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Biogas plant will run on silo in Zhytomyrsky region, Ukraine

“Zorg Biogas Ukraine” has started the development of an engineering project of a biogas plant. The plant will be allocated in Zhytomyrsky region, Ukraine. As planned, the construction works will be held from spring till fall of 2011. The electric capacity of the biogas plant will reach 1063 kilowatts. The plant will process 60 tons/day of corn and grass silo, provided by local agricultural businesses. Biogas plant is being built by

Biogas plant in Moldova becomes an industrial park

On Monday government of Moldova has opened an industrial park in Tzargrad, Drokievsky region on a construction site of a biogas plant owned by Bioenergoagro. Ukrainian subsidiary of ZORG, ZORG Biogas Ukraine is participating in project's construction works. Valeriu Lazer, minister of economics of Moldova is convinced, the project of biogas plant strengthens country's independence from import of fossil fuels and improves the level of national energy security. As planned, construction works

Biogas attracts investors in Ukraine

In course of 2010 in Ukraine the development rate of alternative energy industry has significantly increased due to investments from NAER, credits provided by IFC and EBRD, ratification of an agreement between Ukraine and NEFCO and, finally, the adoption of law “About the green tariff.” Yet, Darya Revina, the head of Committee on ecological investments, alternative and renewable energy sources ICC Ukraine and Council of entrepreneurs within the Cabinet of

ZORG Ukraine is using steel tanks in construction of biogas plants

ZORG is using more convenient enameled steel tanks in construction of biogas plants, making no changes to the overall price of its construction projects. Although steel tanks are more expensive than widely used concrete tanks, the company has been able to provide an advantage to its clients due to implementation of new production technologies. Major advantages provided by enameled steel tanks, as in contrast to concrete tanks: -

Innovation by ZORG leads to 30% increase in production of biogas

On 23.09.2010 company representatives announced a unique discovery in a field of biogas technology. Enzymes, company’s new product, substantially increase the capacity of biogas plants that are currently in the process of construction and ones that have been already built. Biogas industry – is the industry of large financial investments with a turnover running into milliards of US dollars. Hundreds of thousands of biogas plants are functioning around the

The Global Methane Initiative will cover biogas production

According to information agency RBK Ukraine, US government wants Ukraine to participate in Methane to Markets Ministerial meeting held in Mexico City on 1 October 2010 to declare the partnership of participating countries in regards to future cooperation in the field of methane production within The Global Methane Initiative. As counselor of economic affairs of US embassy in Ukraine Shever Waltmer stated, the signing of declaration will enable Ukrainian government to

Ecological investments 2010 in Ukraine

On 28th of July 2010, official website of Ukrainian government presented to the public a resolution № 671, regulating this year’s budget on prevention of CO2 emissions and further development of international cooperation in relation to proactive mitigation of global climate change. As reported by National Ecological Investments Agency representatives, funds provided by Japan for the purchase of Ukrainian quotas of CO2 emissions, will be used for employment of alternative

An answer to Gazprom tariff: alternative energy boost has finally reached Ukrain …

While politicians fight over the price of gas, Ukrainian businessmen cut down their energy expenses. Ukraine witnesses a boost in demand for alternative energy – biofuel and wind-power generators. “By processing 600 thousands of corn silo we receive 40 mln. m3 of gas per annum. The gas we get is equivalent to natural gas supplied by Russia,” – comments Oleg Kuprienko, chief manager of a biogas plant project on a sugar

National Energy Regulation Commission of Ukraine determined “green tariff” r …

On 29.04.2010 National Energy Regulation Commission of Ukraine (NERC) determined “green tariff” rates for “Ukrainska Molochna Kompania” company (UMK). UMK is the first company in Ukraine to receive the license, which allows UMK to sell electricity produced by means of biogas technologies. Although NERC provided the “green tariff” license to UMK in October 2009, National Energy Regulation Commission was not able to determine the rates until April 2010.

