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08.07.11 -

Tools of the Early Firefighting Trade This Week at

Fire buckets were the tools of the firefighting trade in the late-19th century. A bucket usually displayed the homeowner’s name in paint. How many buckets in a household depended on the fire risk.... mehr

23.05.11 -

Mystery and Magic of Harry Houdini This Week at

Harry Houdini found himself locked inside the same jail cell where the assassin of Pres. James A. Garfield was housed in 1881. The narrow bulletproof oak door was buried deep inside a gigantic brick ... mehr

04.04.11 -

Frank Sinatra as Musical Troubadour This Week at

Frank Sinatra said he heard “symphonies from the universe” in his head as a kid and thought about singing for a living as young as 11-years-old. But it was a Bing Crosby concert in the summer o... mehr

28.03.11 -

Berenice Abbott Photographer as Documentarian This Week at

Much of Berenice Abbott’s photography is about capturing and interpreting the spirit of everyday life in New York City. She was a documentarian as well as an artist with the camera. A witness to a... mehr

17.03.11 -

Johnny Cash A Guy Who Got Lucky This Week at

One thousand prisoners showed up in the mess hall of San Quentin State Prison to see country singer Johnny Cash perform in concert on Feb. 23, 1969. The prison was California’s oldest maximum-secur... mehr

09.03.11 -

Monroe and DiMaggio the Ties That Bind This Week at

Marilyn Monroe was two hours late for her first date with baseball legend Joe DiMaggio. He waited patiently at an Italian restaurant on Sunset Strip in March of 1952. The actress was hesitant tha... mehr

23.02.11 -

John Lennon Immortalized in Photography This Week at

It was the last photograph taken of John Lennon. He and Yoko Ono were lying on the floor together in their apartment overlooking Central Park in New York. A cozy, nurturing photo. Several hours l... mehr

19.01.11 -

Samplers as Time Capsules This Week at

Like time capsules, antique samplers are nostalgic remnants of the past offering a glimpse into the world of embroidery and children. Samplers act as portals into the day-to-day life of a young girl ... mehr

10.01.11 - Meets the Wizard of Oz

L. Frank Baum wanted to write modern fairy tales that didn’t frighten children. His fairy tales, he said, wouldn’t upset them like the Brothers Grimm did. Baum’s first book, “Mother Goose ... mehr

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