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AboutKidsHealth advises on phobias and anxiety in children

AboutKidsHealth, leading online Canadian source for children’s health information, looks into what steps parents of children with phobias can take to help. As a child, John Greene looked forward to the day when the end-of-summer carnival rolled into his hometown. For months leading up to the highly anticipated event, he would set aside a portion of his total allowance – a mere 75 cents, he recalls – to spend on sticks

AboutKidsHealth looks into the possible benefits of approaching diabetes managem …

Managing a chronic, life-long illness like diabetes can be overwhelming. Can approaching management as a family and keeping a positive attitude help families adjust to their new reality? AboutKidsHealth reports. When her daughter was only three years old, Jeanne McKane knew something was not right. “She was thirsty all the time,” she says of her daughter, Olivia, now seven years old. “She would ask for a drink, down it, and then

Children learning early math can be helped by parents, reports AboutKidsHealth

AboutKidsHealth, leading online provider of children’s health information, reports on methods available to parents seeking to help their kids with early math, even before they go to school. Like many parents, Tracy Solomon spends quite a bit of time counting with her son Xavier. “First, we learned to recognize numbers: speed signs on the road or pointing out people with numbers on their sports jerseys,” she recalls of his preschool days. Next

AboutKidsHealth investigates the way of the warrior for ADHD and anxiety

Is mindfulness martial arts successful for assisting those with ADHH, anxiety or learning disabilities cope with their difficulties? Leading online provider of children’s health information, AboutKidsHealth, reports. “I’ve always been an anxious person,” says 19-year-old Harry Wenban. His claim is bemusing at first, given his calm demeanor and the placid tone of his voice. But his anxiety is a characteristic he’s spent six years taming through meditation. “I am in no

Is teenage drinking and driving avoidable? AboutKidsHealth reports

Many teenagers find that getting a driver’s license is a signal of increasing social independence and confidence, but for many parents it is a maze of worrying statistics and unsettling thoughts. Leading online provider of children’s health information, AboutKidsHealth, reports on the phenomenon of teenagers drinking and driving. According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), road crashes still remain the leading cause of death among teenagers. Forty-five per cent of these

Are energy drinks too freely available? AboutKidsHealth reports

Leading online provider of children’s health information, AboutKidsHealth, asks about the dangers of energy drinks> and looks into their increasing consumption by young people. With over half of the energy drink market consisting of children, teenagers, and young adults no older than 25, it isn’t surprising that the bulk of the marketing efforts for these drinks are directed towards this younger demographic. Advertised as fun, youthful, and above all, healthy, many children

Non-communicable diseases in the developing world – a hidden pandemic? AboutKi …

AboutKidsHealth, leading online provider of children’s health information, reports on possible causes for the alarmingly high growth of non-communicable diseases in the developing world. In the heart of the densely packed streets of Dhaka in Bangladesh lie two of the country’s largest international middle-schools, Heed and Maple Leaf School. Reputed for their high academic standards, the schools are the most popular and populous in the country, despite one obvious peculiarity: each

Toronto barbershops are helping fathers get involved with their children, report …

AboutKidsHealth, leading online source of children’s health information, looks into a grassroots program run in barbershops in Toronto,which encourages black fathers to get involved in the lives of their children. Anthony Davis, better known as Peculiar-I, is a "regular" at Toronto's J.C. Hair Salon & Barbers. "It's good to be back," he says, during his most recent visit. "It feels like it's been too long." But unlike most, if not all,

Oprah Winfrey is a demonstration of childhood resilience, reports AboutKidsHealt …

Can we learn anything about resilience to childhood events from Oprah Winfrey? Leading online Canadian provider of children's health information, AboutKidsHealth, reports. After 25 years, Oprah Winfrey has just hosted the last episode of her groundbreaking show. Millions have been inspired not only by her iconic career but also by her tremendous ability to overcome harsh conditions. Despite being raised in poverty under severe physical discipline as a child, and later

How can parents feel more comfortable about the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit? Ab …

Leading online Canadian provider of children’s health information, AboutKidsHealth, relates the experience of parents whose children are in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and how things can be made easier for them. When Shirley Koo’s fragile son, Alain, came into the world at the community hospital of Markham-Stouffville, their lives were immediately thrown upside down. Despite a healthy pregnancy and negative screening test results, Alain was born with Down syndrome complicated

AboutKidsHealth investigates the sources and cure for childhood nature deficit d …

Are our kids hurt by not being exposed to nature? AboutKidsHealth, leading online Canadian provider of children’s health information, reports on the nature of nature deficit disorder. Thirty-eight-year-old Ken Liao reminisces fondly about growing up in the Philippines. “At 10 I was free to roam and walk to the grocery store,” he says. “I would meet up with some friends along the way and we would go to our school and

Educational videos may hamper language development in children, reports AboutKid …

AboutKidsHealth, leading online Canadian provider of children’s health information, discusses the potentially negative impact that education videos can have upon kids’ language development. From a parent’s perspective, educational videos for babies and toddlers are practically a dream product; needing a break perhaps to do chores around the house, parents could plunk baby down in front of the TV thinking it was good for them because it stimulated the learning process. The problem

How can children be influenced to intervene in cases of bullying? AboutKidsHealt …

AboutKidsHealth, leading online Canadian source for children's health information, reports on factors which can lead bystanders to intervene, rather than reinforcing the bully, in situations of bullying. Sometimes bystanders may try not to get involved. Few bystanders actually try to intervene and help the victimized child. A study by Jenny Isaacs and Rona Milch Novick, reported at the recent Society for Research in Child Development conference in Montreal, examined the factors that

AboutKidsHealth reports about the potential for children to learn language from …

AboutKidsHealth, leading online Canadian source for children’s health information, reports that toddlers can learn language from video chats just as well as live interactions, according to a new study out of the University of Washington's Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences. Researchers also say that teaching toddlers language via video chats may be a better educational tool than television, further promoting language development. The study involved 42 toddlers, aged 24 months to

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