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Press Releases from GmbH & Co. KG (274 total) Social and mobile commerce on the rise in Vietnam

Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, a leading secondary E-Commerce market research firm,, published a new report “Vietnam B2C E-Commerce Market 2017” that highlights trends and forecasts about Vietnam’s online retail market, including the topics of social and mobile commerce. In Vietnam, online retail makes up about 1% of the total retail market. Various forecasts cited in the publication predict that this number will significantly multiply by 2020. Drivers to this

Malaysia has good conditions for growth of online retail, says report

Germany-based E-Commerce business intelligence specialist’s new report “Malaysia B2C E-Commerce Market 2017” projects that online retail sales in Malaysia will increase at a lower rate than its regional neighbors. The government has taken steps to elevate the growth rate. While forecasts cited in the report indicate that the online portion of total retail sales in Malaysia will grow from the present single percentage point to over 5% by 2025,

Singapore named most developed online retail market in Southeast Asia, but there …

Based in Hamburg, Germany,, a global B2C E-Commerce secondary market research company released a new publication called “Singapore B2C E-Commerce Market 2017” that includes research concluding that the E-Commerce market in Singapore is the most developed in the region of Southeast Asia, but is still forecasted to see double-digit growth over the next few years. Though Singapore has the smallest population in Southeast Asia, their online retail market in 2016

New publication affirms that Indonesia maintains Southeast Asia’s q …

“Indonesia B2C E-Commerce Market 2017” is a new publication released by, Germany-based secondary market research company, which reveals, amongst other key trends, that Indonesia contains the biggest and fastest growing online retail market in all of Southeast Asia. In Indonesia, online retail is blossoming. Despite having low rankings of Internet and E-Commerce penetration rates, this publication from showcases that Indonesia’s online retail market has been the biggest in

New publication affirms that Indonesia maintains Southeast Asia’s q …

“Indonesia B2C E-Commerce Market 2017” is a new publication released by, Germany-based secondary market research company, which reveals, amongst other key trends, that Indonesia contains the biggest and fastest growing online retail market in all of Southeast Asia. In Indonesia, online retail is blossoming. Despite having low rankings of Internet and E-Commerce penetration rates, this publication from showcases that Indonesia’s online retail market has been the biggest in Thailand places second in the Southeast Asia region in terms of B2C …

Newly released from, a leading secondary market research firm from Germany, the report “Thailand B2C E-Commerce Market 2017” focuses on findings that reveal how Thailand is the second biggest online retail market in Southeast Asia regarding sales and is expected to maintain this position through 2025 because of a robust double-digit growth rate. Key findings from the publication suggest that, following Indonesia, Thailand contains the second biggest economy in releases a Free Report on Global E-Commerce and Online Payment Market …

Germany-based secondary market research firm has issued a special Free Report, containing valuable insights from its highly-regarded publications regarding B2C E-Commerce and Online Payments worldwide. The report is available for download at This unique free report, titled “Global B2C E-Commerce and Online Payment Developments” is a composite of text and graphic charts from reports as published by in 2016, with the same authentic, carefully researched information as in

Remote mobile payments outpace in-store, reports publication

A new market report was made available by, an E-Commerce and payments secondary market research company from Hamburg, called “Global Mobile Payment Methods: Full Year 2016” that includes citations that forecast remote mobile payments as outpacing in-store mobile device payments. The main force driving mobile payment growth in general is convenience, whereas security concerns still remain prominent. Information from the report projects mobile payments to see a global increase.

New research reveals that traditional bank card payments fall behind …, a leading secondary market research company based in Germany, has a new release titled “Global Alternative Online Payment Methods: Second Half 2016,” which reports on recent trends in global E-Commerce market payments, such as a diversion from traditional online payments via bank cards to alternative methods like E-Wallet, bank transfer, direct debit, invoice, cash on delivery, among others. According to the research, credit card payments lag behind the total

New publication from Cash on delivery is the leading online payment …

German E-Commerce and online payment research company,, released a new publication, “Middle East and Africa Online Payment Methods: Full Year 2016” that reveals how cash on delivery is still King amongst online payment methods in the Middle East and Africa. However, alternative payment methods, especially in mobile, have vast room for development. Emerging markets like the Middle East and Africa have digital buyers who use cash on delivery the most

