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23.11.10 - Beilstein-Institut

New Journal for Nanotechnology

The „Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology“ is a new Open Access journal for nanotechnology and nanoscience with no fees for authors and readers. The 21st century will bring forth many advances in s... mehr

01.06.10 - Beilstein-Institut

Journal of nanotechnology started as funding project

The Beilstein-Institut, a non-profit foundation, launches a scientific journal in the area of nanotechnology and nanoscience. The “Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology” is an Open Access Journal, w... mehr

05.02.10 - Beilstein-Institut

Beilstein-Institut funds joint research project NanoBiC

Frankfurt, Germany - The effects of high-energy beam on nano components and human cells will be investigated in detail by scientists in Frankfurt and Darmstadt. One goal of the NanoBiC project is to c... mehr

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