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Working from Home - Servcorp virtual Office is the solution

As the number of confirmed coronavirus cases rises globally, precautionary measures have been implemented by governments and companies alike to halt the spread of the virus. Many companies are allowing their employees to work from home, restricting meetings and training sessions as well as cancelling travel plans. Companies like Google, Microsoft, and Twitter have implemented the work-from-home policy. This shift can impact many businesses negatively if this approach isn't executed

The Global Virtual Office by Servcorp – Launching Businesses onto the World Ma …

With more than 120 locations worldwide, Servcorp is one of the undisputed leaders in the virtual office industry. The company continues to strive for excellence by providing clients with premium and cost-effective business office solutions. February 24, 2012 – Despite the increasing competition, Servcorp Philippines continues to be a leader in the industry. The solutions they provide through their virtual offices are unmatched and give clients a complete set of

Access Meeting Rooms Worldwide with Servcorp’s Meetings Package

February 17, 2012 – The global market continues to change its business practices every day. Business owners require more flexible and dynamic office solutions to accommodate growth and expansion. Servcorp has provided growing industries with an answer, offering premier virtual office services in major cities worldwide. Servcorp’s virtual office Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries give growing companies access to the region’s competitive market. The Philippines, in particular, is

Servcorp, the Leading Virtual Office Service Provider in Malaysia

Servcorp’s flexible and advanced office solutions continue to be the choice of many expanding businesses. This is the reason Servcorp continues to be the leading virtual office service provider in Malaysia. February 15, 2012 – Having flexible office solutions allows businesses to expand their reach further. Servcorp’s virtual office service provides many small and growing industries this opportunity. Their premier virtual offices offer companies a central business district location, professional

A Servcorp Virtual Office Provides Global Executives the Total Business Office S …

Servcorp, the world’s premier virtual office provider, gives clients all the tools they need to succeed in business. February 13, 2012 – For the past thirty years, Servcorp has been providing business office solutions to thousands of clients. Their innovative services make them the provider of choice, putting them at the forefront of the virtual office industry. With more than 100 locations worldwide, there is no denying Servcorp’s commitment to

The Communications Package – The Complete Business Communications Solution fro …

Servcorp, the world’s leading virtual office service provider, continues to deliver exceptional services clients need to succeed in the competitive global market. Their Communications package provides all the necessary solutions a modern businessman needs. February 06, 2012 – For over thirty years, Servcorp has been providing innovative business office solutions to clients worldwide. They are at the forefront of the virtual office industry because they continue to deliver top-notch services

Introducing Servcorp’s Communications Package: A World-Class Virtual Office So …

Servcorp, the world’s leading provider of premier virtual office solutions, connects businesses to clients around the world through their complete Communications package. February 03, 2012 – Virtual offices have changed the way people conduct business worldwide. Servcorp’s groundbreaking virtual office solutions let growing businesses expand to any region they choose. Their premier services place them as the world’s top virtual office service provider. Servcorp’s virtual offices in major Southeast Asian cities

Servcorp’s Virtual Office Service Features a Complete Communications Package

Servcorp, the world’s first virtual office service provider, provides clients with business tools they need to succeed in global trade and industry. Their Communications Package suits businesses looking for complete communications solutions. January 24, 2012 –Servcorp has been providing groundbreaking office solutions for over three decades. Their virtual office service changed the way people do business. These virtual offices continue to help growing industries enter various regional and local markets

Servcorp Philippines Virtual Office: The Answer To A Rapidly Changing Business E …

Servcorp Philippines is an innovator in the virtual office industry. The company strives for excellence in coming up with technology driven solutions that benefit today’s global business executives. These solutions give clients more time and money to spend on their businesses. JANUARY 13, 2012 - An office address in a prestigious location is not just for well-known businesses. Start-up companies looking for a professional team, along with the facilities and infrastructure

