.17 - TechSci Research

IoT Security Market to Grow at 35% CAGR through 2022, Says TechSci Research

Emergence of new technologies, increasing threat of cyberattacks and surging proliferation of connected devices to drive global IoT security market through 2022 According to TechSci Research report,... mehr

22.11.17 - TechSci Research

TechSci Research launches Customer Satisfaction (C-SAT) Surveys & Research Services

Global market research and consulting company TechSci Research has launched Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Surveys & Research Services. According to Karan Chechi, Director – Research, TechSci Resear... mehr

17.11.17 - TechSci Research

Visual Computing Market in US to Grow at 23% until 2022, says TechSci Research

Growing government support for autonomous vehicles and increasing adoption of visual computing technology across various sectors to drive United States visual computing market through 2022 According ... mehr

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