A new publication from reveals expansion in mobile payment usage in A …

A Germany-based secondary market research company,, published a new report “Asia-Pacific Online Payment Methods: Second Half 2016” with information from this region about online payment methods trends, as well as revealing consumer preferences about digital payments. One highlight is that mobile payment methods are continually rising in the Asia-Pacific region. The biggest B2C E-Commerce region by sales is the Asia-Pacific. research reveals a predominant trend that mobile payments are

Credit cards are the most popular online payment method in Latin America, reveal …, a Hamburg-based secondary market research company, has published a new report, “Latin America Online Payment Methods: Full Year 2016” that reveals that, along with the global popularity of credit cards being used by online shoppers, this is also the case in Latin America, although with some exceptions per country. Another key finding also predicts high growth potential amongst mobile payments in the same area. International consumer surveys cited in the research reveals differing attitudes toward online payment methods ac …

A new report “Europe Online Payment Methods: Second Half 2016,” from Germany-based secondary market research firm,, highlights the preferences of online consumers in connection to payment options. It also provides information about online as well as mobile payment developments and recent market trends. European online shoppers expect many different payment options from E-Commerce retailers.’s report suggests that mixing payment options is necessary to maintain a share in this competitive’s new research report about the development of online payment metho …

New research from Hamburg’s secondary market research company reveals in the report “Global Online Payment Methods: Second Half 2016,” that online payments are developing worldwide. The report contains up-to-date information about preferred payment methods, online payment dynamics, and mobile payment trends. Furthermore, their research indicates that emerging markets lead the worldwide transition from classic to alternative online payment methods and the divergence from online payments toward mobile payments. Online shopper’s

Online shoppers in North America prefer to pay with plastic cards, per new yStat …

A new publication from Hamburg-based market research company, “North America Online Payment Methods: Full Year 2016” cites primary sources regarding payment methods for online shoppers in Canada and the USA. One clear revelation in the report is the enduring prevalence of credit card, even with the availability of new payment methods. The well-known credit card companies, American Express, MasterCard and Visa far outpace other payment methods such as online report tells of growth of mobile wallets

A new report from Hamburg-based online payments and E-Commerce research firm, “Global Mobile Wallets 2017: Market Opportunities and Competition” profiles three major mobile wallets and cites relevant market data and consumer surveys. New payment options such as mobile wallets are the result of rapid growth globally of mobile payments. As detailed in the report, even though Apple and Google chose the USA for the initial launch of Apple Pay

Shoppers in Asia-Pacific enjoy the convenience of mobile payment, says …

Germany-based business research company’s new publication “Asia-Pacific Online Payment Methods: Full Year 2016” reveals the evolving payment preferences of online shoppers in the vast region. Among other findings cited in the report is the rapid adoption of mobile payments as shoppers find convenience in paying with a mobile device. The report tells of variation in payment methods between the 10 online retail markets covered, as well as general trends

Android Pay is focus of new publication

Hamburg-based online business research firm has published a new report in its series on mobile wallet providers. The publication, “Android Pay Profile 2017,” reviews the features of the service and provides data on its usage. Now functioning in eight countries as detailed in the report, Google’s Android Pay was first put in service in the USA in September 2015. Users of Android Pay typically link a credit, debit or

Recent Publication from Provides Projected Updates to Online Payment …

“Europe Online Payment Methods: Full Year 2016,” a new report from, a secondary market research firm from Hamburg, Germany, includes important information regarding European online and mobile payments. According to this report, debit and credit cards as well as PayPal are the most utilized online payment methods in Europe, but differences in preferences of shoppers in various countries persist. While bank cards and digital payment systems like PayPal are

New Report Projects Alternative Online Payment Methods to Outrank Cre …

Located in Hamburg, Germany,, a secondary market research firm, has published a new report, “Global Alternative Online Payment Methods: Full Year 2016” that includes citations that convey that alternative payment methods have exceeded E-Commerce payments via bank card worldwide. Despite over half of worldwide online customers using credit cards to make purchases, more than 50% of E-Commerce sales are completed through alternative payment methods. Information cited in the report

