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Translator for BlackBerry Translates Haitian Creole

Interlecta Translator for BlackBerry is the first company that offers Haitian Creole for BlackBerry platform. If it is useful or no every user can decide for themselves but this is Interlecta's way to voice sympathy to Haiti. Interlecta Translator for BlackBerry is the first mobile translation product that has Haitian Creole for that platform. This comes as a reply to one of the most frequently asked questions that the company's Support

The New Image of Translator for BlackBerry by Interlecta

Interlecta Translator for BlackBerry released on App World (RIM's online store for applications) in August 2009, is now available as a Try'n'Buy product. New features are among the characteristics of the translation tool for BlackBerry smart phones. Users of the Interlecta translator for BlackBerry can now use a completely improved version of the tool. New users are able to try the product before deciding to spend their money on it. Try'n'Buy

PayPal Option for the Products of Interlecta

The new button has been added so that users can get hold of a mobile translator in the easiest and most time saving way. Interlecta's mobile translators were available for purchase by clicking a banner on the homepage which redirected users to another website from which the product could be purchased. This process was too slow and required a site registration but the whole system has been made much easier

To English Web Translator On Interlecta's Homepage

The homepage of the company now supports two web based translation tools - a side bar translator and a web translator which is positioned on a separate page. The new page on Interlecta's website is ready and is available for use by the public. The new site feature is called “to English translation” and includes a list of all the available languages on Interlecta's products, detailed information about the language

Interlecta Showed Up On App World

Interlecta released their Text Translator for BlackBerry on RIM's online store for applications App World. The travel and translate application is expected to be available for all BlackBerry models soon. The hard work of Interlecta's development team resulted in a new text translator which was released on App World last week. The application can be marked as a success as there have been registered hundreds of downloads just for the first

Interlecta Release A Web Translator on Their Website

The company releases a web translator which is available on their home page for users to test the quality of translation. One of the results of Interlecta's resent system upgrade is a new web translator available on their web site. This translator is part of the series of innovations the company have planned for the future. The newly added service supports high quality translation into all the languages supported by Interlecta's

Interlecta Finishes System Upgrade

One of the number ones in mobile translation business comes back with an upgraded system. The system upgrade that Interlecta started some time ago has finally come to an end. Officials from the company said that the hardware improvement that caused the downtime of the company's services was planned for the end of the year, but the sudden growth of visitors of their homepage and the increased number of users of

Interlecta Gets People Around Social Networks Translated

It seems that some people spend their lives on social networks – facebook, my space, tagged, etc. These are some of the biggest which help people keep in touch with others around the world no matter how far they are. The world went global but everyone wants to keep their language on the Internet. Facebook translated its face so that everyone can see it in its mother tongue but

Mobile Translator By Interlecta Is Expected to Show on NOKIA's OVI

The growing more and more popular Interlecta to show Mobile Translator on NOKIA's OVI. After last week's announcement for negotiations with RIM's App World Interlecta are now expected to show on the scene of the mobile world high-life society by presenting their Interlecta Translator on OVI – NOKIA's online mobile applications store. After years of successful partnership, this would be yet another expression of the 2 companies' mutually beneficial

Interlecta's Mobile Translator Becoming More Popular at On-line Mobile Applicati …

A company with growing success needs to present and sell its products at more and more places and in the modern IT world the biggest market is the Internet. Interlecta's mobile translators are widely known from and now they are to be presented at other websites. Interlecta who have been Research In Motion's partner for many years now are to present their Mobile Translator at RIM's on-line store for

Interlecta's Translation Software With Speech for BlackBerry

Interlecta, a world leader in translation and messaging technologies, presents its upgraded translation software featuring Text-to-Speech and Image Translation capabilities. The users of Interlecta's Translator for BlackBerry are now going to enjoy an upgraded version of this software. The latest version of the mobile translator will support text-to-speech (TTS) and image recognition and translation (OCR + MT). Together with the Speech translation technology utilizing the newly incorporated TTS a new

New Version of Interlecta's MozTrans Under Way

Interlecta are constantly working on new updates of their products to meet the requirements and satisfy the needs of their users. Since the success of the released in October last year MozTras, Interlecta are now working on a new developed version of this machine translation add-on for Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird and Seamonkey. Unlike the previous versions of the add-on which used the same login name and password for all users,

Interlecta at the P2P Conference 2009

Interlecta's managing director, Neven Boyanov, and Ivaylo Nikolov, development manager in the same company, discussed the Web services for mobile devices, Special features in programming for BlackBerry and Characteristics of the marketing of applications for mobile devices at the P2P Conference which this year took place in Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria . The three lectures presented the three main stages of the development of the company – software development, product development

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