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New Touchscreen Monitor Enables the Next Generation of User-Friendly Technology

Caltron Industries Targets Pharmaceutical, Medical, Consumer Applications With New 10.1 Inch Monitor FREMONT, CA The LWT-101O 10.1 inch touchscreen monitor, Caltron Industries’ newest addition to its growing lineup of human-interface products, provides the advanced graphically brilliant and user-resilient features required by the next generation of applications in the medical, pharmaceutical and consumer self-serve fields. Like all monitors manufactured by Caltron Industries, the LWT-101O is built of industrial-grade materials that stand up even under

Durable, High-Resolution LBT-1503OC is Caltron’s Newest Touchscreen Monitor

Fremont, CA – The LBT-1503OC, featuring responsive “P-Cap” touch technology found in most smartphones, is Caltron Industries’ latest addition to its roster of 15-inch touchscreen monitors. Caltron, the Silicon Valley manufacturer that led the move toward thinner, lighter LCD monitors in the 1990s, built the LBT-1503OC with adaptable open-frame metal construction. The open-frame design, a signature feature of Caltron products since the mid-2000s, allows for easy integration into existing HMI applications,

19 Inch Open Frame LCD Monitors For Digital Signage Display

Digital signage has progressed away from static images to other forms of advertisement to create a more dynamic form of advertising or way to project content to audiences whenever possible. Signage applications started with small displays to advertise content to a specific target audience. In specific applications, a smaller form factor display might be feasible, but with advertising and displays that want more human interaction and involvement, a

Backup and Archival Approaches

There are 3 primary purposes for data backup. First is to restore after a data loss or corruption. Second is to retrieve an earlier version. Third is to be able to recreate your data set after a Disaster event. Let us first review the various backup/archival approaches for different needs and requirements. All approaches have pros and cons in regards to ease of restoring the data and the amount of memory

History of Data Backup in Business

Since the advent and the proliferation of personal computers and application software, digital data has mushroomed. Critical data that once only existed on shared servers has propagated to computers on our desktops. With that, the need for data loss protection also moved to those individual computers. We now need to protect each work computer of employees that are generating business files in the form of general documents, spreadsheets, presentations,

Caltron introduces smaller form factor Wide Screen LED Open Frame Monitors

Applications are constantly evolving as time progresses and will require different types of displays to be available. Caltron started to provide 4:3 aspect ratio open frame LCD monitors because that was the norm for all applications that were switching over to LCD displays. While 4:3 aspect ratio monitors and displays are still the norm for almost every single industrial application out, the trend for digital signage and other

Caltron introduces HDMI video input as a new option for Open Frame Monitors

With technology constantly advancing, every application, whether retail or industrial, must adapt to the ever changing life cycles of the display market. Many, if not all, consumer grade televisions have an HDMI input as a standard on the units. HDMI, otherwise known as High Definition Multimedia Interface, is used to transmit both high quality video and audio. With HDMI inputs becoming more of a standard in many

Why Open Frame Touch Screen Monitors would Benefit Applications

When most applications look for a touch screen monitor, the first type of touch screen that might be considered would be a consumer grade desktop touch screen monitor. These consumer grade desktop touch screen monitors seem like they can be a good fit since it would likely have everything that the application might require. The unit comes fully enclosed and with touch functions that the application is probably

Industrial Open Frame Monitors provided by Caltron for OEM and ODM Project Appli …

With so many types of applications in the world that uses visual displays, such as screens, there will always be a need for a variety of screen sizes to choose from. While it may be much more convenient to have one screen size that is the standard for each and every single application, but unfortunately that is not the case. Since applications come in all shapes and sizes, so

Unique iCAT3 Online Content Management Software

When working with advertisements or displays, both small and large dooh (digital-out-of home) company projects will look for a digital signage player that has a very user friendly interface to work with, especially if it is a network player versus a standalone looping player. Caltron’s MP-1080N uses an all online content management software system to manage the player’s scheduling and playlist of all content that is needed for display.

Caltron introduces a new open frame monitor line

With all of the technological needs out in the industry, there is always a need for a newer or better monitor to meet the needs of industrial applications. One of the most popular sizes for industrial applications that include, but are not limited to control panels, gaming machines, photo booths, touch panels, CNC machines and aerospace, would be a 10.4” industrial open frame monitor or open frame touch screen.

Caltron Introduces the IPR-2206O and IPS-2206O, Digital Signage Touch Screen Mon …

Fremont, CA, With the recent trend of touch screen monitors moving more towards digital signage, Caltron has released some touch screen monitors for digital signage. The 22 inch digital signage touch screen monitor is available in the IPR-2206O 22” Open Frame Digital Signage Resistive touch screen Monitor or IPS-2206O 22” Open Frame Digital Signage Surface Acoustic Wave Touch Screen Monitor version is a perfect size for any

Caltron Introduces small form factor LED Monitor

New LBT-0842O monitors come in normal and touchscreen LED models Fremont, CA, July 19,2010 – Caltron Industries, an industry leader in digital signage, open frame and touch screen monitor solutions, today announced the addition of a new LED backlit open frame monitor, the new 8.4 inch LBT-0842O. Available in both regular and touchscreen versions, the LBT-0842O LED monitor represent the latest cutting-edge technology in small form factor LED technology.

