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Bio-Synthesis Inc. Pioneers the use of Multi Functional Bridged Nucleic Acid for …

As a pioneer in oligonucleotide synthesis, Bio-Synthesis Inc. has been pursuing the development of new oligonucleotide based technologies that can provide compounds which have superior binding affinity and chemical/biological stability. As such, Bio-Synthesis is excited to begin collaborations for commercial applications using Bridged Nucleic Acids (BNA). These RNA analogues can be synthesized and spiked with DNA or RNA in order to modify the formation of nucleic acid helices.

Advancements in technologies have enabled Bio-Synthesis to expand their product …

Bio-Synthesis offers long oligo synthesis and gene synthesis services as control templates, cloning, mutagenesis, gene expression and other demanding applications. BSI has provided thousands of high-fidelity synthesis of very long oligos, DNA UbermersTM, with impeccable quality and services which are unmatched by other suppliers. Longer constructs that required more choices like palindromes for restriction enzymes give researchers more flexibility. DNA UbermersTM are also used as an internal control template with

Bio-Synthesis Expands Proteomic Platform with Enhanced Peptide Tools

LEWISVILLE, TX- January 31, 2012 – Bio-Synthesis Inc. (BSI), is proud to announce new peptide tools that can help researchers analyze and design their peptides more accurately and efficiently. By utilizing BSI’s homepage (, users will have access to the Peptide Property Calculator, as well as the Peptide Library Design Tools. The peptide property calculator is a comprehensive web-based tool which calculates the various physiochemical property of the

Bio-Synthesis Gears Up for Virtual Conference for the Life Sciences

Bio-Synthesis has teamed up with BioConference Live for a revolutionary event. BioConference Live is a free, online-only conference for the life sciences and laboratory science community. The event will take place Tuesday, November 17, to Thursday, November 19. Attendees will be able to see and interact with live video keynote presentations, track sessions and case studies, poster sessions, and a virtual exhibit hall. Attendees will be

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