Servcorp Malaysia’s Virtual Office: A 21st Century Solution for Global Busines …

Globalization has changed the way people do business. Instead of being limited by borders, people are crossing them every day. Servcorp lets businessmen do so with its unique office solutions for an evolving world. January 6, 2012 – Yesterday’s businessmen were limited to the four walls of their office; today’s businessmen are not. Globalization has presented the modern-day executives with opportunities and challenges that were not present decades ago. Today’s commerce

Servcorp Malaysia – Virtual Offices for the New Age Business

The success of a business depends on its ability to change with the times. An emerging trend for modern businesses is the rental of a virtual office space, which Servcorp Malaysia offers. This concept has proven to be a more ideal alternative to the conventional office. December 21, 2011 – Business trends come and go, but the concept of the virtual office is here to stay. With the unstable economy

Servcorp Offers Virtual Office Services Packed with Features

December 2, 2011 - Malaysia is on the rise to becoming one of Southeast Asia's premiere business centers. Increasingly more multinational companies choose to open a branch of their business in the competitive business districts of Kuala Lumpur, the country's capital. Businesses looking to break into the international market will find this city a perfect location for expanding their reach from a local to the global trade scene. Having a virtual

Servcorp at Tornado Tower, a powerful force behind business in Doha!

Servcorp, leading international Serviced and Virtual office provider, continues its rapid expansion in the Middle East, opening its second location in Qatar in the prestigious Tornado Tower, a luxurious “Tornado Shape” building located in the heart of the West Bay area, Doha’s commercial hub. Tornado Tower has amazing 360 degree views of Doha Bay and 52 floors. This stunning location is not only an enjoyable place of business for tenants during

Servcorp Philippines Introduces a Ground-breaking Virtual Office Service to Help …

November 18, 2011 – Makati is one of the most populous metropolitan areas in the world, and serves as the financial centrepiece for the Philippine market. As the leading business destination, many companies choose to ramp up their operations here. For start-ups needing a physical office space, a virtual office can be the answer. Modern, reliable and innovative, this new type of office space provides today’s entrepreneur with a flexible

Servcorp Philippines Shows How A Virtual Office Can Produce Globally Competitive …

(PRWEB) November 14, 2011 - Manila, is home of commerce to almost every business entity in the Philippines from budding businesses to multinational companies. Many starting companies do not have the office space necessary to impress potential business partners. This is because of the excessive overhead costs associated with impressive office spaces. A virtual office is the solution to this problem, as it presents additional benefits to the image

Servcorp Malaysia Launches Serviced and Virtual Offices (Kuala Lumpur)

Servcorp Malaysia’s virtual and serviced offices (Kuala Lumpur) are now available to interested business owners. The serviced offices of Servcorp are conveniently established in Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur, while their virtual office services offer different packages that can suit any business need. (PRWEB) April 28, 2011 – The virtual office pioneer Servcorp has opened the doors of its serviced and virtual offices. Interested business owners can now rent the virtual or

Servcorp Philippines Offers Tours Online for Serviced Offices

Servcorp, provider of premium executive and serviced offices worldwide, recently unleashed two new office tours that can be booked and viewed online by clients who want their own prestigious office in Manila. (PRWEB) April 28, 2011 – Servcorp Philippines recently introduced two new and easier ways for potential clients to view the company’s functional, yet elegant executive offices. Servcorp is one of the world’s top providers of quality virtual and

Servcorp Malaysia offers Office Space Kuala Lumpur

Servcorp Malaysia, known for their serviced and virtual offices, have an office space available for rent in Kuala Lumpur. Servcorp serviced offices are fully furnished, have access to internet, IT and communications equipment, a designer kitchen and can be occupied by business owners any time. (PRWEB) April 28, 2011 – Servcorp Malaysia is offering an office space. Kuala Lumpur is considered by business owners as a prime location where they can

Servcorp Malaysia’s Opens Websites for Serviced Offices and Virtual Offices (K …

Servcorp has opened a website for their serviced and virtual offices in Kuala Lumpur. Servcorp’s serviced offices are fully furnished and have IT equipment and boardrooms available. Their services allow business owners to focus on their work more without worrying about office maintenance. (PRWEB) April 27, 2011 – Servcorp, the company that initiated the concept of a virtual office, has opened a website for their serviced and virtual offices. Serviced offices

