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Shaw Capital Management Korea: Fresh Pressure on BOJ for Adopting an Inflation T …

Japanese Finance Minister Naoto Kan has recently exerted pressure on the Bank of Japan (BOJ) to act more quickly to defeat deflation, saying he wants the falling price trend to end this year. “Two or three years is too long. If possible, I hope that the consumer price index turns positive by the end of this year” Kan told a parliamentary session. Shaw Capital Management Korea: Fresh Pressure on BOJ for

Shaw Capital Management Korea: Competitive tax system in UK

Now consider UK taxation. Already under this current UK government tax, and stealth taxation in particular, has become the soft default option. By the mid-2000s the top marginal rate of tax including all imposts, whether on wages or consumption, had reached 60%, the average tax rate was 40% and the marginal tax rate on the average person 43%. Now that the explicit top rate of income tax has gone over 50%,

Shaw Capital Management Newsletter: Summary

Equity Markets. All the major equity markets, and most of the emerging markets, have moved higher over the month. Wall Street has provided most of the momentum, encouraged by optimistic comments from the Fed and by the flow of favourable corporate results. Markets in mainland Europe have responded, despite the uncertainties about debt defaults; the UK market had coped well with a disappointing Budget statement that has left all the difficult decisions

Shaw Capital Management: Brazil’s Economy

Brazil’s economy emerged from a deep but short recession in the second half of last year. The economy is expected to grow by at least 5.5% this year. But along with economic growth, expectations of higher inflation have also returned. Shaw Capital Management Korea: Brazil’s Economy - The government’s target for annual consumer price inflation is 4.5%. To contain inflation Brazil’s central bank has raised banking reserve requirements on term

China’s Economy: by Shaw Capital Management Korea

China’s Economy: by Shaw Capital Management Korea - China will continue fiscal stimulus spending and its current monetary policies this year as the country has, in the opinion of the Chinese Communist Party, not fully recovered from the economic downturn. The Chinese economy grew 8.7% in 2009, and will expand 8.5% in 2010. The consumer price index rose 1.5% in January from a year earlier, slowing from a 1.9% rise in

Shaw Capital Management: Debit Policy is Working Well in UK & US Part 2 of 2

Shaw Capital Management Korea: World wide recovery appears to have firmed up. In the UK the statistics have lagged behind the anecdotal signs of the same thing. No one still believes the ONS’s peculiar decision to call a revised GDP drop of 0.2% in the third quarter (now revised down from an initial estimate of 0.4%). The UK now have not merely surveys of purchasing managers but also employment, production

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