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Global Report: Little Progress in the Evolution of Mobile Apps for Banking

Zurich, 8 May 2014. Only a small number of leading retail banks have made significant progress in their mobile app offerings since last year’s report. The winners of our 2014 ranking are DBS Bank (Singapore) and BNP Paribas (France). Runners up are UBS (Switzerland) and Westpac (Australia). As mobile data and app usage is skyrocketing among consumers worldwide, the mobile channel is rising in importance, and in only a few

New Report: Banking Apps – A Few Excellent, Majority Still Offering Basics Onl …

Zurich 10 April 2013. The overall quality of mobile apps for banking is increasing, but there is still a critical lack of more advanced, user-friendly features and content. This is a main finding in the new report on the mobile solutions for retail customers of the world’s top 50 banks by Swiss research company MyPrivateBanking. Compared to the 2011 edition of this report, the sheer number of banking apps and

New Report: Mobile Apps for Financial Advisors Revolutionizing Client Interactio …

Mobile Solutions Rapidly Becoming an Industry Disruptive Force, Improving Wealth Management Process Substantially Zurich, 15 March 2013. Mobile solutions for financial advisors to support client interaction and the advisory processes will become one of the most industry-disruptive, but potentially most rewarding developments in the wealth management sector. This is the main finding of the report “Mobile Apps for Financial Advisors and Wealth Managers” by Swiss research company MyPrivateBanking Research, which analyses

New Report: Wealth Managers Lacking Social Media Strategy

Zurich, 29 November 2012. Responding to the startling rise of social media, the majority of leading private banks and wealth managers are improving in deploying certain elements of social media and some platforms but, for the most part, lack effective social media strategies. This is the main finding of the 2012 report “Social Media for Wealth Management” by Swiss research company MyPrivateBanking Research, which analyses the social media activities of

New Report: Wealth Managers' Websites Still Don't Win Clients

ABN AMRO, UBS and RBC offer best sites – Majority of websites still miss crucial data and social media integration Zurich, 4 October 2012. In the annual global ranking of the websites of 40 leading wealth managers and private banks by Swiss research company MyPrivateBanking Research the private banking websites of ABN AMRO, UBS and Royal Bank of Canada come out as the Top 3 in the 2012 report "Wealth Management

Global Report: Insurance Companies Miss Potential of Mobile Apps

Zurich, 6 September 2012. Waves from the mobile app revolution have reached the insurance industry. But adoption of mobile apps is still at a very early stage, showing patchy and inconsistent deployment. This is the main outcome of a global report by Swiss research company MyPrivateBanking which benchmarked a total of more than 100 apps offered by 30 leading insurance companies worldwide. The overall winner of the app ranking is the

Global Report: Most Banks Struggle with Social Media

Zurich,20 April 2012: Only a small group of the world’s leading banks have finally grasped the opportunities of social media such as Facebook and Twitter. This is a main finding in a new analysis of the social media presences of the world’s top 50 banks, conducted by Swiss research company MyPrivateBanking. In the ranking Citibank comes out as winner with an outstanding 47 points out of a maximum of 50.

Survey: Banking Apps Weak On Many Features Users Look For

Zurich, 21 March 2012.Of the 10 most important features user expect of their banking mobile apps,for only three is provision by the banks adequate. This is a leading finding of a survey by MyPrivateBanking Research,in which the Swiss research company compared the features integrated into the mobile apps from world’s 50 top banks with the needs voiced by the users of banking apps. Besides obligatory basic features such as online

Private Investors Should Avoid Internet IPOs

Zurich, 12 July 2011. Private investors should be skeptical about investing in the new wave of initial public offerings (IPOs) for internet companies’ stocks. This is the main conclusion of new research by MyPrivateBanking, for which the Swiss researcher compared the main players, mechanisms and results of the late 1990s/early 2000s dot-com bubble with the newly developing wave of Internet IPOs, mainly Chinese internet companies and social networks. In particular,

Wealth Managers Slow to Adopt Mobile Apps

Zurich, 31 May 2011. New research by MyPrivateBanking Research finds that only half of the world’s 30 most important banks and wealth managers offer mobile applications for their clients. Even worse, only three providers (10%) go beyond applications related to online banking. Astonishing results, given that mobile phones and tablet computers are rapidly growing as an online interface for banking and wealth management clients. Only 15 banks (50%) out of a

Wealth Managers Shun Transparency

Zurich, 24 May 2011. New research findings by MyPrivateBanking Research reveal that only 10% of the world’s most important wealth managers publish performance data for their discretionary accounts (accounts for which the holder gives the wealth manager or bank authority to buy and sell securities at their discretion) and only 22% offer specific information about their fees. These results are based on an analysis of the public websites including all

Promises of Restitution of Dictators´ Assets are Empty Phrases

Zurich, May 3 2011. The recent events in North Africa and the Middle East show once again that every time a dictator falls from power, governments, politicians and banks across the world announce that his, his family’s and follower’s assets in foreign countries will be frozen and later returned to the new, legitimate government. But the fact of the matter, according to a new report by the research company MyPrivateBanking,

New Report: Majority of Private Banking Websites Not User-friendly, Lacking Rele …

Zurich, 7 April 2011. The 2011 report on private banking websites by MyPrivatebanking Research finds that compared to the 2009 survey the overall quality of the private banking websites has not improved: less than half of the banks have mastered the basic requirements for a private banking website and, in particular, shortcomings in website content are seriously damaging the chances of winning clients online. Only a third of the websites

Some 225 bn Dollars of Illegal Money from the Middle East and Africa Stashed in …

Zurich, 14.2.2011. According to a recent report by the Swiss research company MyPrivateBanking wealthy individuals from the Middle East and Africa hold about USD 1.5 trillion in foreign bank accounts (offshore). The research firm estimates that at least 15% of these assets have been obtained through illegal means or through taking advantage of government positions and transferred out of the home countries. The major part of this wealth is in

Most Banks and Wealth Managers Ignore Facebook, Twitter & Co.

60% of surveyed providers have either no activity or are only sporadically active on social networks – Deutsche Bank, Crédit Agricole and BNP have the best social media presences Zurich, 5 November 2010. The social media presence of Deutsche Bank, Crédit Agricole and BNP Paribas come out as winners in a ranking of the social media activities of the world's top 30 Wealth Managers. In the survey conducted by the Swiss

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