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Robust, Easy to Clean, and Compatible with the Z6 Market Standard: HBM’s New Z …

HBM’s new Z6R bending beam load cell has been designed for maximum capacities ranging from 20 to 200 kg. It is outstanding for its extremely robust enclosure, dirt-repellent design, and compatibility with the Z6 load cell. Typical fields of application can be found in the packaging or food-processing industries. The robust enclosure withstands mechanical stress and is not affected by dirt, humidity, and aggressive media. Owing to its innovative design, without

Gain understanding and maximize value from measured data with nCode Automation

Darmstadt July 14, 2009 – The new 5.1 release of HBM’s nCode Automation provides a higher level of flexibility for engineers needing to interrogate and learn from their test data. The release offers a complete environment for engineering data storage, analysis and reporting that features new extensible solutions to drive collaboration and inform decision making. A new Characteristic Values capability allows users to tag data with additional information that can

Optical strain gage with robust plastic encapsulation simplifies sensor handling

Darmstadt, June 02, 2009 – HBM has developed optical strain gages with a plastic encapsulation that significantly simplifies handling and makes the sensors highly resistant to mechanical damage. The encapsulation almost completely eliminates the possibility of a fiber break. The new optical K-OP strain gages are mainly intended for experimental stress analysis work that demands very precise measurements, even with difficult conditions and materials, and that cannot be resolved with

Popular digital torque transducer targets lower torques

Darmstadt, May 28, 2009 – HBM has extended its T12 series of digital torque transducers with models for the lower measuring ranges of 100 Nm and 200 Nm. This means that, for example, measuring friction performance can benefit from the high accuracy and dynamic performance of the T12. Typical application areas for the digital torque transducers are mainly in the automotive industry for engine, gear or chassis test benches. The

Latest digital charge amplifier covers large measurement range

Darmstadt, May, 28 - HBM’s latest CMD600 digital charge amplifier enables mechanical quantities – such as force, pressure or torque – in the measured range of 50 pC to 600 000 pC to be measured with piezoelectric sensors and made available either as analog voltage signals (0...10V) or in digital form via its integrated Ethernet interface. The amplifier is particularly suitable for very fast measurements with frequencies up to 30 kHz.

Frequency measuring amplifier enhances QuantumX

Darmstadt, May 26, 2009 – HBM has launched the 4-channel frequency measuring amplifier MX460 to expand the capabilities of its QuantumX universal measurement data acquisition system. The new module can acquire up to four frequency signals with sampling rates of up to 96,000 signals/s and bandwidths of up to 38 kHz. The MX460 is ideally suited to acquire torque from HBM torque transducers, pulse width modulated signals (PWM) and speeds,

Universal amplifier for dynamic processes enhances QuantumX

Darmstadt, May 26, 2009 – The 4-channel universal amplifier MX410, which is suitable for numerous different transducer types, has been launched to enhance HBM’s universal measurement data acquisition system QuantumX. The MX410 it provides users with improved flexibility. The MX410 module has four individually configurable inputs, each electrically isolated and each with an analog output. Digitalization is implemented with a high resolution of 24 Bit. A sampling rate of up

Latest QuantumX module gives EtherCAT real-time data

Darmstadt, May 26, 2009 – HBM’s modular data measurement and acquisition sys-tem, QuantumX, has been expanded with the launch of the Gateway module CX27. The module makes it possible to connect several QuantumX models in real time via EtherCAT to a superordinate automation system. Use of the fast, real-time bus system EtherCAT offers numerous advantages in measurement technology. In particular, data acquisition and control of test benches can be integrated

Analyzing large data volumes easily with nCode GlyphXE

Darmstadt – May 05, 2009. The new data processing system nCode GlyphXE™ from HBM is intended for highly efficient processing and analysis of very large data quantities, such as those produced with complex test equipment. nCode GlyphXE™ enables measured data to be easily evaluated after acquisition –irrespective of the measurement software used. nCode GlyphXE™ can handle file formats from software packages like MTS RPC3, DIAdem, Excel or MATLAB, and

CANHEADdirect reduces data acquisition and analysis testing costs

Darmstadt, April 28, 2009 – HBM’s CANHEADdirect reduces the need for extended data cable runs in distributed measurement tests because it is sited close to the measuring points. Each CANHEADdirect takes readings from up to 50 measuring points and up to 5 amplifiers can be connected to each other for increased coverage. CANHEADdirect connects the measuring system to a PC for capture and analysis using a simple USB connection. Coverage of

HBM announces the T40 torque flange with increased measurement ranges

Darmstadt, April 22, 2009. The all-rounder for measuring torque – at an optimal price – the T40 torque flange from HBM is now available with two new nominal (rated) torques of 5 kN•m and 10 kN•m. The T40 measurement flange series therefore now covers the nominal torque ranges from 500 N•m to 10 kN•m and can be used for practically all test bench applications. The compact design of the T40

HBM Launches New High-Speed Data Acquisition Product Offering

Genesis HighSpeed Product Family Provides Exclusive Range of High-End DAQ Solutions Darmstadt – March, 18 2009. HBM announced today that it has launched Genesis HighSpeed – a new product line for high-speed data acquisition and transient recording. The Genesis HighSpeed product family – formerly sold under the "LDS Nicolet" brand – enhances HBM test and measurement solutions by expanding the addressed frequency range and provides a full range

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