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Press Releases from BeanAir (9 total)

BeanAir introduces the BeanScape Premium+

Beanair introduces the BeanScape Premium+ OPC DA, integrating an OPC DA server (Data Access). OPC DA is particularly well suited for real time measurement and data sharing. Each data/ measurement can be associated to a tag or its attributes and shared with one or many OPC clients. Therefore, the BeanScape® opens up to many third party applications (SCADA, web portals etc..).The BeanScape® OPC is DA 2, DA 2.5 and DA

New Distribution Agreement with Presto Electronic Components Limited

BeanAir signed a distribution agreement with Presto Electronic Components Limited, an ISO9001:2008 accredited UK agent and distributor dedicated to the supply of high quality product and service to the electronics industry. This collaboration was signed with the goal to meet future projects, potential customers and tenders pertaining to the United Kingdom market and also for active participation in seminars, conferences, trade shows, webinars, training programs based in different parts of

BeanAir will be present at the ExpoElectronica trade fair

BeanAir will be present with its partner Sovtest at the ExpoElectronica trade fair, Moscow, Russia from 11th April – 13th April 2012. During this trade fair BeanAir will present its latest products and associated services: - Smart Sensors: Small, shock resistant & smart wireless sensors for embedded measurement (train, vehicle, airplane). - Process Sensors: High reliability wireless sensors dedicated to process monitoring. These products are interoperable with process sensors (pressure, temperature, load cell). -

Availability of SSD (Smart Shock Detection) Technology on the BeanDevice® AX-3D …

BeanAir introduces the all new SSD (Smart Shock Detection) technology available on the BeanDevice® AX-3DS, a wireless accelerometer dedicated to shock measurement. The SSD Technology allows the AX-3DS BeanDevice® to wake up (during sleeping mode) whenever a shock event is detected and immediately start sending the measurement data to the BeanGateway® (Wireless Coordinator), all this in real time. With a warm start less than 10ms, the BeanDevice® AX-3DS can

BeanAir introduces the all new BeanDevice® SUN-TH - featuring four measurement …

Paris, France – 16th January 2012 BeanAir introduces the all new BeanDevice® SUN-TH a Wireless sensor integrating four measurement technologies (light, temperature, humidity and dew point) all coming in a small (55mmx53mmx35mm) and ultra-light packaging (< 100 gr). This new BeanDevice® SUN-TH offers a great accuracy (humidity ±1,8% RH , temperature ±0,2°C) and a high long term stability (humidity < 0,5% RH/year , temperature < 0.05 K /year).

Now the new BeanDevice SUN BN can be used as a Pulse Counter

Paris, France – October 12, 2011 BeanAir today released its new version of BeanDevice SUN BN that can be used as a Pulse Counter. The BeanDevice SUN BN can be used for applications that are related to Smart Metering & Energy Metering. Some of the main application cases are Technical Building Management, Production lines, Logistics, Presence detection, Process control and more. Multi-Channel Alarms can be assigned and generated for monitoring thresholds

BeanAir’s unique Infrared Sensor, the SUN TIR (EcoSensor)

BeanAir is proud to announce the launch of one of its new variant, the SUN TIR. The SUN TIR is an ultra light, cost effective and a sturdy device capable of measuring temperature using the infrared technology. This EcoSensor is exclusively designed to be used in remote sites, isolated fields, harsh environments and technical building management. Due to its miniature design and eco friendliness, the SUN TIR is

BeanAir’s All New SUN BN Device

BeanAir is pleased to announce the all new SUN BN Device (All or Nothing). Yet another innovation by BeanAir Engineers and the result is an affordable and a stable solution. With a ground breaking price and an outstanding quality, the BeanDevice SUN BN now incorporates three inputs. BeanDevice SUN BN is light, durable, cost effective, non-intrusive and a quality solution for monitoring in the process industry like valves, interfacing with binary sensor,

Beanair® enhances its Wireless Sensor Networks Coordinator- BeanGateway®

Beanair® has edited a new application note outlining all the interfaces between BeanGateway and industrial data acquisition system. The interfaces available today are: OPC Server DA (Direct Access) via BeanScape RS232 (data format ASCII or RTU) This new communication interface completes the BeanGateway® product range, enlarging the choice of integrating a WSN with your IT environment: GSM/GPRS Interface with a M2M WebServer Ethernet & TCP/IP Interface Ethernet –TCP/IP

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