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Designed in accordance with hygienic aspects: The new hygienic pump Lutz B70V Sa …

Hygienic, gentle and safe operational processes are top priorities in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industry. All appliances used for these applications meet the latest directives and overcome the challenge of gentle pumping with a design free of bacteria traps. The design of the new Lutz B70V Sanitary eccentric screw pumps ensures reliability with low maintenance and full manual cleaning. Designed in accordance with hygienic aspects The new eccentric screw pump

Convenient and safe transfer of small amounts with the Lutz Battery Pump B1

Electrical laboratory pumps in polypropylene and stainless steel are for many years part of the delivery range of Lutz Pumpen, Wertheim, which now has been completed by a battery-powered pump type. The new pump series B1 features the proven technology of the sealless pump tube. Liquids cannot be contaminated and the pump can run dry for a short time without being damaged. The new pump is constructed for applications where small

Lutz B80 KGK G3 - Multi-stage Plastic Centrifugal Pumps

There is growing demand in the area of flue gas cleaning, gas scrubbing or surface cleaning for vertical submersible pumps that can cope with high delivery pressures. These types of pumps are necessary to enable more reliable operating sequences and faster cleaning processes. However, state-of-the-art technology used in metal pumps cannot simply be applied to the design of plastic pumps without further modification due to the technical characteristics of the material.

Lutz B80 HME and KME Centrifugal Pumps - Two Pump Series, One Concept

The demands placed on vertical immersed plastic pumps in treatment plants for chemical waste fluids are extreme in some cases. The situation becomes particularly critical if the media to be pumped are close to boiling point and the NPSH value of the system is very low - which means that the pumps are operating very close to the cavitation point. In order to meet these requirements even more effectively in future,

Lutz E-Catalogue Online

The actual general catalogue 2009 of Lutz Pumpen GmbH is now available online under as a so-called "e-catalogue" (electronic catalogue). An innovative animation technique makes it possible that prospective customers conveniently can browse through the 300-pages catalogue with mouse clicks and can look for suitable pumps and complete solutions. Customers who prefer to work with printed catalogues now can also find the complete Lutz sales program in the internet. The

Lutz presents the new vertical eccentric screw pump series B70V-HD

Viscous and quickly hardening media (such as e.g. paints, lacquers, adhesives, resins, etc.) present operators and planners with special challenges. Incorrect design of pumps and systems repeatedly cause unexpected failures when these substances are pumped. This is due to the particular physical properties that directly act on the pumping process. Such media frequently leave deposits similar to a glazing on parts of pumps and systems coming into contact with the liquid,

Drum pump motors for explosion hazard areas now also in accordance with IEC Ex

After Atex coming into force in 2001 for the European market, approvals for ex motors reaching beyond the Atex approval began to be demanded by international markets.Lutz drum pump motors are now also certified in accordance with IEC Ex. The Lutz ME motors belong to a generation of motors with a long tradition.In 1988, the motor series ME II was re-developed.For the first time, motors with an electrically conductive plastic housing

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