Report by tells of growth of Samsung Pay digital wallet

Hamburg based E-Commerce and online payments research firm’s new publication, “Samsung Pay Profile 2017” outlines the features and the growth of the mobile payment service, introduced in 2015. Samsung’s digital wallet extended to 10 new markets in 2016, and was enhanced with new value added features, as detailed in the report. One important characteristic of Samsung Pay is that in addition to being set up for NFC readers, it

New report provides information on Apple Pay digital wallet

Online retail and payments research specialist’s new publication, “Apple Pay Profile 2017” provides details on the operation of Apple Inc.’s digital wallet. The publication tells of the adoption and usages rates as well as the main features of this digital payment method. Apple Pay, launched in the USA in Autumn of 2014, has now spread to over a dozen countries. Information about the financial institutions and merchant adoptions in the’s New Report: Online Payment Fraud Projected to Increase on a Globa …, a secondary market research firm based in Hamburg, finalized a new report “Global Online Payment Methods: Full Year 2016” that highlights online payment preferences of consumers from around the globe. Notably, research from the report projects a rise in online payment fraud at double digit rates by 2020. E-Commerce consumers have varying attitudes per region regarding online payment methods. Research in the report reveals the multiplicity of these differences.

New developments in cross-border E-Commerce in the Asia-Pacific, an E-Commerce market research company from Hamburg, released a new report “Asia-Pacific Cross-Border B2C E-Commerce 2017” that conveys information about advancements within cross-border online shopping in the Asia-Pacific. Market research forecasts that Asia-Pacific will become the top region worldwide in terms of cross-border online retail sales by 2020. As reported by, the Asia-Pacific is the biggest region globally in terms of E-Commerce sales and cross-border online shopping is advancing

Cross-border online purchasing makes further advancements in Europe

Based in Hamburg with a focus on E-Commerce market research, has released a new report “Europe Cross-Border B2C E-Commerce 2017” that highlights important trends in cross-border online shopping in Europe. The report conveys there is strong evidence for the advancement of intra-regional cross-border online retail due to European online consumers making more of these types of purchases. This report from contains a projection that by 2020, cross-border B2C E-Commerce

Cross-border online retail sales increasing globally, says new repor …

A new report published by Hamburg-based E-Commerce and online payments research firm, “Global Cross-Border B2C E-Commerce 2017” reveals that online shoppers are increasingly comfortable with making purchases outside national borders. Citing different sources, the report concludes that cross-border B2C E-Commerce’s share of total online retail will continue its growth over the new few years. Motivated by the diversity of offerings and price advantage, over half of online buyers worldwide already

Future growth of mobile payments reported in publication

Hamburg-based business intelligence company reports on the continued growth of mobile payments in its new publication “Global Mobile Payment Methods: Second Half 2016.” The report includes market figures from over twenty countries with predictions of the growth of mobile payment globally over the next five years. Although mobile payments make up just a one digit share of total consumer card payments, that share is expected to double by 2021, per

Growth of online retail in UK propelled by new channels, according to …

A new report out of Germany-based research firm outlines the expectations of analysts for online retail for the next few years in the United Kingdom. “UK B2C E-Commerce Sales Forecasts: 2016 to 2020” tells of the importance of innovations services such as shopping from mobile devices and click & collect service. The maturing online retail market of the UK is predicted to lose a small percentage of total global

Online retail sales forecast for USA is subject of new publication

The latest publication from Germany-based, “USA B2C E-Commerce Sales Forecasts: 2016 to 2020,” predicts continued growth of the online retail sales sector for the next few years. The report is a synthesis of five respected primary source forecasts. Globally, the USA is second to China in online sales volume, and as a more mature market, has a lower growth rate than the Asian giant. However, two-thirds of Internet users in

New report from highlights the future of the top 5 global B2C E-Comme …

Using multiple original sources, Hamburg-based business intelligence company’s newest report, “Top 5 Country B2C E-Commerce Sales Forecasts: 2016 to 2020” predicts continued growth of online retail, but at decreasing year-on-year growth rates in these major markets. China has the largest and fastest growing B2C E-Commerce sales, followed by the USA, the UK, Japan and Germany, according to the report. Of the top 5, only China is predicted to maintain