EU and Ukraine Enhance Cooperation in Alternative Energy Production

According to information provided by RBK-Ukraine, EU increases the amount of biogas production by 20% per year. In half of the cases, fumes of city dumpsters serve as the source for biogas production. Meanwhile biogas plants for recycling of organic waste, employed by EU countries, are developed and designed in Ukraine, such as biogas projects by “EcoGen SIA” (Latvia). Furthermore, European countries outside EU also seek the benefits of working

IFC funds development of biogas technologies in Ukraine

IFC plans to provide $150 mln. for development of biogas technologies in Ukraine. Yet, experts anticipate the forecoming difficulties in regards to proper usage of the funds. According to "Interfax-Ukraine," International Financial Corporation (IFC) made a decision to invest $150 mln. in the program for development of higher level of energy-efficiency within agricultural and industrial sectors of Ukrainian economy. As Elena Voloshyna, the head of Ukrainian department of IFC stated,

Report on crisis management within biogas industry

Igor Aksiutov, commercial director and co-founder of ZORG Ukraine Ltd. shares about changes and what to expect from alternative energy market in the future. Overall trends in development of biogas industry (both in Ukraine and CIS) demonstrate what can be called a “delayed demand.” Biogas market is rapidly expanding, yet not due to an increase in the amount of completed construction projects, but due to new deals that are

ZORG: Speaking of Past, Present and Future of Ukrainian Biogas Industry

Ukrainian engineering company ZORG is not planning to leave Ukrainian market of biogas technologies. As company’s representatives stated, recent news about company closing its Ukrainian office are, merely, a fraud. One of Ukrainian magazines, whose name wasn’t made public, released fake information in regards to company’s future plans right after “ZORG Ukraine” closed its advertising account with magazine’s major editors. Despite the economic crises, Ukrainian market of bio-energy technologies demonstrates, by

Ukraine Helps European Union to Lead in Alternative Energy Production

According to information provided by RBK-Ukraine, EU increases the amount of biogas production by 20% annually. In half of the cases, fumes of the city dumpsters serve as the source for biogas production. Meanwhile biogas plants for recycling of organic waste, employed by EU countries, are developed and designed in Ukraine. Essentially, annual increase in production of alternative energy, including the production of biogas from the organic waste, in Ukraine

Ukrainian biofuel industry receives tax benefits

By the 18-th of January 2010 the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine received 7 requests to proceed with a concessionary import of equipment, used within the industry of renewable fuels. Following information has been provided by the press-service of consulting company FuelAlternative. On January 1, 2010 Ukrainian government validated a law “On making changes and additions to the tax policy of Ukraine in order to facilitate production and

Biogas: Latvia and Ukraine are in for the race

In course of the first few days of 2010, Ukrainian construction company “ZORG Ukraine” signed two new contracts for construction of biogas plants with Latvian company “EcoGen SIA.” “EcoGen SIA” is already in possession of one biogas plant, built by “ZORG Ukraine” in 2009. Its electrical capacity reaches 1 MW. As planned, two new biogas plants will use corn silo and grain and will have the capacities of 1 MW and

Ukrainian engineering company ZORG Ukraine announced development of new waste-ma …

New advanced waste-management technology has been developed by Ukrainian construction company ZORG Ukraine, designed specifically for plants that produce alcohol. Unique technological upgrade allows the plant to recycle production-wastes, manufacture high-quality fertilizer and biogas, that’s instantly converted into thermal or electrical power. “Biogas plants can cut-down production expenses within the alcohol-production industry sector to a considerable degree,” – commented company’s executive director Igor Aksiutov. Some unique qualities of production-wastes

Voznesensk, Mykolaivsky region (Ukraine) will use biogas manufactured from the l …

“ZORG UKRAINE” has started an exclusive engineering project of a biogas plant for a local Ukrainian company “Zeleny Gai,” allocated in Mykolaivsky region. General intention is for the plant to use corn and perennial native-grasses silo. Development of the engineering project is based upon employment the world’s innovative technologies and is considered to be a “break-through” for local agricultural businesses. At present moment, “ZORG UKRAINE” is working on construction

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