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Great Prospects for Investment in Brazil Construction Materials

Prospects for investment in construction materials in Brazil look very good at least until 2016. Industry experts are predicting annual sales of at least R$146.5 billion over the next five years. These sales figures are based on the excellent performance of the construction materials industry in Brazil during 2010 and the expected increase in the number of Brazilian households. This high growth is pushing the demand for new homes and is

Investment in Brazil's Middle Classes

After eight years under Lula, Brazil now has a new president. Like her predecessor, newly-elected President Dilma has pledged to continue investment in Brazil’s new middle classes. Under this investment, Brazil has experienced spectacular economic and social growth. A glance at statistics in key areas since 2002 shows impressive increases in both Brazilian wealth and social status. Although there is still plenty to do to fulfil Dilma’s pledge to end

Excellent Year for the Brazil Construction Materials Industry

The construction materials industry in Brazil has just closed one of the best years ever. On the back of widely available credit and vast investment in Brazilian real estate and infrastructure, construction costs rose by 7.36% in 2010. Latest annual figures issued by the Brazilian Statistics Agency (IBGE) point to a nationwide increase in the cost of construction of 7.36%. The total cost of building a square metre in Brazil was

Civil Construction Investment in Brazil Booming

Latest figures estimate that investment in civil construction in Brazil needs to average R$255 billion a year until 2022. By then, the shortage of property in Brazil should equal that in developed countries. Brazil has a massive housing shortage and the investment needed to reduce it is also massive. According to the latest estimates published by the São Paulo Industry Federation (Federação das Indústrias do Estado de São Paulo/FIESP), around R$3

Brazil is Hottest Investment Destination

Once again, Brazil comes out as one of the world’s top destinations for investment. With great achievements this year, investment in Brazil is looking ahead to even better opportunities. Experts from politics and many walks of business life in Brazil got together last week in São Paulo to discuss Brazil’s immediate future. Meeting at the Reuters Brazil Investment Summit, speakers from investment banking, real estate, equity and Brazilian political life were

Room to Grow for Brazil Real Estate Investment

Riding high on a booming economy, sales of real estate in Brazil have never been busier. And the good news for investment is that there’s still plenty of room for growth. Brazil is currently a global hot spot for property investment. Developers at all levels are experiencing strong quarterly profits and regularly announcing new developments. Mortgage financing is also enjoying a heyday with practically all Brazilian banks announcing new records almost

Booming Investment in Brazil's North East

A combination of rising income, buoyant foreign investment and booming property sales make Brazil’s north east the region of the moment. And the state of Rio Grande do Norte is doing particularly well. A favourite for investment, Brazil’s north east corner is enjoying record figures in several areas of its economy. Figures recently released by Brazil’s Statistical Office (IBGE) show that Rio Grande do Norte state saw the second highest levels

Social Housing Investment in Brazil on Target

Brazil’s biggest property investment is on target for 1 million homes by the end of this year. The government programme, Minha Casa Minha Vida, is gradually taking shape and providing much-needed homes for Brazilians. Figures released by the Ministry of Cities show that by the end of December, a total of 1 million homes within Minha Casa Minha Vida will be under approval, built or completed. This massive real estate project

Brazil Best for BRICs Investment

Credit rating is a vital factor in investment considerations. And when it comes to a country with a stable credit rating for investment, Brazil is reportedly the best bet among the four BRIC nations and other emerging markets. In a recent report, Standard & Poor’s finds that the stable democracy and political climate in Brazil are hugely advantageous. So advantageous that they mark the difference between Brazil and the other

Big Investment in Brazil from JP Morgan

Foreign investment in Brazil continues full steam ahead. The latest addition to the investor list is J.P. Morgan who has just bought Gávea, one of Brazil’s largest hedge funds. This acquisition is one of many this year as the world’s banks and funds turn their attention from the jaded traditional markets to the bright lights of emerging markets. Brazil with its stable democracy, steady economy and huge potential is one

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