Servcorp Philippines Launches Serviced Offices’ Website

Servcorp Philippines has made its serviced offices website available online. Business owners can now concentrate on their work and let Servcorp handle office management. The company’s serviced office is fully furnished and comes with a dedicated receptionist, support services, and IT and communication equipment. (PRWEB) April 27, 2011 – Serviced and virtual office provider Servcorp has launched its serviced offices’ website for the Philippines. Considered as the pioneer of the virtual

Servcorp Provides 360° Virtual Tour to Help Customers Look for Office Space Man …

The website of Servcorp Philippines is offering its potential customer a 365° virtual tour to help them visualize a serviced office space that Servcorp offers. Businesses and companies can use this as a guide when looking for an office space. Manila’s Servcorp team is ready to assist customers and clients. (PRWEB) April 8, 2011 – Servcorp Philippines, a leader in providing professional and cost-efficient physical serviced and virtual offices, encourages users

Servcorp Malaysia Is Currently Offering Serviced and Virtual Office for Rent to …

Servcorp Malaysia, aware of the ever-growing demand for office space in Malaysia, is offering both serviced and virtual office for rent services to customers planning to base their firms in the Kuala Lumpur region, allowing them to have one leg up over their competitors. (PRWEB) March 28, 2011—Malaysia is well positioned for further rapid economic growth, thanks to its position in the rapidly growing Asia-Pacific region, which is increasingly becoming

Servcorp Online Brings Mobility to Serviced Offices, Manila

Servcorp, innovators of serviced and virtual offices, gives clients complete control and mobility through Servcorp Online. Servcorp Online is aimed in providing customers access to their business, anywhere and anytime, through business tools for virtual and serviced offices. Manila’s Servcorp clients are bound to have more time for their business. (PRWEB) April 7, 2011 – Servcorp, providers of cost-efficient professional serviced and virtual offices, brings their clients exclusive access and control

Servcorp Malaysia’s Serviced Office for Rent Service Makes it Easier for Compa …

Servcorp Malaysia acknowledges the difficulty in renting, furnishing, and equipping offices, which is why it has been offering serviced offices for rent in the Kuala Lumpur region for prospective companies that are planning to set up shop in the country. (PRWEB) March 28, 2011—Everyone needs a place they can work from, and in today’s information technology and knowledge economy driven era, offices are the norm with regard to work. Malaysia

Leader in Providing Office Space for Rent, Philippines’ Servcorp Promotes iPho …

Servcorp, a professional company providing office space for rent, (Philippines) promotes the company’s first ever iPhone application, ‘Meetings’ to its valued customers. The application is a user-friendly and flexible business tool for customers to book Servcorp’s facilities and services, anytime and anywhere. The application is also available for iPod and iPad gadgets. (PRWEB) April 1, 2011 – Servcorp has recently opened its first iPhone ‘Meetings’ application to the public. The application

Servcorp Malaysia Offers an Alternative to Furnished Office: Virtual Office

Companies can now have an alternative to a physical, furnished office with Servcorp Malaysia’s virtual offices. Servcorp Malaysia encourages different companies to try their free virtual office trial and let them experience the benefits of having a virtual office right in Malaysia’s CBD. (PRWEB) March 28, 2011—Servcorp Malaysia, the same company that provides efficient serviced offices and furnished office rentals, invites businessmen, companies, and individuals to try their free 14-day virtual

Servcorp Malaysia’s User-Friendly Website for the Company’s Virtual Office R …

Servcorp Malaysia offers a sleek new website for people who are looking for a virtual office rental in the capital city, Kuala Lumpur. (PRWEB) March 10, 2011 – Servcorp recently launched its new user-friendly website to provide business owners who are looking for virtual office rental in Kuala Lumpur an easy access to information about their innovative office solutions in Malaysia’s capital. For people who are looking for virtual office rental,

