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Europe's leading pipeline event with additional key topics

From 18-21 March 2019, the international pipeline community will meet for the 14th Pipeline Technology Conference (ptc) in Berlin. More than 700 participants and over 80 exhibitors from 50 different nations are expected. Delegations from more than 70 different pipeline operators took part in the last ptc. In addition to the traditional technical focus of the conference and exhibition (19-21 March 2019), the topics "Qualification & Recruitment" and "Public Perception" will

Pipeline Technology Conference, ptc moves to Berlin

Having grown up as part of HANNOVER MESSE, Europe’s leading pipeline conference and trade show, Pipeline Technology Conference (ptc), will move to the capital Berlin next year. The ptc has grown steadily over the years and, in addition to the conference itself and the accompanying exhibition, it is now also directly followed by several special workshops and in-depth seminars. International participants from over 30 different countries use the opportunity to

Safety of Pipeline Systems at the Heart of the 7th Pipeline Technology Conferenc …

Europe's leading Pipeline Technology Conference will be held for the 7th time in 2012. This year the EITEP conference with accompanying exhibition will be focusing on the technological safety of pipeline systems. EITEP stands for “Euro Institute for Information and Technology Transfer in Environmental Protection”. Engineers and developers across Europe have many years’ experience with pipelines, as many pipeline systems have been in operation for more than 50 years, transporting gas,

The international Pipeline Technology Conference 2011 also concerns itself with …

After the opening of the 6th Pipeline Technology Conference during the HANNOVER MESSE 2011 by EITEP President Dr. Klaus Ritter, the DVGW Vice President and former E.ON Ruhrgas member of the board Dr. Jürgen Lenz explained the DVGW-concept for the potential use of excess current from wind and photovoltaic plants for the production of hydrogen. The hydrogen may be added to natural gas, stored via available capacities in the existing

European gas supply bottlenecks – Nord Stream alone not enough

When construction of the Nord Stream pipeline linking Russia and Germany started in early April, lingering doubts concerning the feasibility of this technically challenging project were finally dispelled. Dr Werner Rott, Nord Stream's deputy technical director, told the fifth Pipeline Technology Conference in Hanover that the pipeline would have an annual transport capacity of 55 billion cubic metres of natural gas. This would be enough to replace 50 medium-sized coal-fired

News in the Pipeline: Technology Conference

This year, discussions at the 5th Pipeline Technology Conference (19-20 April 2010) will focus on current questions concerning the security of energy supply in Europe as well as on a wide range of new technological developments in regard to oil, gas and water pipelines. Since the ptc took place for the first time in the frame of the HANNOVER MESSE in 2006 it has established itself as an important event in

Kingdom of Bahrain presents National Master Plan for Sanitary Engineering at the …

The National Master Plan for Bahrain was developed during 2008/09 within the framework of the project “Consultancy Services for the Development of a National Master Plan for the Sanitary Engineering Services of the Kingdom of Bahrain” that was commissioned by the Bahrain Ministry of Works. The plan identifies the investment requirements for sanitary engineering services for the next 20 years and covers the whole wastewater system including sewers, wastewater treatment

Middle Eastern Economies in Urgent Need for Underground Infrastructure Masterpla …

The Middle Eastern economies are in urgent need for a sustainable development of their underground infrastructure. The new to be built as well as the fast growing large cities in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE etc. do not have their own entrepreneurial basis yet to handle the upcoming tasks - planning competences, services, machinery and construction supervision have to be imported from abroad. From 18-19 January 2010 the new "Underground Infrastructure Middle

Operating procedures and emergency scenarios in the "pipeline simulator"

In the Pipeline Demo Center in Fürth, recently opened by Siemens, the participants of the international expert meeting "Operation of Pipeline Systems" will be able to simulate the state-of-the-art technologies, as well as emergency scenarios, on a model pipeline system. The "Master Center" permits the collection of pressures, temperatures, flow rates and vibrations, as well was extensive control options. In simulated emergency scenarios, these functions can also be assumed by

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