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Press Releases from Evonik Industries AG (20 total)

Evonik subsidiary Li-Tec pools globally unique storage technology in CERIO® bra …

Mass-produced Li-Tec battery cells open up new opportunities for electric vehicles of the future/ In the international race for the best battery solution, Li-Tec counts on its unique CERIO® ceramic storage technology/ Li-Tec pools essential battery expertise in strategic partnership of Evonik Industries and Daimler – Battery cells to be sold to third parties as well Essen, Germany, September 24, 2009. Li-Tec Battery GmbH, a subsidiary of Evonik Industries AG, is

Living up to our responsibility Evonik is stepping up its corporate responsibili …

First extensive Corporate Responsibility Report published/ Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) confirms classification as application level B/ Evonik has joined the United Nations Global Compact Essen, September 11, 2009. Evonik Industries AG today published its first extensive Corporate Responsibility Report showing how it accepts its responsibility for its business, its employees, society and the environment, even in periods of economic difficulty. The report is based on the guidelines issued by the Global

Basis created for new generation of high-performance batteries for electric auto …

Süd-Chemie and Evonik agree on technology-driven supply partnership for novel battery materials to power electricdrive automobiles September 14, 2009 - Süd-Chemie AG, Munich and Evonik Industries AG, Essen have agreed to enter into a supply partnership aimed at using novel materials in the next generation of lithium-ion batteries for automobiles and other industrial applications. By entering into this agreement, both enterprises have laid the foundation for the preferred delivery by Süd-Chemie

Key Financial Data January 1 – June 30, 2009

Positive start to the “On Track” efficiency program improves position for the period after the crisis Business performance affected by the economic crisis: sales declined 21 percent, EBITDA contracted by 34 percent/ Considerable improvement in cash flow, sharp reduction in net financial debt/ Outlook for 2009: not yet any sign of a fundamental upturn Essen, Germany, 12.08.2009. “Although a slight improvement has been seen in recent months, there is not yet any

Electricity from Grass, Manure, and Organic Waste/ Evonik setting its stakes on …

Evonik uses renewable raw materials, organic waste, and manure to produce biogas, which it in turn converts into electricity and heat. Fermentation residue is turned into valuable fertilizer. The company has one plant in Karstädt, a city in the German state of Brandenburg, and additional plants are under construction or in the planning stage. Energy generation from biogas makes a key contribution to climate protection. To make biogas flow, you need

Not Magic: Less is More Energy Contracting – a Deal that Generates Cost Saving …

Financial scope was being squeezed long before the current financial crisis arose: Trade, industry, and the public sector are all complaining of shrinking budgets and reduced investment strength. When implementing austerity programs, it is important not to neglect one major (cost) factor—energy—because our stocks of primary energy sources such as gas and oil will dwindle and push up the cost of power. Investments in energy efficiency are therefore highly profitable.

Earning the Yellow Jersey Made Easy

High-tech and craftsmanship made in Germany: Why a bicycle manufacturer near Lake Constance relies on ROHACELL® for its wheel rims to help it sprint into the top-ranking in the world of professional cycling. A case in point: Team MILRAM at the Tour de France 2009. Ten stages across flat country, seven across mountain highlands, one across rough hilly terrain, and two individual and team time trials. Total distance: around 3,500 kilometers;

It‘s All in the Filter - The optimal sunscreen

Attention all sun worshipers! Summer’s here, and the outdoor swimming pools are open. It’s time to get out your cool sunglasses, new bikini, and colorful flip flops. And don’t forget to bring one more important item: a high-quality sunscreen. It should be easily applied and rapidly absorbed by the skin, and must provide perfect protection, without leaving a telltale white film. But this “whitewashing” effect, usually a characteristic feature of

Ralf Blauth appointed to Evonik’s Executive Board as Chief Human/ Resources Of …

Essen, Germany, June 30, 2009. The Supervisory Board of Evonik Industries AG has appointed Ralf Blauth (58), currently a member of the Board of Management and Human Resources Officer of Evonik Degussa GmbH, to Evonik’s Executive Board as Chief Human Resources Officer effective July 1, 2009. He succeeds Ulrich Weber (59) who is leaving the Group on June 30, 2009 to take up the post of Chief Human Resources Officer

Evonik To Expand Its Methionine Capacity Appreciably

DL-methionine core business reinforced/ Global number one position firmly anchored Essen, Germany, 18.06.2009. Evonik Industries is further expanding its global production capacity for the feed additive methionine. The company will boost its capacity according to a stage concept, which involves coordinating the expansion of methionine and raw material capacities among the sites in Antwerp, Belgium; Wesseling, Germany; and Mobile, Alabama, USA. The additional capacity will be available stage-wise from 2011 through