Servcorp Malaysia Unveils New March promo for Virtual Office

Malaysia’s Servcorp recently launched a new 14-day free communications trial package for the month of March, as well as the month’s special promotion where clients get 50% off for two months when they sign up online for either of the company’s two locations in Kuala Lumpur. (PRWEB) March 2, 2011—Innovative Kuala Lumpur office solutions provider Servcorp just launched its newest promotion for local and foreign clients who are looking for a

Servcorp Philippines Has Ready Office Spaces for Interested Clients Needing Room …

Servcorp Philippines is ready with office spaces that clients wanting to set up shop in the Philippines without worrying about the usual headaches that go with finding, renting, and furnishing them can now use for their enterprises and improving business objectives. (PRWEB) March 14, 2011 – Office spaces are the norm for companies and their workers in this day and age in the Philippines. Like elsewhere, it is the site

Servcorp Malaysia’s Serviced Offices for Rent Service is Ready to Serve Client …

Servcorp Malaysia, aware of the highly-competitive environment that the Asian business world is, has began providing customers with rentable serviced offices to help them keep costs down and allow them to focus more on productivity-boosting endeavors that help boost profitability. (PRWEB) March 9, 2011 – Many companies are understandably very picky about their offices, places where they meet their clients, and investors. The firms need to make a good impression

Servcorp Philippines is offering Serviced Offices and Virtual Office Manila serv …

Servcorp Philippines, in light of the growing interest from investors in the country, has started its services for virtual office and serviced offices. Manila-based clients can now enjoy an advantage over their competitors in the ever-competitive race to attract customers and investments. (PRWEB) March 2, 2011 – The Philippines, long considered a laggard in the rapidly-growing Southeast Asian region, has begun to attract a bit of attention in investor’s circles.

Servcorp is Ready to Provide Serviced Offices and Virtual Offices for Rent

(PRWEB) March 1, 2011 - Office space is prime real estate property for the fact that it is where much of today’s economic revenue is generated. In a time when maximization of profits and cost efficiency is paramount, buying offices can be very expensive and can cut deeply into overall revenue. In light of this scenario, has made it a point to offer cheap office space to make sure

Virtual Offices in the Philippines now made possible by Servcorp Philippines

(PRWEB) February 18, 2011 – Everyone needs a place that they can work in, but not everybody can afford to maintain a physical office. In a world where, through the help of recent technological advances, doing business with clients halfway around the world is commonplace, constant connectivity has become a requirement for many firms for very obvious reasons. Another factor to take into consideration is the current socioeconomic practice of

Servcorp Philippines Offers Free 14 Day Trial for Virtual Offices Service

Servcorp Philippines recently launched a free 14 day communication package trial for clients who would like to lease the company’s virtual offices in the country. Makati Central Business District, February 16, 2011—Servcorp Manila, a provider of modern office solutions, offers a free 2-week trial of communication services for business owners and executives who wish to lease their state of the art virtual offices. These workplace solutions are available to any local

Fully Functional Virtual Offices Now Provided by ServCorp

ServCorp now provides a lot of alternatives for businesses to start operating in Manila. With their virtual offices, many companies can now start creating a name for themselves in one of the most commercially viable cities in Asia. (PRWB) February 4, 2011 – Business office solutions provider ServCorp now offers virtual offices in Manila. As one of the most reliable providers for serviced offices and virtual offices, ServCorp can help any

ServCorp’s Serviced Office Space Now an Option for Businesses in Malaysia

Businesses in Malaysia can now make the most of ServCorp’s serviced offices to create an impact in the country’s local market. Having a serviced office provides many advantages that businesses wanting to break into the local market can use. (PRWEB) February 3, 2011 – ServCorp has rolled out its new serviced offices for companies that want to rent offices in Kuala Lumpur for a limited time. The provider, which has been

ServCorp Rolls Out New Serviced Office in Makati’s Central Business District

Innovative office solutions provider ServCorp Philippines launched its new serviced office in Manila. This serviced office includes a number of different services for every business. January 21, 2011 – ServCorp recently rolled out its new serviced office space in the Philippines at Tower One Ayala Triangle. This building is located right at the heart of the Makati Central Business District, giving prospective tenants the prestigious and exclusive address they want

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