New Report from tells role of marketplaces in global E-Commerce

Hamburg-based E-Commerce research firm’s new report, “Global E-Commerce Marketplaces 2016,” shows that online marketplaces have an ever-increasing share of total online retail sales. The report also offers some details about the leading global marketplace hosts, Alibaba, Amazon, and eBay. The online platforms that offer the goods of third-party retailers have become the major movers of global E-Commerce. According to the report, about half of online shoppers do most of

Asia-Pacific to surpass North America in online travel sales, per rep …

The latest report from Hamburg-based business intelligence company, “Asia-Pacific Online Travel Market 2016” includes a forecast that North American online travel sales will be exceeded by the Asia-Pacific region within a few years. The company’s CEO and founder, Yücel Yelken, observes “Online travel in Asia-Pacific is growing faster than in any other global region.” A forecast cited in the report tells of double digit growth in the region, supporting

Online travel sales in Europe increase but other global areas grow faster, says …

A new report from Hamburg-based E-Commerce research organization, “Europe Online Travel Market 2016” indicates that despite the increase in online travel sales in the region driven by mobile users, Europe’s share of the global market is expected to decrease, due to faster growth of other world regions. The European region is expected to tally one quarter of the world’s online travel sales this year and is the third largest online

Growth rate of top online travel markets decreasing, says report

A new publication from Germany-based, “Top 5 Online Travel Markets 2016” tells of a slowing growth rate for the online travel sales in the largest markets by volume. CEO and founder of, Yücel Yelken, says that the report also highlights important recent trends in online travel such as peer-to-peer travel arrangements and the use of mobile devices. The volume of online travel bookings is increasing worldwide, according to the

Mobile drives growth of online travel bookings, according to new repo …

Germany-based secondary E-commerce market research firm’s recent publication “Global Online Travel Market 2016” indicates that growth in online travel sales is driven principally by the rise of mobile bookings, as expansion continues worldwide. A forecast referenced in the report predicts that just below half of global travel sales will be online in 2016, as more consumers, especially 18 to 34 year-olds, utilize their smartphones to explore and book travel.

Shoppers consider security when making online payments: new report

A new report from Germany-based online business intelligence firm highlights the concern of online shoppers and sellers about payment security. CEO Yücel Yelken, points out that the new report “Fraud and Security in Global Online Payments 2016” tells of increasing fraud in online payments. Global online payment fraud is increasing at double digit rates, according to a forecast cited in the report, and retail E-Commerce transactions is a major component

Smartphone users are dialing in mobile payments for convenience and speed, accor …

Germany-based research firm has released a new report on the drivers and barriers to mobile payments. The publication “Global Mobile Payment Methods: First Half 2016” also provides information on recent mobile payment innovations throughout the globe. The highest value and numbers of usage of mobile payments is for online shopping, but the use of mobile payment in-store is growing; over a billion proximity mobile payment customers are expected globally

Cash and digital payment are main alternatives to cards for online purchases, sa …

A new report from Hamburg-based, “Global Alternative Online Payment Methods: First Half 2016,” details the methods used around the world to pay for online purchases. Cash on delivery is still relied on in many emerging markets, and digital payment systems are encroaching on the lead of credit cards in mature markets, according to research cited in the report. Credit cards are used by over half of the world’s online shoppers,

Online shoppers concerned about payment security, says research

Hamburg’s B2C E-Commerce intelligence company has turned its attention to how shoppers pay for online purchases with its new report “Global Online Payment Methods: First Half 2016.” Among the findings revealed in the publication is the growing concern of online shoppers and merchants regarding the security of payment information. Payment security is a top priority for online shoppers in many countries around the globe, affecting their chose of payment method.