Ulrich Weber To Leave Evonik’s Management Board

At the end of the month, Ulrich Weber, member of Evonik’s Executive Board and chief officer responsible for human resources and labor relations, will leave the company before his term ends. Essen, Germany, 17.06.09. Ulrich Weber, who is 59 years old, will leave at the end of the month, before his term as member of the Executive Board and chief officer for human resources and labor relations (CHRO) ends. Mr. Weber

Around the World in 80 Millisecond/ Evonik makes the Internet speed

Internet traffic just keeps on growing, but it is slowly becoming overwhelmed by the enormous volume of data. DSL technology is already approaching its limits because the electrical signals in the copper wires are jamming each other. The solution is to have fiber optic cables, which are the technology of the future because they are faster. Their manufacture depends on important raw materials, chlorosilanes—or, better yet, SIRIDION® from Evonik. The Internet

Complete Service from a Single Source/ Amino acids for animal nutrition

As the world's population keeps growing, so does the demand for meat, milk, and eggs. That’s why the animal feeds industry relies on amino acids as feed supplements, because balanced nutrition in animals means healthy nutrition in humans. Evonik Industries produces the four most important amino acids for animal nutrition, thus making a significant contribution to sustainable nutrition of the world's population. Like vitamins, amino acids are essential to

New Project House Systems Integration at Evonik Industries

Custom-designed solutions for customer processes throughout all stages of the value-added chain/ Technology packages pave the way for innovative products Essen, Germany, May 27, 2009. As one of the worldwide leading specialty chemicals suppliers, Evonik Industries is aligning itself more broadly to the individual needs of customers. And this is exactly the purpose of the Group’s new competence center, the Project House Systems Integration in Hanau-Wolfgang, as has been highlighted

Road Markings: A Pioneering Approach to Greater Safety

Product Story - When darkness falls, road safety is a serious concern. If wet weather and mist are added in the equation, the accident risk is even higher, but there is a number of extremely effective ways for dealing with these dangers. These include highly effective reflective road markings. The reactive resin DEGAROUTE® is a basic component of such markings, thus contributing toward saving lives in road traffic. The statistics tell

Key Financial Data January 1 – March 31, 2009

“On Track” efficiency program steers Evonik through the economic crisis Sales down 19 percent, EBITDA contracted by 49 percent, EBITDA margin still in double-digit range at 10.3 percent/ Significant rise in cash flow; reduction in net financial debt/ Cost-saving program is moving ahead rapidly/ Outlook for 2009: still no sign of a broadly based upturn in the Chemicals Business Area Essen, 18.05.09. “The global economic crisis once again left a deep mark

Greater Safety for Schoolchildren/ Hama and Evonik's EL-Kit Enables Satchels to …

Product Story - Those of us with children of elementary school age know how uneasy we are about sending our offspring unaccompanied to school on an autumn or winter morning—because it is often the little ones who are spotted too late, or not at all, by drivers and other motorists. In the first half of 2008, the number of accidents involving children on their way to school showed an increase

Evonik is investing in the future-oriented solar power and electronics markets

Plans to build an integrated production facility for monosilane and AEROSIL® in Japan/ Investment of around 125 millions of euros (20 billions of Yen)/ Facility should come on stream in 2011/ Dr. Klaus Engel, Chairman of Evonik’s Executive Board: “This investment strengthens our leadership in the photovoltaic market and broadens our strategic perspectives.” Evonik Industries AG is planning a substantial investment in the futureoriented markets for solar energy and electronics, despite the

Tightly Sealed, Yet Easily Opened/ The best way to seal yogurt cups

Product Story No. 20 The lid of the yogurt cup pulls off cleanly and easily with an assuring rrrrip. The cup is bonded to the lid with a heat seal lacquer that keeps the contents fresh while ensuring that the lid peels off easily when required. Evonik has now made it possible to apply the lacquer to the lid in one single production step so that producers save time and

Evonik Continues to Develop Alcoholate Business in the Biodiesel Market

Evonik starts up new plant in Mobile, Alabama, USA / Demand for biodiesel expected to increase MOBILE, Alabama, USA, April 28, 2009. Just nine months after laying the cornerstone, Evonik has dedicated a new production plant for sodium methylate in Mobile, in the U.S. state of Alabama. With an annual capacity of 60,000 metric tons, the plant will supply a ready-to-use catalyst for biodiesel production from natural oils such

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