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Cloud Computing – Technical Evolution / Business Revolution

Although the underlying technology of what is being presented, as “Cloud Technology” is actually nothing new, the consequences are estimated to be immense. Cost efficiency, scalability and availability are the main drivers in the discussion regarding Cloud Computing. Security and privacy are the main issues, which need to be dealt with when using services in the Cloud. From an end user perspective, Cloud Services will offer small and midsize

BPO in Swiss Banking: Current Situation and Prospects

This Delphi study sheds light on the development of BPOs in the Swiss banking sector. Over 50 qualified persons from banks, BPO service providers and software developers were interviewed. Complementary to the various quantitative studies, this study investigates, in a qualitative manner, the mechanisms that influence the development of the BPOs. This study was conducted by management & advisory services ltd ( and sponsored by Swisscom, COMIT and Sourcag AG. After 7 years

Sourcing Destination Snapshot: The Emerging Philippine Value Proposition

“The Philippines offers many opportunities as an offshore sourcing destination as well as being well positioned as a regional hub for Asia Pacific.” - Ralph Schonenbach (CEO, Trestle Group) In designing sourcing models, IT and BPO decision-makers literally have a “world” to choose from when it comes to competitive country locations. The unique needs of a business will clearly drive managers to seek out sites capable of satisfying a range

PepsiCo Europe Helps Empower Women Entrepreneurs in Emerging Markets

PepsiCo today announces the second phase of its women entrepreneur programme, in partnership with the Trestle Group Foundation, to provide business support to high-potential women entrepreneurs in emerging economies. Nur Begen, the owner of Organicera, a Turkish company producing high quality cotton goods and Deniz Alkan, Finance Director of Beverages for PepsiCo Turkey, will be the second round of female entrepreneurs to participate in the programme which will provide

Sourcing Insight – Legal Process Outsourcing

Over the past 7 to 8 years, Trestle Group has witnessed legal process outsourcing (LPO) gaining major importance in the sourcing sector, adding to the ever growing business process outsourcing (BPO) industry. In the beginning, major law firms only outsourced limited, low-skilled legal tasks to third-party providers. Today, comprehensive LPO services are an integral piece of the value chain in legal departments of global companies. As these services move deeper into the

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