Caltron Introduces Affordable LED Monitor New LBT-1042O monitors come in normal …

Fremont, CA – Caltron Industries, an industry leader in digital signage, open frame and touch screen monitor solutions, today announced the release of its new LBT-1042O line of LED backlight open-frame monitors. Available in both regular and touchscreen versions, the LBT-1042O LED monitors represent the latest cutting-edge technology in small form factor LED technology. With the LBT-1042O’s options, users now have an affordable and versatile way to take advantage of

Caltron Partners With Atmio To Deliver Web-Based Content Management For Digital …

Fremont, CA, May 3, 2010 – Caltron Industries, a leader in digital signage players, and Atmio, a leader in networked content management, announced today the availability of Atmio's web-based Content Management System Software which provides networked content management and control for Caltron's MP-1080A and MP-1080H High-Definition Digital Signage Players. This new partnership enables content management access for previously non-networkable digital signage markets, increasing Caltron's reach and opening its capabilities to

Caltron Introduces 17" Industrial Touch Screen Monitor

Affordable Industrial Monitors Are Liquid/Dust-Proof For Harsh Environments. Fremont, CA -- Caltron Industries announced the launch of two new 17" industrial touch screen monitors for harsh environments, IPR-1704O and IPS-1704O. Previously, industrial monitors were only available in 10.4" and 15" sizes. With the launch of IPR-1704O/IPS-1704O, Caltron provides large touch screen capability capable of handling difficult environments for industrial, medical, or outdoor retail systems. "Certain situations present an unpredictable environment that can

Caltron Industries to demonstrate digital signage solutions at upcoming Digital …

Digital signage leader to demonstrate functionality and new products at internationally attended trade show on February 24-25 Caltron Industries, a leader in the digital signage industry, has committed to demonstrate its latest digital signage solutions at the upcoming Digital Signage Expo 2010 in Las Vegas. On February 24th and 25th at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Caltron will show a variety of products including both standard and high-definition players. In addition,

HBT-1212O, 12.1" Open Frame High Bright LED Backlit Monitor

New LED-backlit digital signage increases sunlight readability, reduces cost Caltron’s new cost-effective high-quality LED-backlit digital signage outperform CCFL-based systems Fremont, CA -- Industrial-grade LED backlights provide better readability in ambient light conditions for digital signage and advertising, says Caltron Industries, a leading provider of LCD open-frame monitors. Starting in 2010, Caltron will offer LED-backlit technology in digital signage, such as the 1600 nits (candle light per square meter) brightness system in

Interactive Feature for Multi-Screens from Caltron

A kiosk or dynamic signage is only effective if it can keep a viewer or user’s attention. Many kiosk designs now call for multiple displays to help catch and maintain the user’s attention. Showing an Ad using 2 or more displays creates a bigger impact. With the use of Caltron ‘s MP-RB1080 controller board, up to 8 different videos can be activated by the client

Simple and Cost Effective Video Synchronization from Caltron Industries

Setting up and configuring hardware and software for synchronizing multiple displays can be very costly and complicated. The added cost of networking and custom software can make this application cost prohibitive. Continuing with the goal of helping to make your application simple and cost effective to set up, Caltron has just added a video synchronization feature to the MP-1080A Full High Definition Standalone Media Player. With this new

New Controller Board from Caltron Industries

Continuing with Caltron’s commitment to providing simple and cost effective digital signage solutions, Caltron's has just released a relay board accessory for their HD MP-1080 player. The new MP-RB1080 adds an interactive feature to the MP-1080A HD player. This controller board is idea for Kiosk manufacturers, Digital Signage Integrators and Solutions Providers for adding a user controlled interactive push button option to their signage and Kiosk solution. Using an RJ10

Interactive Touch Now Mainstream

To meet the demand for shorter waiting lines, interactive touch-screen displays are now part of many venues. Major retail stores, hardware stores, sport shops, and movie theatres all have stand alone interactive kiosks to offer consumers the touch technology experience. Self service kiosks in the forms of self-service check-out stands, self service movie ticket purchasing machines, airport self-service check-in stands, and interactive information touch displays are now

MP-1080H – HD MPEG Player with HDMI option

With full HD or 1080 lines of resolution becoming mainstream, LCD display monitors now offer HDMI input options in addition to VGA and DVI inputs. Digital signage requires 22” or larger LCD wide screen displays. With that requirement also comes the need for digital audio. The HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) allows the user to output both digital audio and digital video using a single cable/connector

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