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WRS Italia, leader in the waste recycling systems, has actively replied to the i …

WRS Italia has confirmed once again its professionalism in the waste recycling sector by organizing the first WRS Italia International meeting with the partner companies which took place in Steel S.p.a. head quarters and had great success. The meeting has allowed WRS Italia to present to its partners its own activities, news, products and services; and face and discuss important themes in the waste recycling sphere. The assembly was mainly grounded

WRS Italia: an international view

Nowadays themes related to the energy saving and recycling are relevant and significant topics to be considered to respect and protect the environment. Government, corporate and enterprises, key players in the countries’ economies, have a pivotal role in the environment safeguard and objectification of these purposes. Thus, these aims can be realized through the development of innovative systems and machines to involve companies to recycle and preserve the environment. Hence, WRS

News in the waste recycling industry with WRS Italia

WRS Italia, company specialised in the production and management of waste recycling systems, is proud to introduce various news which have enriched last May the dynamic business of the Italian company. By giving a glance at last month, WRS Italia is the main character in an agreement signed with Hyva Ibérica, well-known Spanish branch of the Dutch global multinational enterprise Hyva which provides innovative transport solutions for the commercial vehicle

WRS Italia: a glance towards the future

Nowadays, environment, pollution, resources exploitation and recycling are considered pivotal themes and main characters in the agenda of companies, organization, and authorities. A large number of companies are making several efforts to support present and future recycling activities and numerous are also the challenges that businesses and governments are facing in order to employ and manage our planet resources. WRS Italia, in these issues, plays a role particularly active that

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