Online payment methods evolving in Europe, according to report

The latest publication from, “Europe Online Payment Methods: First Half 2016,” shows gradual shifts in the payment method preferences of online shoppers. The Germany-based secondary research firm’s report tells of increased use of digital payment systems and the decline of cash on delivery in emerging markets. While one constant characteristic of online payments in Europe is the diversity of methods used by digital shoppers, that diversity is

New report from shows apparel as the leading product category in onli …

Germany-based E-Commerce research company has published a new report focused on the online retail sales of clothing and fashion, “Global Clothing B2C E-Commerce Market 2016.” The report indicates that apparel is the leading product category by online shoppers’ share in many areas of the world. The report shows that worldwide, more than 50% of online shoppers purchased clothing items last year. In terms of share of online purchasers, clothing

Report by foresees further expansion of online clothing sales in Asia …

The research team at Germany-based E-Commerce intelligence firm has released a new publication describing the development of online retail sales of apparel in the Asia-Pacific region. The report: “Asia-Pacific Clothing B2C E-Commerce Market 2016” tells of continued expansion of this product category. The clothing category is one of the top online products sold throughout the region. About half of all online shoppers there purchased apparel last year, according to the dominates global online retail, according to report

Hamburg-based’s newest publication, “Top Players in Global B2C E-Commerce Market 2016” reports that online retailers based in the USA and China have the largest sales figures. The report includes comparative listings of online retailers and E-Commerce websites in 50 markets worldwide. The ranking of the top five Internet retailers globally includes two companies based in the USA, two from China and one from Europe, according to the findings in the

Trends in Global Online Retail Detailed in New Publication

Hamburg-based market research company has turned its attention to online retail trends around the world in its new publication, “Trends in Worldwide Internet Retail 2016.” According to the report global online shoppers may differ in the items they buy, how they are delivered, or how they pay for items, but global growth is consistent, as are a couple of interesting trends. One trend is increasing use of mobile devices to

Emerging markets lead in online retail growth according to

A new report “Online Retail in Emerging Markets 2016”, from Germany-based market research organization looks at the role of global emerging markets in the growth of B2C E-Commerce. The research indicates that starting from a low base, online retail has lots of room for growth. The publication cites forecasts indicating that emerging markets will lead in online sales growth rates. In some economically emerging regions of the world online

Worldwide online retail sales growth continues, says report

The largest global online retailers, market trends and predictions of future growth are divulged in new report, “Global Online Shopping Snapshot 2016,” from Hamburg-based, a leading secondary market research organization. The report points out that some markets are showing signs of maturity as growth rates have declined, yet globally B2C E-Commerce still has plenty of room to grow, accounting for less than 10% of total retail sales. Online shopping

Online shopping in Africa awaits improvements in payments and delivery says new …

Hamburg based research organization has focused its attention on the fast-growing markets of the African continent with its new publication: “Africa B2C E-Commerce Market 2016.” The report suggests that the region has much growth potential as Internet connectivity increases through mobile technology and the challenges of underdeveloped delivery systems and secure payment methods are overcome. Africa has had the most rapid Internet growth rate in the world in the past

Online retail set for take-off in Iran, says publication

A new report by Hamburg-based secondary market research firm, highlights the potential growth in B2C ECommerce in Iran. The publication, “Iran B2C E-Commerce Market 2016” points to opportunities for international as well as local online retailers, now that economic sanctions against the country have been lifted. Iran has the second highest GDP in the Middle East, along with the largest population, and, in spite of having relatively low

New report by Smaller markets in Latin America outperform Brazil in …

A new report by Germany-based secondary market research specialist unveils the growing online retail market in Latin America. The publication, titled “Latin America B2C E-Commerce Market 2016”, features country rankings, sales forecasts and information about the preferences of online shoppers in this region. Furthermore, the report highlights that Latin America’s online retail potential goes beyond the region’s largest market Brazil and remains high in smaller, but faster growing countries. Latin Security remains the main concern of global mobile payment users

According to a new report by Germany-based secondary market research firm, payment security and data privacy continue to be the major factors influencing the adoption of mobile payment methods worldwide. The publication, titled “Global Mobile Payment Methods: Full Year 2015”, also reveals that emerging markets are often ahead of advanced economies in mobile payment use. The global development of both remote and proximity mobile payment depends to a large extent

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